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Portrait: Irene


Y o u T u b eF a c e b o o k | T u m b l r |  O r i g i n a l  M a n g a|

For those of you who don't know yet I'm doing a series of practice portraits of my characters from 
my main oc story Gates of Sirona   This is the last girl OC before I move on to the guys~ Her name is Irene 

Normally she wears an eyepatch over her left eye, but I thought I'd be fun to draw her without it for once :D Cuz of that tho I think I spent an extra hour or two just to make sure that she doesn't look like chucky when I zoom out LOOL //cries TTATT

Also sorry but I'm a little behind on replying to comments >< Tmrw I have my last exam in high school LOOL fml chemistry and after that I'll be a lot more active~!:iconblushplz:

Irene © yuuike
Art © yuuike

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This is gorgeous!
AnimeFanatic09's avatar
I love the eyes!

Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] 
AlexandruIoan's avatar
How many days did this take to do?
fdnbgonds's avatar
Best eyes ever.
ColorMades's avatar
Very nice! Thanks for the llama!
AmirBJ's avatar
IgnitraZA's avatar
Wow! Awesome! :D
nirryc's avatar
Cool and vibrant colours. :) Looks nice!
yuuike's avatar
thank you xD
TannMann64's avatar
ClapThis is such a gorgeous blend of a semi-realistic person with anime/manga/disney-styled eyes........Love 
yuuike's avatar
thank you~ ^^
luciaROSA's avatar
this is so beautiful
yuuike's avatar
thank you! ^v^
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Hmmm, the interesting and nice detail of the eyes. There's also the hair and the shiny, nice looking texture of the lips.

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haha thank you for all your kind comments >///<
NERO10's avatar
Just enjoying myself, you did great.
OMG she's GORGEOUS!!! Heart eyes  Heart LoveTakeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1] 
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haha thank you! ^^
hehe you're welcome! ^^
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Stunning work, I love her eyes.
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thank you~! >v<
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this is so beautiful
yuuike's avatar
thank you! ^^
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