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PKMNation :: Double Clutch



Clutches with Opalwhisker~!

I would've waited to put this in a clutch dump but .. idk It felt like it'd be too long and I want it up and dealt with so today it is!
This is actually two seperate clutches.
The first three are part of the same one, the Eevee is on 'his' own.
That clutch was all males... whatever, I'm just changing his gender right away anyway. <W<
All start at level 4 [Full body+Simple Shading+Simple BG]
1st Clutch
Mother: Kirisame Marisa
Father: Jericho Falls
Clutch Size - 5
Males - 2
Females - 3 
Species Numbers - 3 Crossbreeds, 2 Fennekin
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0 
Fusions - 0
Crossbreeds - 2 (New), 1 (From Parent) 
Base Attack - 20

1) Fennekin/Pichu Female
[TAKEN] by me.
Name: Elly

2) Fennekin Female
Normal Fennekin, slightly paler red, little cheek markings.
50:points: or 5 levels.
[TAKEN] by CoolPikachu29

3) Fennekin Female
Normal Fennekin, white ear-tips and little cheek markings.
50:points: or 5 levels.
[TAKEN] by Gusteon

Clutch 2
Mother: Ibaraki Kasen
Father: Poppy Jasper

Clutch Size - 3
Males - 3
Females - 0 
Species Numbers - 1 Houndour, 1 Zorua, 1 Eevee
Shiny - 0 
Morphs - 0 
Fusions - 2
Crossbreeds - 0 
Base Attack - 23

4) Eevee Male
Fairy-type Fusion Eevee
[TAKEN] by me.
Name: Cirno

Sorry it's basically only the two Fennekins here. xD
Soon as you see my 'vee's name.. I guess it's pretty obvious to tell where it's going haha.
art (c) me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo/Gamefreak
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SO CUTE!  *hugs them all softly*