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Risa x Miya0003

Sorry for late update, as you can see from now on the side art will be full colored.
Which is good news,..... bad news is they will come out much more slower, sorry about that.
I will try increasing my speed so please keep in touch.

Doujinshi of Sonohanabira Kuchizuke Wo Series  "Table Turner" Risa x Miya (Fuguriya and YurinYurin)
There will be no speech inside the panel at all, so anyone should be able to understand.

Please see the rest of Risa x Miya Table Turner here…
Here are the previous Couples

Mai x Reo Table Turner…
Sara x Kaede Table Turner…
Yuna x Nanami Table Turner…
Rena x Takako x Runa Table Turner……
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lol I read the title so quick I thought it said suicide I was like "im up for that"
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Wow, she's fast XD
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Table turners yay! :D
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guess that backed fired...AWESOME COLORING !!!!!
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Oh man, you color so well!

How could I learn to color in that style?
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I've never watched any of the novels of these two, but I'm starting to wish I had :).
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