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1000 WORDS Book Pre-order w/ photos

By yuumei
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1000 Words is finally ready for pre-order here at HERE at 4DE.com :D

The book photo preview is here! :D

As stated above, the book will be hardbound with over 60 fully colored pages, it is 10.5 by 8 inches and ships worldwide. I redrew many of the pages to adapt the semi animated flash comic to print. Each book is $14.95 USD and all pre-orders will be shipped on May 31st. 4de.com/product_details.php?pi… :)

If you have any questions, please send them to sales@4de.com

Thank you!

1000 W0RDS by yuumei1000 WORDS Book Pre-order by yuumei
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WOW ..........!
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We're looking to hire an artist for our mini comic book thats to be released in our magazine, would you be interested?
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Is this still available? (and is there one for knite?)
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Oh gosh! Oh my gosh!! Yes!!

(I'm gonna go and save me some money to buy that.)

(Gonna convert this first .. $14.95)
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I'm going to order as soon as i have money xx
Beautiful xx
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i so want this book.... luckily... i just got a credit hard.... *laughs evilly while searching for wallet* and besides.... my parents do say  i should read more >:D
MisaTheNinjaPup's avatar
credit card*** lol omg that was such a fail XD
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Judging by the preview, this book should be called "1000 Thank Yous". XD And you're welcome! It's an absolute pleasure to enjoy your art regardless of platform / medium!
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I-I...need...maybe it will help me get over my losses.
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Where would I buy the book?? :) 
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Just you wait! Wait until I hit the 'legal' age my family thinks is appropirate for me to buy thigns from the Internet. I swear, this is the first ever book I'm this interested in buying. Normally, i just curse the price tag on them and send my wallet wrapped with ribbons to the cashier.
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i will buy all your books. they look so awesomeLa la la la 
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I definately want to buy so many of you're books. And I plan too hopefully soon.
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I want to buy it. Where can I?
Pinkythehedgehog101's avatar
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Oh...Thank you very much >w< :heart:
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does it send to malaysia???
i cant find this book in my country :(
Pinkythehedgehog101's avatar
did you on ebay? or amazon?

SAI182's avatar
uh... i dont have both of them QAQ
Pinkythehedgehog101's avatar
oh then um well... are you sure you cant make an amazon account? (sorry for the REALLY late reply)
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I want to buy it <3 too bad I can't :(
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