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Hey Everyone! 

I am not as active on here anymore. (obviously) 
If you wish to follow me, please follow my Twitter/Instagram account. I am highly active on Instagram, 
Please follow @ YuroborosDesigns for my Instagram and please follow @ Yuro_Kat for my Twitter. 

Thank you guys for all your support over the years! It's such an honor! I just can't keep up with this site with all my other stuff going on. Please feel free to still follow on this site, I'll keep my old art up for you. All my new stuff will be on the sites listed above. Thank you all for your patience. 

Heylo my lovelies!

I am still alive! I just ran out of my Sub earlier, so don't fret!
Sorry I've been gone for awhile and forgot to post a journal about it. I've been babysitting for my cousins a lot since they needed help with their moving process so my work came to a halt from it. And when I would get home I would literally just crash. @ ~ @ handling just a 3 year old and a 1 year old is a lot of work! I don't know how my Aunt and Uncle do it all since they are SO busy ALL the time. No wonder they need a nanny around the house!

Also, I am going to be on holiday back in Kansas to visit Family over Thanksgiving and I won't be taking any of my digital work with me. Only traditional sketch work. I will be gone from Nov. 24th-Dec.2nd, but the I will be needed for babysitting again from my Aunt and Uncle from Dec. 3rd-4th. Knowing myself, I might be knocked out on the 5th from traveling and watching the cute,  little urchins. Please bare with me in big pieces I owe. And I thank you all so much for your patience. It's very calming and gives me great privilege to be able to give you better work within time given to me. I really do appreciate it, so I really do thank you for that. Regarding to other days where I will be gone is also the Dec.18th-27th. (going back home for Christmas as a surprise!! SHHH DON'T TELL)

I will be uploading all the stream sketches today as well.

If you are curious, my status que is here->…
And if I am missing you on the que PLEASE let me know!!

Livestream sketches will continue either tomorrow, or Sunday. (need to make rent money and pay some bills)
Goal- $320

Come join the stream!

Also, as of January 1st, 2016 I will be upgrading my prices. I have been told many, many times that I put way too much effort in my work for how cheap they are and honestly...they are completely right. I sell myself short sometimes because I think no one will buy from me if my prices aren't low. I need to be more confident in my work and stand my ground. Don't get me wrong though, I will still make my prices affordable. This also doesn't mean that I won't hold sales in the future, but they will just be a steady range up in pricing and I feel that it's fair that I give a month's worth of my normal prices until the year's end so everyone still has a chance to have the same prices.

And one more thing, I had to get a brand new skype since I forgot my password, but it's been a huge hassle to try and get it because no matter what I do it always goes to my microsoft account and it's not linked with my skype account. So if you would like to re-add me please search for YuroborosStew!


LiveStream Sketching! $5 per character and an additional $10 for color!


Come on in and stir the stew! cx


Come on in and stir the stew! cx


Stir the Stew…

come on in and stir the stewww

Commissions really do vary, of course. Depending if you want sketches to full body and backgrounds with color.
-I also really enjoy artistic freedom, but that doesn't mean I won't be willing to work with you in what posing you prefer. c:

Dry, really rough sketches like these are $15-$25+ depending on how many sketches you want of a character (just the ones on the left)- Sketch work by Yuroboros

If you are wanting a sketch page of a single character it's $50 - Salem Concept by Yuroboros

Multiple characters adds $15 each to the sketch page so this would be $65+- Example

Speed paint sketches vary from $20-$30+ depending on how colored you want it- Example Example 2

Refined sketches with a single color are $30-Sketch Commission Sketch Commission- Sketch Commission Ahk by Yuroboros
Bust + full body sketch w/ semi color are $35-$45- Grimshaw sketch commission by Yuroboros
Bust with color is $25-35 depending on how complex the character is- Soyuki comm by Yuroboros

Full body w/ color $40- Dissonance quick ref by Yuroboros

Full body + Bust both with color is $50+- Commish Shaman Croc by Yuroboros
Reference sheets really vary normally they are $85+- Revamp Dee-Toxx ref WIP by Yuroboros Bat Mongrel Reference by Yuroboros King Halverius ref by Yuroboros Akarion Ref Sheet by Yuroboros

Full background w a character is $130+- Rise of the Herald by Yuroboros - B A R R E N - by Yuroboros Winter Sonata by Yuroboros

Multiple Characters with background and color have an added $10 per character- Team Aqua Colored version by Yuroboros

Dragon Age Tarot style cards like this one are going to be a special buys since those take me the longest to make.

