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Boston - February

By Yutaan
January: [link]
March: [link]

Yup, another update on Boston cut-paper stuff from this past month (even though it's March already oh GOD). Not as many finished as in January, but the semester did start up, and most of these are really big or really small (which are a massive bitch to do)... so... I'll give myself extra credit. :star:

Cut-paper! Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Jasmine, Ichigo, Barnaby Brooks Jr. (my GOD your HAIR Bunny I HATE IT), Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, Luca of :iconchirart:'s and :iconmoonsheen:'s "Sfeer Theory" fame, Son Goku, :icontheyoungdoyler:'s Wil, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Anthy-n'-Utena. :thumbs up:

Luca, Goku and Wil are not for sale, as they are gifts.

EVERYTHING ELSE will be ON SALE at :star:ANIME BOSTON:star: from April 6th - 8th!!! Come say hullo, me and my bros'll be in in Artist Alley!

Now, these are intended for sale at Boston, but they are actually on sale as of RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT, PEEPS, so if you'd like to buy one but can't go to Boston/don't want to wait/are worried someone else might get it first/because of reasons, jus' note me and I will be delighted to sell it to ya before the con. :)

Yutaan out!
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Kitan777's avatar
Tiger and Bunny!! <3 TuT
Yutaan's avatar
Haha, Barnaby's hair was difficult to cut! But I was very happy with those two busts as a set, so it was worth it. :)
Kitan777's avatar
I imagine ; u ; his hair is...complicated looking.
I love them <33 >w<
Yutaan's avatar
Good taste! Tiger & Bunny was such a fun show. ^_^
Kitan777's avatar
Thanks ; u ; as do you.
twas hilarious! I just wish I could see the movies...TuT
Yutaan's avatar
I haven't seen the movies yet either! I'm looking forward to it, though!
Kitan777's avatar
AlexandraAlex's avatar
i fave it for yugi, ichigo & luca!! :D
Yutaan's avatar
MistressLegato's avatar
Holy SHIT, this is AMAZING! Now to go through your whole gallery!
Yutaan's avatar
Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the gallery! :)
Wolvekit's avatar
HOLY BALLS. I logged in for the first time in months just so I could +fav this. I love cut paper, and these are excellent: pitch perfect combination of character, color, texture, pose, and composition.

No seriously, I love how you draw noses. These noses are amazing, what the hell.
Yutaan's avatar
Man, this comment made my whole day. :star: Thank you! I really love making these cut-paper pieces, and I really love drawin' me some noses, so this compliment was just a package of kittens wrapped in fuzzy scarves. THANKS SO MUCH~
PandoraLewis's avatar
My, your art is amazing.
Yutaan's avatar
Wah, thank you! :heart:
Thornmage's avatar
I want to do this now.
I want to learn to do this so bad...
Yutaan's avatar
Do iiiiiiit, it's so much fun!
Have to check out your gallery.. now O.O
Bunny looks great in this :)) style reminds me a bit of gankatsuuo
Yutaan's avatar
Thank you! :)

Ahh, Gankutsuou is one of my favorites...! And it was part of the inspiration for making cut-paper pieces, to boot. :heart:
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
Wow, these are all so cool! Nifty :heart::heart::heart:
Yutaan's avatar
JadedVega's avatar
You know you love Barnaby's hair, lol

I waaaaa~nt... @_@
Luca's so beautiful.
Yutaan's avatar
Ahhh, *ruffles Bunny's ridiculous hair* you somehow make it work, kiddo.

Thank you for the comment n' fave! :)
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