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A shaded commission of the client’s tiefling monk, the dazzling brawler Chleo! I’ve drawn her before, earlier on in the campaign, so it was fun to hear about the adventures she’s gone on since then and how she’s changed!
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One day I hope to be as good as you!

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That's very flattering! ^_^

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Lovely! Really nice work as always! :w00t: It's always fun to see how characters grow and progress, but I imagine especially so as someone visualizing said characters :la:

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Thank you! And yes, it is! :D

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Love the way you draw tieflings ngl

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Haha, thanks!

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I really like her outfit and skin color. Also, there needs to be more tieflings on deviant art.

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Yes, she has a nice color palette to work with! ^_^

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Lovely character and drawing!

I really like her outfit and carefree pose. The magical effects around her arm are well done too! It is always great to hear about how character develop and have adventures in between hearing about them!

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Thank you very much! And agreed; it's really fun to hear about clients' campaigns. :D

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