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Yu-Gi-Oh! Ragnarok character :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 1 0
Lady Adzo Karsh by YurixTheWanderer Lady Adzo Karsh :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 22 7 First book's cover by YurixTheWanderer First book's cover :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 5 3 Kaina at Frostreach by YurixTheWanderer Kaina at Frostreach :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 14 4 Laurinya by YurixTheWanderer Laurinya :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 19 4 Karyana's red dress by YurixTheWanderer Karyana's red dress :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 14 2 Karyana via Wedding-Dress-by-AzaleasDolls by YurixTheWanderer Karyana via Wedding-Dress-by-AzaleasDolls :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 25 3 Sending all my love to you by YurixTheWanderer Sending all my love to you :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 13 1 Leara of Myst, via Azalea's Dolls by YurixTheWanderer Leara of Myst, via Azalea's Dolls :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 14 4 Karyana before the Masquerade by YurixTheWanderer Karyana before the Masquerade :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 18 2 Laurinya outside Myst by YurixTheWanderer Laurinya outside Myst :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 15 7 Merka, using Elven-Portrait-by-AzaleasDolls by YurixTheWanderer
Mature content
Merka, using Elven-Portrait-by-AzaleasDolls :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 13 4
Karyana, via Viking-Woman-by-AzaleasDolls by YurixTheWanderer
Mature content
Karyana, via Viking-Woman-by-AzaleasDolls :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 14 1
Lady Josephine, using MissangestEmpressCreator by YurixTheWanderer Lady Josephine, using MissangestEmpressCreator :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 12 4 Dragon Xera, via MissangestDragonCreator by YurixTheWanderer Dragon Xera, via MissangestDragonCreator :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 14 1 Rhea, via Missangest-Cursed-Fairy by YurixTheWanderer Rhea, via Missangest-Cursed-Fairy :iconyurixthewanderer:YurixTheWanderer 11 0





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Yu-Gi-Oh! Ragnarok
Player character

Name: Thomas Church
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Appearance: 5’10”, crew-cut black hair, hazel eyes, semi-muscular build, has a “resting soldier face”. Wears a black jacket over a faded army camo shirt, steel-capped boots, faded black jeans and a light brown belt. Wears a wreath-shaped pendant with a copper wire making a five-point star in it. Keeps a shaven face, and has dark circles under his eyes.

History: Thomas was left at a parish at his birth and left to the care of the people there. When he came of age to fight, he was told that his parents fought against the Singularity, but that no one knew if they had survived or not. After joining the fight for a year while looking for signs of his family, the nuclear winter arrived, forcing him underground with the other survivors. Having spent so many years with no trace of the people of the parish nor his family, he gave up on chances of finding out anything. The only thing that gives him a shard of hope is a Link Monster that he received during his service – “White Noise Magician”.

Active Transformations: (None)

Level: 1
Life Points: 4000
Main Deck: 40
Extra Deck: 5
Speed: 4
Monster Zones: 5
Spell/Trap Zones: 5
Max Hand Size: 5
Invested Character Points: 15
Unused Character Points: 0
Yu-Gi-Oh! Ragnarok character
I had a little time for myself today, so I decided to get a character sheet done for the Discord RP I joined a while back. (We are still looking for players)

The setting takes place in a post-apocalyptic world... Maybe I should just let you read the game's intro:

There exists great uncertainty as to how the Old World fell. What does not help is that what little is known comes from oral tales that naturally become corrupted over time due to an incomplete passing on of information, linguistic drift, faulty memories, and exaggeration. Yet across all of these telling, some aspects prove to be universal within the stories. Most significant among these is the root cause of the apocalypse being the result of a renegade AI singularity, and that the early days of combat were largely fruitless as the robots managed to outclass their human counterpart.

Eventually, things managed to turn around through either a gift of the gods or the invention and rapid production of a set of many thousands of necklaces that formed a shield and were charged with Duel Energy output by the duel monsters card game. Combined with duel disks modified to create hard light versions of the monsters, and the tide began to turn, with the necklaces traded as currency as they could protect the non-duelists. Yet, there was a flaw in the necklaces, in that they both required the loss of life points to charge, and could be temporarily overloaded upon duel loss. And so, the singularity sent out machines armed with their own duel monsters who would overload then quickly snipe the opposing duelists.

