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So, as dear :iconchaosfive-55: suggested and encouraged me, I decided to do a whole Tarot card serie, which contains 21 Major Arcana cards (well actually it's 22, but I decided to skip one, I'll leave in my serie the first not numbered card - 0: "the fool", but I decided not to do the last one - the 21st: "the world").

I looked into this matter, learned meanings and most common representation/ interpretation/ symbols of the cards. So I have a few future ideas for some cards (of course in my own totally different and insane interpretational way :mwahaha: ), but anyway if you have any suggestions or ideas - you're so welcome to leave them at this journals comments. :D (please? any ideas?)

btw if you would like to help me out, but don't know anything about Tarot cards or which card should represent what, you can always ask me and I will be most happy to answer :aww: I'm not a big Tarot cards lover myself, but I read the wikipedia article, and wikipedia knows all, yeah? :nod: :giggle:

Ok so if you are interested and liked first two experimental attempts like "the hanged man" --> or the "siamese twins" (which now will represent the card number 14: "Temperance") -->… here I am planning to post my progress bar of other 19 cards.


:star::star::star: :bulletblue: 0: "The Fool" -->
:star::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 1: "The Magician"
:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 2: "The High Priestess"
:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 3: "The Empress"
:star::star::star: :bulletblue: 4: "The Emperor" -->…
:star::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 5: "The Hierophant"
:star::star::star: :bulletblue: 6: "The Lovers" -->…
:star::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 7: "The Chariot"
:star::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 8: "Justice"
:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 9: "The Hermit"
:star-half::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 10: "Wheel of Fortune"
:star::star::star: :bulletblue: 11: "Strength" -->…?
:star::star::star: :bulletblue: 12: "The Hanged Man" -->
:star::star::star-empty: :bulletblue: 13: "Death" -->…
:star::star::star: :bulletblue: 14: "Temperance" -->
:star::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 15: "The Devil"
:star::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 16: "The Tower"
:star::star::star-empty: :bulletblue: 17: "The Star"
:star::star::star: :bulletblue: 18: "The Moon" -->…
:star::star::star-empty: :bulletblue: 19: "The Sun"
:star::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletblue: 20: "Judgment"

first star :star: will mean what I done a sketch
second star :star: - in coloring process
three stars :star::star::star: - complete (uploading on DA ;p)



~ Please be patient
~ Please be as specific as you can when ordering, don't forget to add what coloring do you want and in what media.
~ Please don't claim, alter or take it for commercial usage. Please ask me first before using it somewhere else.
~ I have every right to decline if I feel uncomfortable with whatever you're requesting
~ Please NOTE me if you want to commission me
~ Sorry but I cannot draw: mechas, furries, pr0n, extreme gore, vector art. ( but it's not forbidden to write your request and then we'll see if I can draw something exceptional :nod: )

~I do digital and traditional coloring. If you want traditional one, you can choose what media I will use (pencils, watercolors, pastels, ink…).
::examples:: digital traditional: watercolors markers color-pencils


~ Chibi colored 5$   / 4€

~ Coloring job (I will color YOUR artwork) 10$ / 7 €

~ Head shot 7$   / 5€

~ Half body/ waist up 10$ / 7 €

~ Full body/ clubs up 15$ / 11€

~ Realistic portrait     15$ / 11€

Discounts (if you want just):
-3$ / 2€ *rough sketch
-2$ / 1€ *lineart (I can even prepare a *.psd file for you, where lineart is on different transparent layer)
-1$ / 0.5€ *b/w / grayscale shading
-1$ / 0.5€ *less colors/ shading (well similar to cell shading I guess)

Additional costs:
*additional chibi 3$ / 2€
*additional character 5$ / 4€
*complex background (usually I prefer solid or abstract bg)
*Changes on finished work (past-changes time, can't stand when people changes their mind totally after everything is done...) 2$ / 1€  +

