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PKMNation :: KomachiXVerde and NecroXFlare clutch

Woah 2 clutches together this time. Top one was with mylittlebirdie and 2nd was with BlueWolf114
These are my halves of both clutches. :3

For people in PKMNation only!!

All are at Level 5!
[Full Body+Complex Shading+Simple BG]

Clutch Size - 8
Males - 4
Females - 4
Species Numbers - 4 Totodile, 4 Bulbasaur
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 5
Crossbreeds - 0
Base Attack - 16

Mother: Onozuka Komachi
Father: Verde

1. Bulbasaur Male
His eyes are pinkish, kind of a mix of his parents' eye colours. Star-shaped spot on his forehead.
50:points: or 5 levels.
[TAKEN] by gaper4

2. Bulbasaur Female
Grass/Water fusion. Pinky eyes like her brother and what looks like a lotus flower on her back.
[TAKEN] by KeIdeo

3. Totodile Female
Altered eye-spot pattern, and her spikes seem to point slightly upwards.
50:points: or 5 levels.
[TAKEN] for hunter7104289

4. Totodile Male
Water/Poison fusion. He's spikey, spotted and venomous! Tbh I really like this guy.. but I don't have much use for him. It'll be hard to let him go. ;v;
[TAKEN] by ShaoXbaby


Clutch Size - 4
Males - 2
Females - 2
Species Numbers - 2 crossbreeds , 2 Zorua
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 1
Fusions - 0
Crossbreeds - 2 from stone
Base Attack - 12

Mother: Flare
Father: Necro Fantasy

5. Vulpix/Zorua Female
TAKEN by me!
Name: Yakumo Ran

6. Zorua Male
His tuft of hair is kind of curly, and he has brown-ish golden eyes like his mother.
50:points: or 5 levels.
[TAKEN] by KitsuneFlame78

art (c) me
Pokemon (c) nintendo/gamefreak
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Yeah I imagine these guys went really fast! Especially that Vulpix, I'm not even in PKMNation and I want one so bad! You designed it amazingly, just wow!