However, the machine would soon meet its downfall as a small band came across its central core and managed to shut it down. Yet this was not without cost, and most stories assume that they had perished, especially once the failsafe of the machine caused the world to be blanketed in true nuclear winter. Humanity is not the easiest to take down, though, and the population moved underground temporarily, using the now decades old subway tunnels to form small civilizations underground.

The winter is coming to a close, and ventures out onto the surface are now able to be done for some time. However, danger is afoot within the surface buildings of the Old World. Especially within the city once called Silicon City. Yet these details are minor for you, as you arrive aboard one of the handcar trains to one of the subway station settlements, Link Olin City...

The duel system is normally based on the "Speed Duels" used in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, but you are given Attribute Points to level up your character and increase their stats.

A few points to explain:
- "Active Transformations": Given that the role-play is process-based, there will be transformations to your character. This merely lists what happened to him/her.
- "Speed": Determines who starts the duel.

I went for a "soldier" character because this isn't something I do much, and by making him someone who survived the "nuclear winter", he knows what the world used to be like, but not what it was like before the war began.
The Holidays are here! What did you ask for (insert holiday)?
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Lady Adzo Karsh
I noticed that Missangest had a new doll program - Mermaid - so I thought I'd give it a try... and at least get one of my (possible) characters for Alex's story out.

Lady Karsh is the queen of an underwater kingdom, and is known to have quite the competitive streak. Her actual name is Zaya, but according to rumors, she challenged the now-king, Lord Adzo, to a duel. The wager was simple: if she won, they would switch names. If the king won, they would marry. At that time, the two were children, and she easily defeated him. However, the then-prince kept a promise: that they would marry, and that some day, he would face her again and reclaim his name.

While the former part of the deal did happen, the latter has not yet, for the queen is a well-known battle maiden who spars on a daily basis with the troops to keep them well-trained.

Given that the Outcriers have yet to find ways to reach the underwater kingdom, she has no quarrel with them.
Right foot is a mess. Not sure if it's because of work or exercise. Thought I'd only have 17 hours of work this week, but it's turned into 42.
First book's cover
It's almost Christmas, and since people are into 'Gift Mode', I thought I'd put my first tome back in the limelight for a bit. If anyone wants to help me make Karyana's story a success, you can help me out by purchasing a copy of the book on Amazon:…

*sigh* I'm also doing this for a couple of personal reasons:

1- I was thinking of having a T-Shirt done using the best pictures on DeviantArt related to my series, and I'm trying hard to find something that works and won't look... like patchwork.

2- The book was first published on January of this year, but due to time and money constraints (among other things), sales have not been good.

3- I once asked a couple of friends to tell me his opinion on the book cover, and I was told that it was "too generic" and the blurb said both "too little and too much". What do you think?

4- I was asked by someone if I had put it on Audible (meaning having it voiced and recorded). I had part of it done by people here, but I don't know if audio files can be uploaded here. Can they? If not, what should I do with it?

Maybe it's still the "Fall Blues", but I have trouble getting into the spirit of things...
I was at work, walking off a nagging pain in my left foot while thinking of my recent pictures when I had a flash. It's likely gonna be crazy, so take your time in reading this before commenting (and please do).

The flash I had revolved around something I started with Laurinya, Karyana, and Kaina respectively being the Id, Ego, and Superego. In other words, the three psychological "sides" of the same person. However, I also ended up having a couple of 'splits' during the story. 

Here's how I break it down:
- Karyana: the Ego.
- Kaina: the protective Superego.
- Laurinya: the unrestrained Id.
- Melody: The darkness to Karyana's light (Yin & Yang)
- Panyus: The Crone
- Naksha/Ruby: The Child (the Child, the Maiden, and the Crone: the three divisions of womanhood)

However, when I started thinking of Yin & Yang, I had a flash of this picture:

Mature Content

Light, darkness and genesis by YurixTheWanderer
Though the picture was inspired by the 'Dark Seraphim' form of Yuri in 'Shadow Hearts', there is also another name to it: the 'Divine Essence'.

