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My tribute to the 14 wolf pups and countless other wildlife who lost their lives the barbaric programs by Sarah Palin. [link]

You can help stop this by donating or signing a petition [link] and yes, it does work. The Defenders of Wildlife and other organizations like the Sierra Club have successfully sued and won numerous court cases against the government for animal cruelty.

Feel free to post this picture and the message on your forum, blog, MySpace, even your own dA account. I give you full permission to use this picture to help spread the news.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with the election or abortion. I'm not telling you who to vote for. This is about stopping Palin's Alaskan Fish and Game department from illegal slaughter of innocent wildlife! Stay on topic!

~*~* More Info *~*~.

Denning, the act of “grabbing (14) frightened young pups and one-by-one blowing their brains out with a pistol,” was outlawed decades ago, but the Alaskan Fish and Game department tried to hide that after committing the crime. . ~ quote by Alaska wolf biologist Gordon Haber who opposes denning and publicized the crime that the killers tried to hide.

However, Sarah Palin’s department of Fish and Game, believe that the low caribou and moose population was cause by wolf predation. Their solution? Kill the wolves! And thus 800 wolves have been shot, usually from a helicopter [link] called aerial hunting, in the past four years. Even though Alaskans have voted down aerial hunting TWO TIMES, Plain’s department continued their slaughter regardless of the Alaskan’s wishes. They call it population control which is BS.

As an Environmental Science major student of University of California Berkeley, I find wolf population control, aerial hunting, and denning to be extremely STUPID (not to mention cruel. How would you like to be shot from a helicopter and your entire family slaughtered?)

Ever heard of the predator-prey cycle? [link] Basically, increasing predator population (wolves) cause decrease in prey population (caribou). With less food to eat, the predator population would naturally decline. Thus with less predator, the prey population would naturally increase once more which cause an increase predator. This is the natural cycle that drives evolution. Each time when there are too many predators, the preys are put under greater natural selection; only the fittest escape predation. Each time when there are not enough preys, the predators are put under greater natural selection; only the fittest can find enough food. This is a NATURAL CYCLE, so why are humans disrupting evolution by randomly slaughtering entire packs of wolves regardless of their fitness? If any species of animals need population control, it’s the human population [link]

Again, if you oppose this barbaric slaughter of innocent pups and other wildlife, spread the word, sign a petition, or donate
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The wolf has a special place in its environment keeping the weak and sick in check. Humans only take the strong and healthy creating an imbalance. The human says we will solve the problem by culling the herds leading to further degeneration of the healthy animals. . We need the wolf for many reasons if only knowing they are there giving meaning to an otherwise lonely space. Its value will only truly be realized when they are all gone. Google save the wolf and become involved with the many organizations working to save the wolf. It is up to us to do the work to save these beautiful creatures and create a healthy environment for them and us.

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Sarah Palin has a very special place in hell waiting for her.

What?! Why? Why the fuck would anyone do this?! This is the first I have heard about it.

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Don't let your anger blind you. Be strong and look into the facts first. Ask the right questions and don't be afraid to find answers you didn't want to find!

It's fine to rely on feelings sometimes, but if you only do that, you'll only have half of what you are capable of. Impulsiveness is what caused this atrocity to be necessary, don't use it to make the same mistake and fuck something up even worse than things already are. Uncontrolled rage and panic is a way worse offender than greed.

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What’s your point? Sarah was innocent? Wolves deserve death and people who think otherwise are retarded? What’s your point?

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You must be the "let's just overreact and interpret good life lessons as the worst thing ever" kind of troll! Damn, I haven't seen one of you in a long time! How's it going? The irony of what you just wrote is lost on you I take it?

TeslatheDog's avatar

I‘m just asking questions.

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The artwork is great and I certainly am against any "denning" practices as well as the useless slaughter of animals.

I would like to point out that saying "officials from Governor Palin's..." is a baseless attempt at guilt by association: just because Sarah Palin is the governor to a state with a Department of Fish and game that may have done this, does not mean Governor Palin had any knowledge whatsoever about the event. When attempting to do what is right includes logical fallacies such as this one it debases and degrades the credibility of the attempt.

I am saying this because I support Gordon Haber and the Sierra Club, including financially, and do not want what they are attempting to be derailed.
uh-no offense but has't there been like a hundred studies that prove that the wolf population has nothing at all to do with the declining moose and caribou population? including an entire novel I had to read for AP English called never cry wolf? Gosh people are so stupid that stuff was proven back in the late 50's...
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Thats so mean to the animals and the wolves were just pups that's stupid
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This is cool artwork; the wolf pups r soooooo adorable. It is ncredibly sad. Wolves deserve 2 live. I am a HUGE wolf lover, so hearing or reading about humans killing wolves & adorable wolf pups by shooting them 4 no reason pisses me off! F*** Sarah Palin's wolf control programs!
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It pisses me off and make me hate our race even more when i see this. Where are we going? Hunting should be a crime, for whatever reason, for fun and money. People are crazy. In my country, the wolves just returned, and then you hear: but when they show any sign of aggresion, they have to be put down. GOD DAMNIT PEOPLE. What if they just want to protect their pups. In my eyes. The human race is getting staranger and more insane every single day. minute. SECOND.

I am faving this, other than this is amazingly drawn, just to spread the story behind this drawing. Spread it.
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WHY DO SOME HUMANS ALWAYS HAVE TO SCREW WITH MOTHER NATURE!!!! Humans aren't superior! The only thing they are superior to is superiorly STUPID!
:( poor baby wolves. I love your art by the way!
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I can't believe ANYONE could be that HEARTLESS. This... is HORRIBLE. (The art is freaking AMAZING, I'm talking about the jerks that killed the innocent pups) I LOVE wolves and I can't even put into words how horrified I am at those people. If I had any, I would donate any money I could to stop airel hunting and more.
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Shoot them? Would be to nice, make them suffer and die a really slow painful death.
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The persons that shot down the Wolves.
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I'LL KILL THOSE GUYS!!!!!!!!!! :fork:
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poor wolves! what did they do wrong? this kind of stuff makes me wonder why our species id fit to rule this planet doing all of these cruel things to the innocent animals
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So horrid! Nature and politics should never intersect in such a barbaric way! Poor wolves, I hope they are running free in heaven...
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Not to burst your bubble and I think that is horrible to but animals don't go to heaven
Wich in my opinion doesn't make any sense because we're mammals which makes us animals to
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That is so sad!
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There is probably more to this when politics is involved.
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I am so fucking mad at the fact that this happens and that I can't change it
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