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Cirno-chan cute! :3
[ Cirno from Touhou ]
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She looks lonely, but really cute!  Great job!
Can I use this in my logo on youtube? I will credit you.
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Ur Awsome !!! A thousand tons of Awsome !!!😝
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I used this as a ref so that I could finally draw Cirno, though in my own style. Is that okay? Can I submit it? So cute :meow:
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I love you Cirno, even though I'm listening to a romantic version of Native Faith.
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super adorable, I love Cirno's eyes, hair, expression and the overall coloring :iconbunnyloveplz:
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Very eye catching!

I love it.
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oh yeah!
X3 Cirno looks cute and awesome!
=D good work!
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cirno is ADORABLE. fff.
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soo adorable!!!! :3
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Awesome, hope some day I can be that good x3
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this is adorable!
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I can imagine her pulling a grumpy face. Your cel-shading and line art is so clean as well~!
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Thanks! I'm really happy! >w<
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omg this is amazing! how did u do it???
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