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Aoba x Hifumin Halloween by Yuriwhale
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Dragon Elixir by Yuriwhale
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Princess Teresa x Bowsette by Yuriwhale
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Secret Club by Yuriwhale
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Katsuragi x Ikaruga by Yuriwhale
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Lonely Bunny by Yuriwhale
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Nishizumi Style by Yuriwhale
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A screw or 2 loose by Yuriwhale
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WRW by Yuriwhale
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Valentine 2018 Fate by Yuriwhale
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Oui x Mash x Abigail by Yuriwhale
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Oui x Mash x Abigail :iconyuriwhale:Yuriwhale 169 14
Akko Diana01 by Yuriwhale
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Akko Diana01 :iconyuriwhale:Yuriwhale 216 6
Akko Diana02 by Yuriwhale
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DjeetaBlue MilkyFarm by Yuriwhale
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Altair Setsuna02 by Yuriwhale Altair Setsuna02 :iconyuriwhale:Yuriwhale 86 1 Altair x Setsuna Re:Creators Halloween 2017 by Yuriwhale Altair x Setsuna Re:Creators Halloween 2017 :iconyuriwhale:Yuriwhale 110 6


Aoba x Hifumin Halloween
The latest Poll winners for 18+ Yuri short doujinshi Halloween theme, Aoba and Hifumi from New Game!
Please check my patreon
Secret Club
Rachnera x Papi from Monster musume no iru nichijou, the polls winner from my Patreon.
Support me and lets decide who should I draw next!
Katsuragi x Ikaruga
The July's 18+ Yuri short doujin poll result winner
Katsuragi x Ikaruga!! So many support characters this time!

If you want to participate in voting please check my patreon and take part in the poll to decide what series doujin should I draw next!
Table Turner : Sonohanabira's Doujinshi(Book) has opened for ordering and shipping.
Table Turner Doujinshi for Sale by Yuriwhale

Detail : Doujinshi of Sonohanabira ni kuchizuke wo series by Fuguriya Circle and Yurinyurin.
The book is B5 size with front and back color cover, 78 pages of black and white contents. This is 15+ Doujinshi

The contents are speechless 4 panels manga of 7 Couples from Table turner inside my galleries which are Yuna x Nanami - Sara x Kaede - Mai x Reo - Rena x Takako x Runa - Shizuku x Erisu - Risa x Miya - Rikka x Sayuki. The special thing about this book is there are "Secret Ending" for each couples exclusively in this physical book. Yes, they are the ending which continue from the last page in my galleries, here are the samples

Yuna x Nanami Secret Ending Sample
YunaxNanami0010TrueEndSample by Yuriwhale

Shizuku x Erisu Secret Ending Sample
Shizuku x ErisuTrueendsample by Yuriwhale

This is self publish work, so the qualities might not be top notch please forgive me.
Please follow this step to order this Doujinshi.

1. Message me the number of book you want together with your name and address for shipping. You can message me by Deviantart message or my E-mail

2. I will confirm you the total cost (Book + Envelope + Shipping cost) The book itself is 8US$ , the shipping cost outside Thailand is 7US$ for 1 book and 11US$ for 2 books (Registered air mail)

3. After I confirm the total cost, I would like to have you pay by Paypal which is (yes, same as my E-mail)

4. After receiving the money, I will ship the book within 2 days and I will give you tracking number for checking.


Yuriwhale has started a donation pool!
3,800 / 5,000
To keep my account premium, so Table Turners can be browsed much easier in Gallery folder widget on the left.

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Kyle-Jersey-rage Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
hi. do you still do yuri request?
newill38 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018
You know That sex position where one person holds others persons arms back while they push forward

How does that work with females I see you draw it a lot.
Fury4Justice Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018
Yuriwhale, sorry if this might come across as nagging, but did my note reach you? I just want to rule out the possibility that it was eaten by a system glitch before it could even reach your inbox.
thewriter197 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018

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RaysRays Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018
hoi, have you ever drawn a monster girl doujinsji? When I saw your art, I thought you were the person who made one that I read a few months ago, but I can't remember the name. Maybe I missed it in your gallery or something, I just remember it was about a spider girl and a demon hunter creating a harem. Does that sound familiar? ^^;
Yuriwhale Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi RaysRays,

Sorry for the very late reply, yes, it is Dark Widow here is the latest 6th chapter in webtoon…

I am currently working on 7th and will be posted there later.

RaysRays Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018
No worries, thanks so much for the info :D I'm glad to hear you're still working on it! Best wishes ♥
machachan Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hello, dear Yuriwhale. :)

Still following your art, and patreon, but I got a question! Since your donation pool still states "And yes I am open for request or commission in trade for point and paypal, just ask me anytime.", I wonder if you are, indeed, still open for commissions?

I really liked the last commission I asked you to draw for me, after all, and would certainly love to throw some of that paypal stuff at you for another Chimeko piece, if you're still open.

If not, that's fine too, of course. Just asking!
totesironic Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017
Rated awesome!
No futa, rated BEST EVAH!
ffnovice7 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
got ahold of your First Gate doujin and gotta say I never knew anyone with talent would actually draw out SabeRin, and I'm so glad you did.

The use of expressions and actions in lieu of dialogue was really creative and appreciated as well. I was completely unsure if you were Japanese or not.

I know it's been done already, but if you could revisit more SabeRin interactions in your future work, I would so much appreciate it. Thank you!
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