This got me thinking about another split: The Creator, the Protector, and the Destroyer. Currently, story-wise, the Creator was said to be Progeny, while the Destroyer is Xelnos. The Protector in this? That's where the line became blurry. At first, it was Reveen, but every Chosen could also be a Protector. That's when I thought of another idea I had: Karyana meeting the past Reveen during his "exile"... in the Final Plains.

That's where things started to shift. One of the ideas I also had was of Melody stealing the powers of the Planars as part of Volkram's grand scheme. This got me to remember that at the end of "The Waiting Ones", Xelnos surrendered his title of 'Planar of Destruction', making Volkram the new Dark Planar... which brought the question: since only a Chosen can kill a Planar, who would be Volkram's 'Chosen'? The answer: Melothios. This would be a case of "Who's using whom?" as Melothios created the Pison duplicate and controlled the fallen body of Xelnos in 'Trials by Fate', when Melothios stormed Citadel.

I dropped out of that train of thought for a moment, remembering how the picture I had drawn shown the 'Divine Essence' pregnant. That got me thinking of Melody's death after giving birth to Alex... but it also got me thinking of an ending I had in mind, where Karyana used the collected powers of the Planars to recreate the world... but her last words at that moment were these: 'Reveen... it's my turn to dream.'

This also led to the reveal I had in mind where it was actually Reveen who created Medierth... and that part of him was still alive in the Final Plains. How? When he shared life-force with Demyan in 'Trials by Fate'.
Returning to the idea of The Creator, the Protector and the Destroyer, we end up with a switcheroo at the end: Reveen (the name coming from 'en rêve' meaning 'in dreams' in French) dreamed up Medierth as a way to protect his family from Volkram... though failed to do so, and created Karyana to become Medierth's 'Protector'. In the end, Karyana becomes the new Creator, and Demyan the new Protector.

This actually linked almost perfectly with the idea that Alex's story will take place in a different world, and makes the 'Sad End' ( COMMISSION - Karyana Sad Ending by DarkShadowArtworks) not such a 'sad end'. In fact, it would actually become canon.

This also brings up a few things of interest: what if Melody did not die from complications at birth, but from an attempted suicide because she did not want the child to be born (which would link to the legend of the Unwanted Child)? Another idea I had: Xelnos being Volkram's illegitimate son. What if that wasn't the case at all? What if Alex was actually Melody and Reveen's legitimate son... and that everything was a psychological defense?

Let me explain. Melody and Karyana's backstories are a near-match, except that most of Melody's experiences were reversed in positive/negative aspects (ie: terrible parents instead of great ones). What if Karyana (and her 'sister selves') was simply a defense mechanism (like a split personality) to keep Melody from self-destructing?

This brought a short role-play I had with XsargentwardX to mind, where Lupa showed Karyana what the old world (ours) looked like, and what kind of person Melody truly was. This also made me remember of two possible ideas I had:

a) Karyana taking over Melody's past self, thus triggering a 'Bootstraps Paradox';
b) Karyana appearing as Panyus in the early moments of Medierth's birth - before Melody gives birth - where she leaves a Soulstone with a note to use it should Melody have 'birth complications'.

Either way, either scenario would have Karyana making Melody understand that she was duped by Volkram from the start and that she had no reason to reject everything; a moment of catharsis to free Melothios from her strife.

I know that was a heck of a lot to read, but... Do you think that this makes enough sense to pull off? Do you think that this flash-brainstorm could become the canon plot to Karyana's "conclusion"?


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The Holidays are here! What did you ask for (insert holiday)? 

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here it is

Mature Content

it's label mature because of mentioning sigmund frued who most would deem a mad man and a psycho in psychology for his infamous  oedipus complex but reknowned  id,ego,super ego theory.

i think i typed it right and for any typos you might see or mispellings they're on purpose as monday is the pov that it's written from.

enjoy please!
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