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can anyone teach me how to sew this cute dress????!!! I really want to make one and this will be my first time. I don't have the experience in sewing clothes but I want to try and start sewing my own dress or cosplay clothes. Sorry if my grammar is wrong so is english. Thank You in advance if someone will  help me out :hug:
I want to learn how to make my own dress 

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I've looked at the comments and they all appear very helpful, so rather than overload you with information I'll just say: 
before you sew the actual dress, practice on some extra fabric. Practice the stitches you will use and just get a feel for how the parts come together.
Also, measure twice and cut once!
Much luck to you with your cosplaying.
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This video teach you how to make patterns…

This video teach you how to saw dress up kind off…

This video teach you how to saw a zip ( you will be need one on that dress on it side) I know it show it at the back, but it the same doing it at the side…

This video teach you how to do gathers.…

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oh thank you thank you! :* :hug: 
I'm nervous though in making a dress like this, but I really want this :(
and Thank You so much for helping me ^^ 
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I know the feeling being nervous, when you start and the time goes by, you start to feel good about your self because you are doing it.
Going to make it, take your time ok ^^ do not rush any garment making.
If you need more help come to me, I will try my best to help you.
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you wish to learn how to make a dress, that dress for a first timer is a little much for someone never made their own dress before, you much like a challenge, I say welldone taking something like this up. I say good luck with the dress.

I will say the dress will take up 6 meters of fabric and the coat will take 2 meters of fabric. How I know this I did fashion for my BA (hons)
my 1st dress was 50's style, but it was not my 1st garment I made, link to the dress…
I can help you but I only find patterns for you and website you can get free patterns from can you can download and find Tutorials how to saw a garment up.
here is a website gives free patterns can print off
here a dress pattern more to this style of dress:…
but you may have to change some the dress pattern has no seam in it. to do this what the pattern in pieces stick them together it a hole dress and it will not have any seams in the middle of the dress. that what I do. I will try to find Tutorials for you on how to saw a dress up. that all I can give. I would love to do a Tutorials for you but my university work kind getting out of hand for me >< 
the first Tutorials  you will be needing it pattern making and then a Tutorials  on how to saw. I see what I can find.
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