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1000 Words Unframed - Dante


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Sorry for the long MIA, I've actually been working on a novel this whole time and was too busy writing to update social medias lol

Here's a sneakpeek of one of the characters from the illustrated novel~ Dante from 1000 Words Unframed, which will focus on the lives of 4 artists.

When it's all done and illustrated, I'll be posting the entire novel for free on my website as usual. I'm hoping to transition into illustrated novels instead of comics since it'll be easier on my hand. I look forward to sharing the story with you~
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AurasyrFreespirit's avatar

1000 Words still remains my favourite comic on this site to date! I get a misty eye just thinking about it...thank you, for posting the original at such a time when it meant the most to a little artist girl from a broken family <3

He's giving me Kieran vibes from Purple Hyacinth ...

DoRiTosedelweiss's avatar

He is very beautiful and also charming! He gives me some Levi Ackerman vibes from attack on Titan!

gamedrawerJoey's avatar

do you draw anime and games? if so, MY GROUP NEEDS YOU

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Bukani's avatar

Yuumei is an art <3

Kluv's avatar

"Sorry I haven't been drawing masterpieces, I've been too busy writing them."

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Love the messy hair and those eyes, so vibrant *u*

LuckyFy's avatar

Looking forward to reading!

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Your art is stunning

main character vibes

Shadow-Walker-22's avatar

Beautifully well done and he is definitely gorgeous. :rose:

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ShyzaZeppeli's avatar
they look so pretty!
BriMerry's avatar
orion-hunter's avatar

gorgeous picture !

LEElya's avatar

What a stunning face. <3

CMVreud's avatar

I always thought that I'd find someone like this as a young Beethoven in an koran web-novel.

Aaroca's avatar

Something about this has left me particularly inspired.

NevaSirenda's avatar

Very excited to see it!

DaniellyDan1's avatar

Wonderful! Hope your hands are recovering well.

Code-Sapient's avatar

Her expression is so natural. The texture of the line shading and outlining mesh in a natural feel as well.

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