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The Lovers

Continuing Tarot Card serie.
"06: The Lovers"

The name speaks for itself. There are various depictions of lovers - kissing, huging, with amours flying around... But all that is kind of very cliché and becoming boring, don't you agree?

Union ----- Passion ----- Sexuality
That's what Lovers is all about.

At first I really wanted to make this card look alike to old japanese erotic prints of Edo period. That was mainly because I just loved the poses in those.
Later I got really inspired by ~bluefooted's interpretation of Tarot's Lovers - underwater love, just amazing.

It kinda makes sence, when you're in love, you are like floating, in a vast deep blue essence of dreams and warm feelings.


Media: letraset's promarkers and tria markers

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Tarot serie idea and progress bar: [link]
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thank you :)))))
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Extremely well done! These should be the ACTUAL tarot cards...
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You're welcome! :)
wretched-frail's avatar
This reminds me of Georgia OKeffe. Youve revived this cliche subject! Bravo!
Yuujin's avatar
To be compared to an artist like Georgia OKeffe, it's really an honor.
simonpark81's avatar
love the unusual blending here:)
Yuujin's avatar
You mean the colors or the figures? ^^;
Anyway - thanks :D
simonpark81's avatar
both! i love how they merge, and the colours haze so well between shades;
as a serious artist one always looks for detail, clarity and subtle tones :)
all the best :D
Yuujin's avatar
woa, thank you for such a praise :hug:
simonpark81's avatar
very welcome.
i call the shots as i see em, and your work looks to be at a professional standard.
all the best and keep up the great work!
wordeea's avatar
absolutely gorgeous. gorgeous. you have a wonderful galllery
Yuujin's avatar
wow :blush: you make me blush...
thank you :glomp:
wordeea's avatar
so very welcome. you're entire tarot series is awesome
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this is wonderful... omg
Yuujin's avatar
:love: thank you very very much :glomp:
mashinist09's avatar
this is wonderful...omg!
dana-redde's avatar
This is so damn cool :D The marker looks like water colors, it's so fluid and pretty. I always love what you do with markers :D
Yuujin's avatar
yeah, thank you :hug:
I agree sometimes it doesn't even look like markers ^^;
I guess letraset didn't even knew or thought that their marker can be used like that :giggle:

...but sometimes I meet people who say that I use markers in wrong way... f.e in one marker group-club I can never go upper than novice-intermediate level because this type of usage is not considered anything near "advanced" :D :D :D
well, anyway... it doesn't bother me, cause I got a lot of fans and admirers like you :) who prefer it done in this way. thank you :hug:
dana-redde's avatar
Haha yeah, I've also been told I'm intermediate or whatever in certain groups when I use certain techniques that aren't boring anime smooth. It's annoying, but I realized I care more about doing my art than their opinions, hahaha. I love to see people think outside the box with their tools!
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