If you have any questions please talk to me, and I am also willing to haggle to keep within your budget so please don't hesitate to ask me!
I'm just copying and pasting with some rearranging what's on the site on their page to here so please if you are wanting to buy PLEASE answer under this journal!!  (especially if you don't have a FA account)

Here is the YCH…
My friend Cynical-Sergal is going to spend time with me in Cali and needs some extra cash to come here, so every little bit helps!

We have a few YCH coming in this week all Collabs!

Sketch & Lines  Cynical-Sergal

Coloring & Shading Blinded07

My job will be coloring and shading, while they will be sketching and lining! c: And he does some pretty awesome stuff!

Rules for this YCH Collab:
-Female Only (We can make male characters female for this!)
-Payment via Paypal within 24 hours -payment is split between the two artists!!!!
-Comment or note to claim
-Must have valid / detailed reference
-18+ age ONLY
-You choose corset, panty and latex glove color (will have shiny effect cause latex ;) )
-Can be Canine / Feline / Hybrid of sorts.
-Wings are +10$ - small/chibi ONLY
Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA for the passed few months. A lot has happened to me and you all deserve an answer. Back in the end of February and beginning of March my boyfriend of 3 years and I had broken up and it kinda took a toll on my well being. I couldn't really be on social media for awhile, besides Tumblr and Facebook a bit. I even took the time to completely leave my home and now I reside in my hometown of San Diego, CA. I'm feeling better, but it also was bittersweet to leave all my friends back in KS. Anyways, another reason why I moved out here is because I have a potential job with DC Entertainment. I'm meeting with the Senior Art Director of DC Entertainment soon in Burbank. And even if nothing comes of this, I'm sure there will be open doors that will lead me to what I want to do. But I just waned to update you guys on what has been happening. I'm coming back on here, but I'm gonna delete all my messages again because there are over 13,000 messages including deviations. So if you answered me in a reply I'll read it, but there are like 600+ messages. ;A; I'll reply to anything on this journal though!! Thank you guys for the support though. I really appreciate it ; w ;

I'm going to put everything back on my profile page today as well. I love you guys so much, I really do. Keeping up with my friends/fans is one of the things I love doing and from your care and support I just want to let you know that I really do appreciate it. You're what keeps me going and driving me to be better! <3 So thank you!!

Also I am working on YCH with my very good friend on FA who is coming to visit me! If you are interested please take a gander…

I also have a whole new set of commission prices, you can look at them here for the time being.…
Who/what is your inspiration/s?? If it's another dA user that I don't already watch I will go watch them! Or even just show me pictures of what inspires you. Anything! I wanna know!

Also big update on what has been happening. First off I'll start with bad news. One of my friends tried committing suicide so I was kind of in a funk and didn't really draw much...just and there. Just put on a happy face on the internet as much as I could. He's ok now...from what he tells me, but is still in recovery mode. I won't go into super details. Another thing is I'm really struggling with the money area. GameStop is great and everything, but it really isn't paying the bills, so I have to find another job on top of it. So that might put a damper on me drawing a lot cause I'll have 2 jobs and won't be able to produce as much art as I would like. My boyfriend lives in Florida now so it's just been kinda rough for our relationship these past 7 months. I visited him during Christmas and New year break, but money wise I still am trying to get to him. On the other hand, my good news is that the Senior Art Director for DC Entertainment has been emailing me back and forth, and I have a potential future with WB sooooooo it's honestly been a roller coaster of feelings. I don't have a job there yet, but I am certainly going to try my best and put one foot forward, but until then, it's just a waiting game.

