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Yuritaliaxreader is a group for girls that like Yuri. I have always noticed how there is never any Yuri, and it makes me sad. many girls are either Bisexual, or straight. I'm bisexual. This group only allows female countries x reader. Here we hope we can give you as much satisfaction as we can.

:groups: :police: Rules :police: :groups:

:bulletred: ONLY yuri inserts
:bulletblue: If i find any hateful comments about being bisexual or how yuri is disgusting when you are a member, you will be removed from the group.

:bulletpurple: No Boy x girl inserts, this is a YURI group. I expect to see yuri, and only yuri. If i find that you have submitted something that is not yuri you will be removed from the group.

:bulletgreen: Please, no spamming or rude comments.

:bulletblue: Please have fun!

Rules for co-founders

(if you are not a co-founder, then you don't have to read this)

:bulletblack: We expect ALOT from YOU, and we hope you can do great things.

:bulletpink: When the founder (misscheeseycake) gives you an order please do it.

:bulletyellow: You are in charge to stop people from breaking the rules or posting rude comments.

:bulletorange: As founder, you will be given some tasks, these tasks may include the following:

1. Keeping the group organized.
2. Making sure no rules are broken
3. Judging contests
4. Giving opinions on yuri stories
5. Helping out others in the group
6. Making sure there are no fights

Again, if you are a co-founder or want to be one, then you HAVE to follow these rules. We expect alot from you.

:emailsend: Rules for submission :emailsend:

:bulletblack: Submission are AUTOMATICALLY approved, since we do not have enough members to vote.

:bulletpink: Again, this is a YURI GROUP, any male country x reader inserts and you will be removed from the group. Please take note that this group, and the founder, are very lenient about that rule.

:bulletorange: If you just so happen to accidentally submit a male country x reader, please come to the main page and report it, we will gladly remove it.

:bulletgreen: If you PURPOSELY submit a male country x reader you will be removed from the group until you have learned your lesson, if you do it again you are no longer allowed.

:earth: Global group :earth:

This is a global group! Meaning it doesn't matter what country your from. But, if there are any rude comments about someone race or nationality that person who posted the rude comment will be banned from the group

~Guys can join too~
Yes! Guys can join too! Just remember that if you are a guy you must submit yuri only, same goes for everyone else.

:helpdesk: Need help? :helpdesk:
If you need help, or if you have a problem just tell us by leaving a comment at the group homepage!

:lemon: ~Lemons~ :lemon:
Lemons are allowed in this group, however, Please make sure to put a mature content warning on the lemon so people can get the idea of what they are about to read.

:email: Invitations :email:

You can invite your friends if you want, (i think you have to be an admin to do so though..) make sure they read the rules as well so they don't get into trouble with the founder.

:spammer: Spamming :spammer:

Absolutely NO SPAMMING! It's not allowed here, and it shouldn't be allowed anywhere else, either. If someone spams you with something please report that to our main page, and we will take care of it.

:gallery: Our gallery :gallery:

Our gallery consists of all the Female hetalia characters there are, including the nyotalia. You can write any story you want, just please make sure to put it in the right folder.

:note: Notes :note:

You can send us notes if there is something you need that you want to keep private. If someone stole your story then you can note us that as well and we can take care of it.

:megaphone: Contests :megaphone:

Any member can host a contest as long as the tell either the founder, co-founder, or contributor (who has to asks the founder or the co-founder)

:spotlight-left: Active members :spotlight-right:

Active members will get a praise from the founder if they make it to the top, and if they do the founder will put them in one of her stories.

we will post more rules when we think of some

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I'll Be Home For Christmas - Fem!Germany x Reader :icondeidara-brat:Deidara-Brat 56 9
MonacoxReader: Poker Face
(A/N: No... Lady Gaga did not give me inpiration... =w=b)
Poker chips, Slot machines and Cards...
Everything you sucked at...
You loved casinos, they were always so big and lively!
But the amount of luck you had was limited, and that luck didn't apply to casinos...
You groaned in anger as you failed yet again at the slots.
"Just give up, ______! You just not made for places like this!" Your friend Monaco laughed.
"Oh, shut it..." You gently banged your head against the machine.
Monaco was always so lucky. She could win anything!
That was... Except one thing: Poker.
You had the better poker face out of the two, but without her luck, you never won.
She always wanted you to teach her how get a good poker face.
In return you wanted her to teach you how to be lucky.
She would always laugh and told you it was a trait, you couldn't just learn it.
Of course, you'd say the same thing to her.
But of course, today was different...
You felt lucky... Well, only when it came
:iconcapricorn659:Capricorn659 24 4
Ukraine x Reader. Busty.
     You averted your eyes once again, blushing profusely and hoping Ukraine didn't notice. "It's quite cold out today, hm?" You said to just disract her from looking at the amount of blood flowing to your cheeks.
     Ukraine nodded, her chest jiggling with every nod. How did she do that, you wondered. "Yes, but it's always seems cold to me."
     You hummed in reply, a question digging at the back of your mind. It was like a puppy that wanted outside, it just kept scratching at the door, waiting to be let out into the world.
      Ukraine glanced at you, "Is something wrong, (Name)? Your face is all red."
      You shook your head, squeazing your eyes shut, "M-maybe I just have a fever."
       "Maybe..." she put a hand to your cheek, you did feel quite warm, "oh no, you're burning up."
:iconskitsophraniac:Skitsophraniac 122 32
Fem!Hungary X Reader
You were walking down the halls of the school. You hugged your books to your chest. You were the typical shy and nerd and none really noticed you. If someone talked to you it was because you were really smart and to do their homework. You didn't minded the fact that you were most likely ignored. Your only friends were Canada, Japan. You belonged to the quiet ones, you talked just when you were asked. You wish you would be more loud in nature, but it was just simple not you. You saw that the infamous 'Bad Touch Trio' were walking the opposite way of you. You looked down, not wanting to make eye contact. Then they stopped in front of you, blocking your way.
"Well, well...What do we have here?~" Prussia, the so called leader of the Trio said. You didn't understand why most of the girls drooled over them like they were Gods or something like that. They were disgusting perverts who use to think with the penis instead of the brain.
"Ohonhonhon~..Looks like we got a little plaything here, non
:iconraphaelatheturtel:RaphaelaTheTurtel 135 51
Yep you heard me! If there is anybody who loves the rpg game OFF needs to join my newest group OFFxreader

We are now accepting members!

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A new thing should be that groups can restrict readings of things to only club members.
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