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The Wall

He leaned against the wall, an offensive and willing smile on his face. One arm raised the hand behind his head, preventing his hair to touch the wall, he stood next to those strange words.
His thoughts were totally different from his 'come and get me'-look ind his warm, golden eyes.
Yeah. This world was totally different from his own. He was trapped here for now a week. And it was horrible. The stench of sickness and dirty was everywhere. Nobody except him had magic in his blood and even at night there was no danger, except for those strange looking, hooded guys that did wear knifes clearly visible in their pockets.
He lifted the hand from his waist to stroke back a strand of his now blond hair. Carefully he touched his ear and for one second a soft sigh was released from his lips. But then he remembered again what he was here for and took back his position, free and offering.
Nonetheless in his head he was pretty much disappointed that he had to change his ears into a more human-like form. Still they were still slightly pointy but not enough for his proud. Why must those creepy guys here, prefer the "normal" type of a man. Not to talk about women. To catch up a woman for one or two lustful hours was nearly impossible. That's why he decided to try out his luck on men.
A short glance at the sky told him that the hours was near when the first guys for his plan would come along.
His plan... he growled silently and rolled his eyes. He had to be here because he lost a bet. Stupid Adrian had made him loose. A light tone of blush came to his cheeks and made him just more angry than he was before and than he was at all, all the time on this world was so disgusting. At first he had to sleep outside, in some kind of a tunnel. What a strange tunnel it was, where big metal creatures run along and make noise all night long. Then he really found someone who took him to her home and really tried to capture him. Tze, capture him... what a stupid idea. He broke the door, knocked out the woman and her two "friends" and left them all tied up together on the bed. And know this try should be the third one.

And so he stood there at the wall, watching the darkness getting thicker and darker around him, with his golden, not glowing anymore, eyes. He yawned and raised his head to look into the sky again.
What is he doing at the moment, he thought and then saw the first pair coming along.
As he expected both of them were male and on their way straight to a small club that opened here every night. He activated his senses and tried to catch up the glimpse of a thought from those two. No, they'd be not interested. And so it did go on the rest of the night. Couples were coming and going but no one of them came over to talk to him.
He was pissed of. Why the hell did this only happen to him and only then if he could really need a shot of fresh, juicy energy. His corset and the leatherboots rustled as he started to move away from this rotten place to somewhere he'd have hopefully more chances.
"Clack, Clack, Clack", was the only sound while he walked down the dark street to the club. Only a single person was standing in front of the entry, shivering from the cold that he did not care about. Confident he headed down to the guy and tried to pass him, but he reached out his shivering but impressive strong arm to block his pathway.
"No en...", he tried to say, while a warm and so comfortable hand was laid down on his own cold skin, and he stopped in the middle of his sentence to look into the warmest, softest and most beautiful golden eyes in his whole life. Oh crap, if he wasn't totally straight he'd probably...
But before he could end his own thought the guy was gone and closed the door behind him, leaving the guard out, alone with the now less important cold.

Inside the room it was warm and muggy because of the smoke everywhere. He shook his head to loosen the strands of his hair again and walked into the room. He didn't want to be noticed and so no one noticed the guy that suddenly stopped.
This guy down there at the catwalk, he looked exactly like... no he didn't want to fullfill this thought and so he just walked down the way to he back of the bar where he did take place and ordered himself a drink.
He didn't have to wait long until something strange happened. The bartender came back to him with his drink and all of the sudden he was blinded by some kind of sunlight. He barely was able to prevent the hiss that wanted to come up, and just did hide his eyes behind his gloved hand. The music stopped in the background and someone started to speak. The voice told the audience that the guy in the light was the lucky one who doesn't have to pay his bills today, if he was able to dance on the pole at the end of the catwalk.
In his inner self he smashed his head to the desk, as he saw the guard next to the guy at the microphone. His outer apperance was just as normal, cold and smirking, when he slowly stood up from his chair, let a soft blush appear on his cheek and the audience started to hoot and clap. Carefully as if he'd not be used to his shoes he climbed up the catwalk and looked down into the audience that now, thanks to the light, was only a dark mob.

And then the dance began.
It was not the first time for him that he took a walk down to dance for someone. He had pretty much time for training since he's now in this sort of "form" since about 200 years. And so he had to dance like this pretty often for a lot of persons. He knew what counted on this sort of dance and most of it was, not to let them know you know what you're doing.
But in the very moment, when he had his legs up, himself just hanging down the pole, giving his body some steadiness with the hands on the ground, there were those awful, wonderful green eyes, that did watch him and he hardly blushed. Not because of the exhaustion but because of a feeling that came to his head, unexpected and unknown for many years. Slowly he moved his legs away from the pole, describing a wonderful circle, back to the ground, and as soon as both of them were secure in contact with it, he just turned around and walked down the catwalk again, just in time when the music ended.
The audience applauded for him and he didn't care. He just took place again at the bar with red, hot cheeks and ordered himself a doubled vodka, even if he knew it wouldn't help at all. It wouldn't even make him dizzy, but it helped a little bit like every placebo.
Just something that was dancing around in my head while drawing a picture. >.<
Basically it's a WIP because I'm pondering about to write more about this scene and story...
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