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At The Crossroads


I haven’t been posting much lately because I am traveling/working in Japan at the moment! :D I’m still working with my team to make Fisheye Placebo and the new Knite, but at the same time exploring new techniques and a new country.

I was inspired by Makoto Shinkai’s beautiful work, and how he uses photography as a base for his paintings. So for this one, my bf took a photo of a crossroad in Japan which I was able to use as a base to paint over. I’m still fine tuning this technique and I’ll make a tutorial for it in the future :D

Better Tomorrow by yuumeiFeel and Conquer by yuumeiIn Your Memeory by yuumeiThe Sky Beneath My Feet by yuumeiBoundless by yuumei

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The attention to detail is exquisite.

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So lovely !!

if i ever come to japan ill be standing outside ur home waiting to touch ur feet for the awesome art u make:D

May the World see the World through Your Eyes.

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Another lovely pic, Yuumei! I like the contract between the cool nature colors and the bright city lights.

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awesome nice and detail

Just to let you know I really appreciate and love quite a lot of your amazing artwork.Thanks for making the world a nicer place ,I also emulate some Japanese style art.
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I always have this feeling when I am at the roundabout which leads to my housing estate, what kind of adventure will I have today :)
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It feels like Shinkai.

Do you watch its movies?

EEEEEEEPPP!!! I saw this picture on HDSoundi’s Tokyo Rain! I’m so happy to have found this and that you’re in DeviantArt!!
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another painting on a real picture why?
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i hv seen this place before
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Such a great mix between urbanity and nature.
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Did you draw the whole picture by heart? Or did you copy it from an existing photograph? Because it looks extremely realistic, like pretty much flawless!
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I know exactly where this is in tokyo ;) between shibuya and shinjuku 
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Is like Hell or Heaven?
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Between the Dystopia and Utopia
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Oh my God the images make me so homesick.  You really capture the place well.  (I have family and have lived in Tohoku, which is the area of the world I call home.)  And I also have friends and family in and around Tokyo area.  I really miss Japan, hope to move back in a year or two--hopefully for good.  I hate being away, and these pictures really feel like...well...  they capture the feeling of being home so perfectly.
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I think the orange on the left represents Hell and the blue on the right represents Heaven, also, this image reminds me of Children Who Chase Lost Voices
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