--> You send a note with request (name it "commission")
--> I agree
--> I send you a sketch
--> You approve (any changes just in this stage!)
--> You pay half/ full
--> I send you a watermarked version of finished work
--> You pay next half (or what is left)
--> I send you the final piece in high quality (300dpi)


Ciel PH: Violet Blossoms by Yuujin Aminta by Yuujin FEZ Sorceress by Yuujin Chloe by Yuujin Virgo by Yuujin Summer x winter by Yuujin Yellow by Yuujin Rock Lee chibi by Yuujin L chibi by Yuujin

Open slots (ten for a start):



Please take a few minutes to visit my webcomic - updates every weekend ;p

© 2011 - 2021 Yuujin
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Chaosfive-55's avatar
Are you making progress? Is the chart of :star: up to date?;)
Yuujin's avatar
Yeah.... a bit...
After exams :p
Sunshine-Author's avatar
I find it's a great idea to draw tarot cards, i'm a "tarot player" and seeing someone here in DA who is interested by them is really cool!
I like the Hanged man!
Yuujin's avatar
thank you :hug:
more comming soon, although I'm a bit busy with studies now, so the process is very slowed down... ^^;
Chaosfive-55's avatar
I hope you're still working on these!!!!;) Don't forget!!!
Yuujin's avatar
yeah working, little by little, my studies are occupying my free time, but I will have a holiday week starting from 04.18, so I really hope to finish some of the cards then, I'm very glad you are still waiting for them :p
xJermainax's avatar
Sėkmės konkurse :hug:
Yuujin's avatar
dekui dekui :) reik daugiau reklamos, kai viska balsavimas nulemia, taigi reiks gal llamas si vakara padalint ;p
Chaosfive-55's avatar
I eagerly await the Magician!:)Or are you going to draw them as you like rather than in order?
Yuujin's avatar
sadly not in order, the next will be "the strenght" :D. When it's likely I continue with "the moon". magician is not coming so fast cause i don't have a complete sketch for him yet...
but I hope you'll enjoy the ones that will come before magician card as well ;p
Chaosfive-55's avatar
:DI'll be delighted with whatever you do next!
Yuujin's avatar
Great :excited:
although because my studies started I think new ones might take a bit longer to be finished... well but just be patient ;p
Chaosfive-55's avatar
I am the soul of patience!:iconmeditateplz:
O-ph-3-l-i-A's avatar
Really love your art, darling: the hanged man is my fav !
Yuujin's avatar
Thank you :hug:
I'm very glad you're so interested in my Tarot cards :dance:
well more coming soon, just be patient ^^;
xJermainax's avatar
Įdėja labai įdomi :> ir matau tau trūksta idėjų tik dviem kortom, ane?
Yuujin's avatar
aha, bet mielai isklausyciau ideju pasiulymus ir kitoms kortoms ;p (gal ka papildysiu, kas zino ;p).
xJermainax's avatar
Hm... kortai magician visokios psichadelijos eina xD koks juodai apsirengęs, juodaplaukis asmuo, prisidengęs pusę veido korta, o kita pusė tokia psichopatiška atrodo, su aštriais dantim ar pan xD

Justice - tik nepiešk aklos damos su svarstyklėm xD geriau aklą damą su dalgiu >: D
Yuujin's avatar
geras, net nezinojau, kad justice buna akla dama :) gerai, reiks gal su tom akimis pazaisti, apie svarstykles is tiesu masciau, bet kai dabar pasakei, tai tikrai nepiesiu, reikia ka nors originaliau sugalvot ;p

magician - gerai psichodelika, dar kazkur skaiciau, kad jis net labiau ne magician o tik visus dumia su savo triukais ir mikliais pirstais. Uztat suzaisti su korta rankoje, arba korta kaip veido kauke - nebloga mintis :nod:

dekui, man taip patinka bent siek tiek padiskutuot su kitais, nes idejos labai produktyviai gimdo naujas idejas :w00t:

jei dar kils kokiu minciu - rasyk ;p
xJermainax's avatar
Ooo, tas tiesa :D džiugu, kad kažkiek padėjau :aww:
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