If you want I'm livestreaming now so if you would like come join! c:…
So you should totally check these artists out! WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE??? GO WATCH THEM!!

:iconlkuro: Fallen-elf-Concept by lKURO W.i.p by lKURO
He also has a Patreon! help support him!

:iconcakeskin: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by cakeskin MMP : Charles Sharpe by cakeskin

:iconsynderen: fp_10 by synderen Rage vs. Wind by synderen

:iconteacosies: restaurant lemongrab by teacosies

Mature Content

lemongrab eats lemongrab by teacosies

:iconnamonn: Sketch Dump 24 by Namonn  Sketch dump 22 by Namonn

:iconne-sy: Romance tarot card by Ne-sy Red by Ne-sy

:icongembone: The Vodyanoy by Gembone Jared by Gembone
Hey everyone!

I'm streaming herrreeee…

Rando featured artists include:

:iconchasestone:- Emperor advanced by chasestone The King Who Knelt by chasestone Like holy're fucking cool.

:icontiffanyturrill:<da:thumb id="464784639"/><da:thumb id="489127231"/> like...ICANTEVEN

:iconheyspace: Xena / Gabriel by HeySpace Winter by HeySpace Like...HOLY FUCK MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

:iconrobotguts: <da:thumb id="468914392"/> LIKE WTF WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??

:iconapeirondiesirae: Eclipse by ApeironDiesirae Conscious by ApeironDiesirae Like..woah you cray with dem skeelz GIMME THEM

:iconthylacoleocarnifex: Relic of The Past by ThylacoleoCarnifex Guerrier by ThylacoleoCarnifex Like..HOLY SHITZ DAWG GIMME DAT BLACK AND WHITE

:iconheadbangerdragon: Me and My W0rm [COMPLETE} by headbangerdragon Ammut by headbangerdragon LIKE....GOOD LAWD 8LBS 6 OZ BABY JESUS H CHRST


:iconyutaan: You Can't Remember Your Name? by Yutaan Love and Justice! by Yutaan LIKE...SHES CUTTIN' PAYPUUUURR..LOOKAT AT HER NOW WHUT FRESHER THAN A MUTHFUKAAA

:iconhazumonster: DSF 64 by hazumonster GCMS 01 by hazumonster Like...whut...JIMMY CRACK CORN AND I DON'T FUCKIN' CARE.

:iconrattledmachine: WC: Joint Ref by RattledMachine Ivan by RattledMachine like....BRO...BROHIEM. BROOOOOOOOOOOO :iconrickjamesbitchplz:

:iconandrew-ross-maclean: HEAD LOPPER 2 Cover by Andrew-Ross-MacLean 20 years of Hellboy by Andrew-Ross-MacLean LIKE WHY?!?!? BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :iconbrohugplz: :iconcryforeverplz:

:iconcitrusfoam: King of the River by CitrusFoam<da:thumb id="453159033"/> LIKE....COLORSSSS AND WHERE CAN I HUG YOU WITHOUT BEING CREEPY???

xDDD Well you should really consider watching these fools. CAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING.

I decided to feature some artists today and I think they deserve more watchers because they are just incredibly talented!


-:iconzebraffes: frowny anime husbands by zebraffes -:iconspockirkcoy: Let The Wind Carry Us by Spockirkcoy
-:iconaivomata: Unrest by Aivomata -:iconshobey1kanoby:      
-:icongido: Dweller in Darkness by Gido -:iconkel-del: For the Dancing and Dreaming by Kel-Del         
-:iconarukanoda: -:iconpianorei: A Crow's Escape by pianorei       
-:iconaliwyrm: Iz N Revu Cheebs by aliwyrm-:iconpuddlefisherstudio:       -:iconcorycatte: Zweilous by corycatte