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The Moon

An update for my Major Arcana project after 8 months. Sorry guys to keep you waiting, but i hope it was worth a while ;p

Continuing Tarot Card serie.
"18: The Moon"

The Moon... I associate it with wolves. But in my picture it's more anthropomorthic human-boy-wolf. A figure between the stars that shines bright just like the moon itself. As it is interpreted the wolf should mean - "The fears of the natural mind", is it so in my picture? Maybe... But I prefer interpreting it with smile :) the Wolf just smiles with a thought of those fears of natural mind...

Media: promarkers

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The rest of my opinion is included in my comment. Good job on the paws and anatomy. Anyway, in THE MOON card is impossible to have stars. Stars involve hope, and the person who is in a MOON state can't see anything: THE MOON is confussion, even depression, so it hasn't any kind of vision clarity. I'm only talking about the conceipt related to the tarot card, anyway, visually is innovative. The blue tone is really beautiful and the skin tones are reallistic. You can find more info in my comment. Keep that job, looking forward the next cards soon!!
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It is a very good and original concept, because the wolf and the dog symbolize the two parts of the human being which lie within. So this conceipt is a total success in my opinion. In other hand. THE MOON is always associated with womanhood, but if you want to be innovative, it is ok. Good anatomy job.
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well, thank you, thank you very much for the comment and critique! :glomp:
I am not very good at interpreting Tarot cards maybe, although I did a research of original depiction and associated meanings. Sometimes I use just a part of those I find fit with my way of seeing things :aww:
I.e. why does natural instincts should be associated with woman always? It's kind of very patriarchal way of seeing it, in my opinion.

The message of the card can also be: "Peace, be still," and it may be that there shall come a calm upon the animal nature, while the abyss beneath shall cease from giving up form.
So my MOON is calm in a realm of abyss and that realm is decorated with stars that symbolize dreaming or smth ^^;

Anyway, thank you very much for comments, I like when it brings you to more thinking about essential meanings of your pictures you have never thought before. Kind of growing up with your own creation ;p
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you have been featured!
[link] :)
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Wow, really? I feel so really honored :excited:
Thank you very very much :glomp:
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it was a pleasure:)
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Hi! :wave:

Your beautiful work has been featured in my journal here: [link] :heart:

Greetings! :aww:
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Wow, cool :excited:
This work gets a lot features, I so happy :dance:
Thank you :hug:
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Thank you for fave! :heart:
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Labai įdomus spalvinimas ;o
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Na cia promarkeriai ;)
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Ohh, spalvinimas labai gražus :meow:
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dekui, cia tik paprasti promarkeriai ;)
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Bet vis tiek reikia mokėti su jais gražiai spalvinti :D
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wonderful as always :clap: :hug:
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*still faithfully follow your tarot cards*
When they are all complete, I shall print them, and make my own tarot cards with them. X3
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Hehehe, I hope I'll complete them faster so that you won't wait for too long ;p

Thank you :hug:
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You're welcome! :glomp:
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o... seniai darbu nedejai. awesome work :)
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jooo, visa vasara praejo, o meninio pasistumejimo - jokio (bent jau is DA account tikrai nesimate ^^; ) Taigi kai jau mokslai prasidejo - prisiverciau ir papaisyt ir nebaigtus darbelius uzbaigt :D
dekui, dziaugiuos, kad patiko :)
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Wonderful stuff :star:
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