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A Killer's Repose

Commission for :iconmisteh: who wanted a painting of her Harry Potter OC, Adrian, resting after a murder.

"In a world of the free
He plays with your mind

He feeds on fear
Poisons the truth, to gain their faith

No hesitation he'll make
He belongs to the dark

He can only be
If you believe what he tells you

Deceiver of hearts, deceiver of fools
He will sell your soul to the grave"

~Deceiver of Fools by Within Temptation

If you would like to know more about Adrian, visit


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Draw in Paint tool SAI, texture added in Photoshop.
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I know he is an OC, but he reminds me of an "evil" Harry Potter in an alternative universe

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Wow this is a beautiful piece of work! I really love how everything is so intricate and detailed. However the perspective is a little off. The room plane looks like it's tilted downwards a little too much when compared to the figure and the chair; therefore making the shelves look like they're caving into the room and the ground/rug slanted. Other than that, everything is very well done. You are a very commendable artist and I hope to see more art from you :)
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would you hate me if when I first saw this I thought, Tom riddle?
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Man am I glad I'm a Hufflepuff..
Also people, quit commenting just "SLYTHERIN!" say something at least meaningful.
Anyway, great picture, I love how calm he looks despite the fact he just killed someone.
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Your amazing work has been featured :heart: here [link] :aww:
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defsegkjhaej A Within Temptation quote! No one I know knows Within Temptation! It's so sad 'cause they're so awesome!
Awesome pic, too!
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awesome scarf, always wanted one
TeddyBears-Butterfly's avatar
I was listening to that song right after reading the last Harry Potter book and it always makes me think of Voldemort. Now I have another psychotic character to associate with.
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i love the eyes^^
RLacrouse's avatar
I love the violin in the background
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Love the killing curse green eyes~ <3
LongLiveHarryPotter7's avatar
He's pretty!! *drools* :D
I gotta say, this is a great picture.
I love how I just happened to be listening to Deceiver of Fools when I came across this. o_O
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Uwah, this is amazing!! I really like the way how the light just spills right through the window and the atmosphere is really very mysterious!
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you're making everything real.
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I'm in love with the man in the pic and the pic itself! Great job! Your art is always beautiful!
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Awesome pic!
The room is amazing and his eyes are so beautiful :D
I love it how the light iluminates him :hug:
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This is gorgeous.
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