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... I guess no need to explain anything here... What can I write..hm.. ^^;
I made this during my art lessons and now I'm uploading the same picture only with black background which I made with photoshop 9. But still this whole image ins mostly showing pencil technics. Thanks for your attention :lol:!
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Jul 27, 2006, 3:03:58 PM
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I made use of this picture on my blog post here: [link]
Thank you very much :-)
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Thanks to you too :cuddle:
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I love how detail this is
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Oh, now it's a work from old time ago... :p I'm still glad you like it ;p
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Superb use of angularity. Geometric ftw :#1:

I love how he takes the form of a statue, or a bust. Though rather as an interpretation, rather than an actual carving from stone.

A sturdy, unmoving place in history.


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well when you are drawing a bust of socrates it is likely that the drawing should be as posible more 3d :nod:
thanks you :hug:
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impressiv technichs they are ... hm ... .. cool :)

did you know that socrates wasn´t just a thinker, but a brave and great man, too and 2 times greek-wide best in the pangraton? The old-greek freefight?
Not sure with the last information but I guess I got this right.

He was quite a guy ^^ That was all I wanted to say :XD:
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well I know he was a great man :D
althought with some of his theories I wouldn't agree, but you know it's classical phylosophy so we must learn everything he said although something seems not so wise at 21 century.
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Yeah, I know this kind of problem. He would propably said little different things in our time.

But though, in understanding of the contextes of his world, those things were quite cool :)

ANd .. yes .. the fact of the 2 times champion in the pangraton .. well .. .that hooked me ... you know, you don´t think such of a "philosipher"
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Atrodo kaip medinis:}
bet man patinka.
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medinis, oho geras pasakymas, niekad nepagalvojau, bet kai pasakei, gal ir panasu ;p
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Great angular shapes, looks as if it could have been carved out of wood.
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I love how angular this picture is. The harsh shading really compliments that; if it were all soft with little texture, it wouldn't have worked as well as it has. Great piece!
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thank you, very very mucho :D
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You're very welcome :)
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wow...well done, you're so skilful
(i feel just like a little pea :ohmygod:)
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Don't feel bad.. Really I'm glad you liked the pic :lol:
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Yea i totally agree with may-be xD
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