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A large-scale papercraft commission of the client’s characters Jacob and Xia, enjoying a starry night out on the town!

I don’t do cityscapes very often - I’m more often commissioned for nature backgrounds, when there is a background - so this was an unusual and delightful challenge. I got particularly excited about all the WINDOWS and NEON LIGHTS, and so went flailing through my paper stash for my shiniest, most holographic papers. I think the mirror paper in the front building looks particularly cool, with the stars and buildings reflected in it. There’s always something new to try when making papercraft! :star: 

[EDIT] Thank you for the DD! :D 

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Very cute artwork!
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Thank you! ^_^

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You are welcome, miss. I wish you a very nice day.

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Thanks! ^__^

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Congrats on the DD!! well deserved, this piece has so much dimensionality to it
Yutaan's avatar

Thank you! I tried quite a few new things with this one, so I'm so glad it's been well-received! :D

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Thank you very much! :happybounce:

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With your permission, think I will adopt the idea of having star charts and other decoration on the inside of atmospheric domes.

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It's a neat concept, right? Have fun!

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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)

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Thank you very much! ^_^

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oh man def loving how you did with the buildings in the background! Love the composition as well!!!

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Thank you! Complex backgrounds (especially cities!) are pretty challenging for me, so I'm really pleased you like it. ^_^

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it took me this long to comment?? anyhoo, i love the paper you chose with the multicolored green dots as like individual windows for the buildings. or that's how i interpreted them! ^.^;;

this is a stellar scene!

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Thank you! I like that one a lot too - it's super shiny and reflective irl, so it was fun to turn the piece back and forth and watch the colors change in all the windows. ^_^

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Wow! I can't imagine how much time and care this must have taken. What kind of adhesive do you use, building up these layers (if I understand correctly how this was made)? Astonishing work. So much detail, and such lovely effects!

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Thank you very much! Papercraft is pretty labor-intensive in general, and even more so when making full scenes, so I'm always pleased when people enjoy seeing the final result. :)

And I use paper cement and/or rubber cement. (I know there must be a difference between the two, but frankly I've never noticed much difference while working with them, so I just grab whichever one is on sale at the moment.) They're useful in that they dry clear and are flexible when dry, so the finished artwork doesn't crack or get brittle.

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Well okay... that's a new level of this art....

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