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Yuukon's Feature Log 2015-2017

Tue Jul 19, 2016, 3:00 AM by Yuukon:iconyuukon:


Feature-fest II
Feature-fest III
Feature-Fest IV: Winter!
Feature-Fest V: 2015 Favourites
Feature-Fest VI: New Year!
Feature-Fest VII: Black and White
Feature-Fest VIII: Breathtaking Landscapes
Feature-Fest IX: Birds
Feature-Fest X: People and Portraits
Feature-Fest XI: Spring
Feature-Fest XII: PhotographyGuide Member Showcase
Feature-Fest Vol. 13: Macro
Feature-Fest Vol. 14: Cats and Dogs
Feature-Fest Vol. 15: Blue
Feature-Fest Vol. 16: Happy Birthday, Francesca!
Feature-Fest Vol. 17: Happy Easter!
Feature-Fest Vol. 18: Street Photography w/ Hosagu
Feature-Fest Vol. 19: PhotographyGuide: Spring
Feature-Fest Vol. 20: SharpenedEdge Member Feature
Feature-Fest Vol. 21: Nature 'scapes w/ Buntcone
Feature-Fest Vol. 22: Drops
Feature-Fest Vol. 23: Inspirational
Feature-Fest Vol. 24: Red with ScarletWarmth
Feature-Fest Vol. 25: Conceptual
Feature-Fest Vol. 26: Photojournalism
Feature-Fest Vol. 26.5: Snails
Feature-Fest Vol. 27: Colourful and Monochrome
Feature-Fest Vol. 28: Favourites from Favourites
Feature-Fest Vol. 29: Babies
Feature-Fest Vol. 30: Fanart with TsaoShin
Feature-Fest Vol. 31: 'Scapes
Feature-Fest Vol. 32: Animals
Feature-Fest Vol. 33: Photojournalism
Feature-Fest Vol. 34: Street
Feature-Fest Vol. 35: Clean and Simple / Paths
Feature-Fest Vol. 36: Monochrome
Feature-Fest Vol. 37: Sent in by you!
Feature-Fest Vol. 38: Cosplay
Feature-Fest Vol. 39: Emotive Portraits
Feature-Fest Vol. 40: Skies
Feature-Fest Vol. 41: Darkroom
Feature-Fest Vol. 42: Architecture
Feature-Fest Vol. 43: APN Photography w/ JenFruzz
Feature-Fest Vol. 44: Birds
Feature-Fest Vol. 45: From My Favourites II
Feature-Fest Vol. 46: Self-Portraits with...
Feature-Fest Vol. 47: Wild Animals
Feature-Fest Vol. 48: Reflections and Urban
Feature-Fest Vol. 49: APN - Autumn
Feature-Fest Vol. 50: Spontaneous Portraits
Feature-Fest Vol. 51: Macro
Feature-Fest Vol. 52: Into the Woods
Feature-Fest Vol. 53: Classic Portraits
Feature-Fest Vol. 54: City Life
Feature-Fest Vol. 55: Horror and Macrabre
Feature-Fest Vol. 56: Conceptual
Feature-Fest Vol. 57: Insects
Feature-Fest Vol. 58: Photojournalism with Inayat
Feature-Fest Vol. 59: Birds
Feature-Fest Vol. 63: Birds' Eye View
Feature-Fest Vol. 64: Winter
Feature-Fest Vol. 65: Horses
Feature-Fest Vol. 66: Architecture
Feature-Fest Vol. 67: Unconventional with 3wyl
Feature-Fest Vol. 68: Conceptual
Feature-Fest Vol. 69: Transportation
Feature-Fest Vol. 70: Aquatic Life
Feature-Fest Vol. 71: Dogs
Feature-Fest Vol. 72: Reptiles and Amphibians
Feature-Fest Vol. 73: Photojournalism
Feature-Fest Vol. 74: From My Favourites
Feature-Fest Vol. 75: Concerts and Musicians
Feature-Fest Vol. 76: Darkroom
Feature-Fest Vol. 77: Street Photography
Feature-Fest Vol. 78: Wild Animals
Feature-Fest Vol. 79: Weather and Sky
Feature-Fest Vol. 80: Waterscapes
Feature-Fest Vol. 81: Architecture
Feature-Fest Vol. 82: Still Life
Feature-Fest Vol 83: Country Life
Feature-Fest Vol. 84: Birds
Feature-Fest Vol. 85: Flowers, Plants, Trees
Feature-Fest Vol. 86: Macro
Feature-Fest Vol. 87: Infrared
Feature-Fest Vol. 88: Abstract and Surreal
Feature-Fest Vol. 89: Photojournalism
Feature-Fest Vol. 90: Street
Feature-Fest Vol. 91: From My Favourites Part I
Feature-Fest Vol. 92: From My Favourites Part II
Feature-Fest Vol. 93: From My Favourites Part III
Feature-Fest Vol. 94: Cosplay
Feature-Fest Vol 95: Domesticated Animals
Feature-Fest Vol. 96: Still Life
Feature-Fest Vol. 97: Fashion Portraits
Feature-Fest Vol. 98: Birds
Feature-Fest Vol. 99: Geology
Feature-Fest Vol. 100: Animals, Plants and Nature
Feature-Fest Vol. 101: Darkroom
Feature-Fest Vol. 102: Transportation
Feature-Fest Vol. 103: Macro
Feature-Fest Vol. 104: Horror and Macrabre
Feature-Fest Vol. 105: Conceptual
Feature-Fest Vol.106: Landscapes
Feature-Fest Vol. 107: Fashion Portraits
Feature-Fest Vol. 108: Emotive Portraits
Feature-Fest Vol. 109: Children
Feature-Fest Vol. 110: Conceptual
Feature-Fest Vol. 111: Street

