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Wenqing Yan
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
The art and ramblings of a disillusioned idealist.

I'm a digital artist, graphic novelist, and UC Berkeley grad with a focus on environmentalism and cyber activism.
I've illustrated and authored numerous graphic novels and plushed a few books. I'm currently working on the Axent Wear cat ear headphones that I designed.

When I'm not drawing away or dealing with the unpleasant business side of running a headphones company, I enjoy sculpting, hiking, and experimenting with aquaponics.

I finally got a Patreon after all these years! I was actually pretty scared that I might disappoint people if my hand pain flared up too often and prevented me from drawing, which is why I waited so many years until after I’ve recovered more.

Now that I’m healthier, I’m really excited to be on Patreon :D I’ll be sharing a lot of exclusive behind the scene stuff on there, from wip to secret projects and storyboard of my comics. Other rewards include HD files of my paintings and comic panels (without text for max art enjoyment), as well as full painting process videos and even 3D models that you can play with :)

Please help support the continuation of my art and comics at

Thank you!


Infinite Lights

While editing the photos of the Milkyway, I found some older photos I took of the Golden Gate bridge and decided to turn it into a painting :) There are so many beautiful places around the Bay Area, and even after living here for a decade I still haven’t explored it all.

HD file and video process of this painting is on my

Support my art on Patreon

Still Waiting by yuumei Under The Overpass by yuumei Lost Me by yuumei At The Crossroads by yuumei Come Find Me by yuumei

I found some really nice photos of various model portraits that I really liked, especially the ones with stronger emotions which I need more practice with. (you can find the original photo here… I didn't quite get the full emotions of the photo so I need to more practice)

Near the end of the painting I decided to add some of my own lighting and tattoo to it lol. The word on face is Chinese for hate. 

Black Stars by yuumei Better Tomorrow by yuumei Draw this again! - Sprinkle of Stars by yuumei Guilty by yuumei Breathe by yuumei
Untitled-2 by yuumei
My Dealer's Booth at Okaton! :D It's happening right now, and it has all my wallscrolls and prints :) come check it out at Booth 1823 in the Dealer's Hall.

Fisheye Placebo: Ch1- Part 7

Another new chapter! I'm aiming to speed up these updates more and more as I get more used to the new workflow and as my hand recovers more from physical therapy :)

I'm sure most artists, myself included, has felt like Jen at some point in their life. Wondering if their art even makes a difference, wondering if all the effort is even worth it. I especially felt that way when my hand first got injured from overworking, and for years I didn't post as often and was depressed from various reason. Life is much better these days and I have a lot of hope and inspirations for the future. If anyone else out there is feeling hopeless, don't give up! Inspiration will find you.

Support my comic on Patreon

Art, Story & Design by Wenqing Yan AKA Yuumei

Outfit modeling, Rigging, Scene Setup: Colin Barton 

Character Modeling:  Sozo Maika 

Outfit Modeling: Bryan Link

Other team members:

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Tomorrow And Tomorrow by yuumei Look Away from Yesterday by yuumei Hidden Paradise by yuumei All City by yuumei Underground by yuumei
Look Away from Yesterday

YUUMEIART.COM:bulletred:FACEBOOK:bulletorange:TUMBLR:bulletyellow:TWITTER:bulletgreen:PIXIV:bulletblue:YOUTUBE:bulletpurple:INSTAGRAM :bulletred:ARTSTATION

New painting of Robin :D I guess drawing Frey reminded me of how much I miss drawing in my old styles. I really enjoyed trying all the new styles and techniques lately but it’s just so nice to paint the way I’m used to lol

You can read Fisheye Placebo for free at…

HD files and video process on

Tomorrow And Tomorrow

YUUMEIART.COM:bulletred:FACEBOOK:bulletorange:TUMBLR:bulletyellow:TWITTER:bulletgreen:PIXIV:bulletblue:YOUTUBE:bulletpurple:INSTAGRAM :bulletred:ARTSTATION

Finished a new Fisheye Placebo illustration :D I haven’t been drawing for so long after AX that I needed do this to get my mind back into the comic’s world.

I never mentioned it officially in the comic, but Frey is a Shakespeare fan. The words on his electric violin case is a quote from Macbeth.

"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

You can read all the free chapters of my comic at…

HD file and video process on

Thoughts by yuumei Truth by yuumei Urban Jungle by yuumei Alone Among the Lights (Tutorial Video linked) by yuumei Underground by yuumei

Darling in the Franxx - Zero Two

 just got back from AX! It was so crazy but so great to meet everyone at the con! :D It's amazing how each year AX gets even bigger and more insane. I needed a few days to recover from it all.

I haven’t done a fanart in a long time but I really enjoyed the ending drawings of Darling the in the Franxx (the show itself is super weird though lol). A lot of the ending theme shots had such beautiful composition I felt compelled to draw it too :)

Also I drew this mostly in Photoshop instead of my usual Paint tool SAI. I’ve been doing lots of photo studies lately and wanting to try out new brushes/styles, and getting out of my comfort zone. 

The HD image and video process for this drawing will be part of the June Rewards on my

Draw this Again - Sakura Freckles

Since a lot of people requested me to redraw the sakura version of my freckles series as well, here it is! :D I don't think one is better than the other, but just a general difference in style over the years.

In other news, I'll be at Anime Expo July 5-8th in the Artist Alley table C22-23, I hope to see you there!
HD file and video process of this painting will be on my for July rewards :) 

Black Stars

Getting back into photostudies to practice :D This isn't exactly a study of any one photo but a bunch of different ones from google image as reference.

I feel like ever since I hurt my hand years ago, I haven't been drawing as much or only doing speed paints so my skill level has gone down. Now that I'm better I want to practice more and become better than even before my hand injury.

The HD image and process video on my

Support my art on Patreon

Better Tomorrow by yuumei Re-Imagine by yuumei Draw this again! - Sprinkle of Stars by yuumei Guilty by yuumei Breathe by yuumei

Ax 1 by yuumeiAx2 by yuumei

Hey everyone! It’s time again for the biggest Anime Con in the US, Anime Expo! As usual, I’ll be in the Artist Alley at table C22 - 23 :D This year I have all new wallscrolls and tote bags, and the usual prints as well. I hope to see you there!

For those who can’t make it to AX, I also have an online shop :)

Ax3 by yuumeiAx4 by yuumei

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
yuumei has been a member of our community for over 10 years, and certainly made her mark throughout the digital art community during this time. Beautifully detailed and carefully matched color palettes make up her distinctive gallery of inspiring artwork. Yuumei's helpful tutorials and comments of encouragement to other artists have helped many artists grow, and therefore we can't think of a better way to recognize such a wonderful deviant than by bestowing the Deviousness Award for October 2013 to yuumei!
-awarded October 2013


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