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Back at the beginning of the month, we announced the start of our Comment Month for December. We received a good few submissions in our folders here and here, so, for the rest of this month, it's time to get commenting! :eager: by darkmoon3636

7th - 31st December: Anybody and everybody can comment on the submissions we received for Comment Month. More information on the day.

1st - 7th January: Comment Month is over, but other things are just beginning. Deviants who have commented constructively on over three submissions will receive a news and page feature. More information on the day.

Please note:

Bullet; Green The aim is to comment as constructively as possible. To really make this a successful month, we encourage you to think about your comment and make it constructive, so that it does not consist of one word comments or one sentence comments.

Bullet; Green Once you have commented on the piece itself, copy the link to that piece and paste it in a reply to this blog.

Bullet; Green You are free to comment on however many pieces you want!

Bullet; Green If you would like to comment on a lot of deviations, then please put all links together in just one reply.

Bullet; Green If you have a question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Submitted photographs:

For quick and easy access, here are the photographs that were submitted to our folders:

Beauty Underneath by Evening--Shadow La mer n'etait pas loin by Exumax Curiosity by TomasGrizzly Sick like me by LicamtaPictures
Crimson Congregation by Loffy0 Green Frog by missayeka Performance by Laerian Golden by JophesXI
Looking Glass Falls by Daemare Evening Picnic by Ryardn grasping waves by ellthalion Autumn by Lampsion
:thumb669705514: :thumb714918743: Dusk by bdrc Wind take me home by g2x

We hope that everyone participates in Comment Month, whether it is through suggesting or commenting instead. You really can’t 'lose' here, so please join in, spread the word (the more people the better!), have fun, suggest and comment, comment, comment! :eager: by darkmoon3636

November Round-Up

October was our fifty-first Comment Month at CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide  and it went splendidly well! As always, our photographers received many awesome comments from other photographers, united by a common cause! We would not have done it without these guys, so please give some love to our commenters!
Twilight On The Cape by missayeka  Green Frog by missayeka  Green Heron by missayeka

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Comment Month: November! We have already started our Comment Month: December, so please feel free to comment, comment, comment and spread some love around! Love

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thanks for the feature :)