Exposing The Unexposed

Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 1
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 2
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 3
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 4
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 5
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 6
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 7
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 8
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 9
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 10
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 11
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 12
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 13
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 14
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 15
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 16
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 17
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 18
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 19
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 20
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 21
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 22
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 23
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 24
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 25
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 26
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 27
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 28
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 29
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 30
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 31
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 32
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 33
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 34
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 35
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 36
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 37
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 38
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 39
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 40
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 41
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 42
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 43
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 44
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 45
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 46
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 47
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 48
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 49
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 50
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 51
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 52
Exposing The Unexposed Vol. 53
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 54
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 55
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 56
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 57
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 58
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 59
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 60
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 61
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 62
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 63
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 64
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 65
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 66
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 67
Exposing the Unexposed: Vol. 68
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 69
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 70
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 71
Exposing the Unexposed Vol. 72

Forum Favourites

Forum Favourites Vol. 1
Forum Favourites Vol. 2
Forum Favourites Vol. 3
Forum Favourites Vol. 4
Forum Favourites Vol. 5
Forum Favourites Vol. 6
Forum Favourites Vol. 7
Forum Favourites Vol. 8
Forum Favourites Vol. 9
Forum Favourites Vol. 10
Forum Favourites Vol. 11
Forum Favourites Vol. 12
Forum Favourites Vol. 13
Forum Favourites Vol. 14
Forum Favourites Vol. 15
Forum Favourites Vol. 16
Forum Favourites Vol. 17
Forum Favourites Vol. 18
Forum Favourites Vol. 19
Forum Favourites Vol. 20
Forum Favourites Vol. 21
Forum Favourites Vol. 22
Forum Favourites Vol. 23
Forum Favourites Vol. 24
Forum Favourites Vol. 25
Forum Favourites Vol. 26
Forum Favourites Vol. 27
Forum Favourites Vol. 28
Forum Favourites Vol. 29
Forum Favourites Vol. 30
Forum Favourites Vol. 31
Forum Favourites Vol. 32
Forum Favourites Vol. 33
Forum Favourites Vol. 34
Forum Favourites Vol. 35
Forum Favourites Vol. 36
Forum Favourites Vol. 37
Forum Favourites Vol. 38
Forum Favourites Vol. 39
Forum Favourites Vol. 40
Forum Favourites Vol. 41
Forum Favourites Vol. 49
Forum Favourites Vol. 50
Forum Favourites Vol. 51
Forum Favourites Vol. 52
Forum Favourites Vol. 53
Forum Favourites Vol. 54
Forum Favourites Vol. 55
Forum Favourites Vol. 56
Forum Favourites Vol. 57
Forum Favourites Vol. 58
Forum Favourites Vol. 59
Forum Favourites Vol. 60
Forum Favourites Vol. 61
Forum Favourites Vol. 62

