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For people wondering where my icon came from....

By yuukiartda
Yes you guessed it right! it was indeed drawn by me!
its just i didn't upload it here (i did it on pixiv)
and a big surprise! ochako is here too XD
Hero Academia Season 2 ended but seems like 3rd is coming~
Two of my favorite anime ended this past week ;n;

Tsuyu Asui and Ochako Uraraka (c) Kohei Horikoshi
art (c) yuukiartda
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© 2017 - 2021 yuukiartda
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thank you! ^v^
glad you like~
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Aawww this is really cute!
yuukiartda's avatar
awww thank you so much ^///^
if you'd like, please check out the rest of my gallery for more!
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Kawaii... *nosebleed*
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*gives you tissue*
glad you like~ ^^
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So cute is very nice
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thank you~ glad you like ^//^
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They look very nice together and tender, very cute style
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aww thank you ;v;
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Best girl friends! ^.^
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My two favorite girls together. They looked even cuter with your art style.
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awww glad you thought so ^///^
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I love this. I Seriously love this! Keep it up. Oh my gosh, I would die of colors right now...
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thank you so much ^^
this one is my personal favorite as well <3
it inspires me for some reason
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No wonder it's your profile! I love Ochaco and Tsu! But this picture, is something I can't describe. It's eye catching, y'know? Please continue to draw like this! It's a really beautiful piece of art! :D
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i will continue on to do my best ;v;/
i have been realizing that this one has a depth/contrast in shading than
the other picture i posted.
im just trying to get used to the new colorpencil i have.
this was drawn with my old set which i was very used to
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Well I really liked how the colors turned out!

Please consistently improve that! You're really amazing! :D <3 <3
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thank you ;v;/ im currently working on another BnHA fanart so keep your eyes out ^^
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finally finished it...sigh took a while but i think it was worth it Dabi VS Todoroki
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Both Tsuyu and Uraraka look cute!
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