Angels Without Wings

Angels Without Wings - May 2016
Angels Without Wings - June 2016
Angels Without Wings - July 2016
Angels Without Wings - August 2016
Angels Without Wings - November 2016
Angels Without Wings - December 2016
Angels Without Wings - February 2017
Angels Without Wings - October 2017

APN Features

APN Features: Domesticated Animals
APN Features: Waterscapes
Artists of Waterscapes: EmilStojek
APN Features: Wild Animals
APN Features: Winter Wonderland
APN Features: Weather and Sky
Artists of Invertebrates: OliviaMichalski
APN Features: Birds
APN Features: Flowers, Plants and Trees
APN Features: Landscapes
Artists of Wild Animals: Woxys
APN Features: Reptiles and Amphibians
APN Features: Fungi
Artists of Domesticated Animals: Lain-AwakeAtNight
Artists of Waterscapes: Pajunen
APN Features: Wild Animals

ThumbHub Favs

ThumbHub Favs Vol. 1
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 3
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 5
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 7
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 9
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 11
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 13
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 15
ThumbHub Favs Vol. 17

If I Could DD

If I Could DD - Animals, Plants and Nature
If I Could DD - General Photography
If I Could DD - Animals, Plants and Nature II
If I Could DD - Macro

Other Features

Party-Feature Vol. 1: Sweets I!
Party-Feature Vol.2: Participants I!
Party-Feature Vol. 3: Sweets II!
Party-Feature Vol. 4: Participants II
Fallen Child: Contest Winners Features!
Thank You- Feature!
Thank you! - Feature 2.
Happy 16th Birthday!
Exposing the Artisan Crafts Gallery with Talty
Macro Contest - Winners Feature
Halloween Macro Contest - Winners
The Magic of Christmas: Winners!
Love Macro Contest: Winners!
PhotographyGuide Contest: Winners
Tandem Contest: Winners!
PhotographyGuide Donators Feature
Voyage Into The Unknown - Sculptures

Update after list completion:
I did some math, and I ended up with a whopping 316 features on it! That's one nearly every 2-3 days over the time the list spans. That's crazy!

A longer list than I expected! I will update this as I post new features! 

Idea "stolen" from pearwood. Thanks for the idea, Steve!
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Endorell-Taelos Featured By Owner Edited Jul 28, 2018   General Artist
Whoa. That is an impressive list of features. Brilliant work. :la: Mine is so small. :lol: I haven't really done any feature stuffs for a while, I think I should get back into it. It was fun.

Derp. I was meant to reply to the other newer journal. : B
Yuukon Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018   Photographer
Hahahah! In the end, this one is longer than the other list :B 

It's become part of my routine, haha, I don't even need to think about doing it anymore, I just do it! :la:
Endorell-Taelos Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018   General Artist
The other new list will become even bigger though. :lol:
Yuukon Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018   Photographer
Yeah, I'm doing more regular stuff right now :slow: 

I might have to make a new one for 2019 again :giggle:
candiottiTiger Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
An amazing amount of work from you... Keep it up!
Yuukon Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017   Photographer
Thank you! I hope you've been enjoying it!
candiottiTiger Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome! I'm sure all of us enjoyed it!
pulbern Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Impressive! :thumbsup:
Yuukon Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017   Photographer
Thank you!
Omoidenoki Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017
Yuukon Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017   Photographer
candiottiTiger Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow! It's an incredible recopilatory list. You work and contribute a lot in Deviantart... This website would not be the same without you!! Keep it up :)
Yuukon Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017   Photographer
Thank you! That's really sweet of you to say :huggle:
MoonFlowerSax Featured By Owner Edited Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope, I won't look at all of these. I've got already enough features waiting in my notifications. It's exhausting, and looking at all this would probably kill me. :faint: :lmao:
LaniceraCaprifolium Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Risking to look like a complete moron here but.. what is a feature fest? XD
Yuukon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017   Photographer
It's one of my regular feature series!
pearwood Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
pearwood Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer

I add dates to each reference if not already obvious.
Yuukon Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016   Photographer
Caramel dansen emote 

I saw that indeed! Though, I think, this works for me :aww: My features are all weekly, pretty much, except for the "other" and "AWW" ones. 
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