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PKMNation :: Clutch dump

EDIT: I had another clutch from earlier in the week and I only got one Pokemon out of it so I added it here.. sorry if there's any inconvenience with doing this. xD

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to add the parents! Fixed now!

Okay so since the group will be closed for everything next week, I wanted to get a few more breedings in before that, however.. I'd like everything to be in a home by Friday.
I mean, I have a feeling not everything will be but I'd prefer no outstanding payments for Pokemon across the off-week. <W>
With that said; Anyone paying in levels, please have your payment done by Friday. Thank you!!
Now for the babies!
These are only open to people in :iconpkmnation: !!
All start at level 5! [Full Body+Complex Shading+Simple BG]

Clutch 1- red/blue BG
w/ bdg222
Clutch Size - 6
Males - 4
Females - 2 
Species Numbers - 5 Totodile, 1 Cyndaquil
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0 
Fusions - 4
Crossbreeds - 0 
Base Attack - 40
Mother: Onozuka Komachi
Father: Byron

1 - Cyndaquil Female
Fire/Water-type fusion.
[TAKEN] by me.
Name: Kisume

2-Totodile Male-AUCTION(See below for rules)
Water/Fire-type fusion.

[TAKEN] by SillySliggoo

3-Totodile Male
Regular Totodile, rounded spikes.
100 :points: or 10 Levels(teach a move)
[TAKEN] by UberQuagsire


Clutch 2- greyish-purple BG
w/ garbagekeeper

Clutch Size - 8
Males - 3
Females - 5 
Species Numbers - 5 Crossbreeds, 1 Zorua, 1 Gastly, 1 Skitty
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0 
Fusions - 3 (New)
Crossbreeds - 5 (From Parent)
Base Attack - 11
Mother: Rumia
Father: Alternative Sleep

4-Skitty Female
Normal/Psychic and Dark fusion.
150 :points: or 15 Levels(teach a move)
[TAKEN] by TheTime-BetweenTime

5-Skitty/Woobat/Zorua Female
[TAKEN] by me
Name: Remilia Scarlet

6-Gastly/Woobat/Skitty Male
Crossbreed. kinda looks like a Digimon omg
100:points: or 10 levels(teach a move)
[TAKEN] by MidnightPanther818

7-Zorua/Skitty/Gastly Female
[TAKEN] by Heatheru


Clutch 3- Green BG
w/ Pyr0m4ncer

Clutch Size - 4
Males - 2
Females - 2
Species Numbers - 3 Fennekin, 1 Scyther
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 2 (New), 1 (From Parent)
Crossbreeds - 0
Base Attack - 6
Mother: Hakurei Reimu
Father: Grimm

8-Scyther Male

Regular Scyther, fluffy cheeks from Fennekin mother.
40:points: or 4 levels.
[TAKEN] by Shiningstarofwinter

9-Fennekin Female
Fire/Bug-type fusion
[TAKEN] by me.
Name: SunnyMilk


Clutch 4- Yellow BG
w/ AlphaPhantomhive

Clutch Size - 8
Males - 4
Females - 4 
Species Numbers - 5 Fennekin, 3 Shinx
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0 
Fusions - 4 (From Parent)
Crossbreeds - 0
Base Attack - 17
Mother: Wakasagihime
Father: High Voltage Ratio

10-Fennekin Male
Fire/Electric-type Fusion
[TAKEN] by me.
Name: Love-Coloured Master Spark

11-Fennekin Male
Normal Fennekin, red eartips
40:points: or 4 levels.
[ON HOLD] for Scorch201

12-Fennekin Female-AUCTION(see below for rules)
Fire/Water and Electric-type Fusion
SB:100 :points:
AB:700 :points:

[TAKEN] by Witchcraft-IV

13- Shinx Female
Regular Shinx
40:points: or 4 levels.
[TAKEN] by JKMeiLinh

Clutch 5 -Brown BG
w/ hunter7104289

Clutch Size - 2
Males - 1
Females - 1
Species Numbers - 1 Fennekin, 1 Buneary
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 0
Crossbreeds - 0
Base Attack - 18

14- Fennekin Male
Normal Fennekin
40:points: or 4 levels.
[ON HOLD] for Azylumin
Starting bid for both auctions is 100:points:, all bids afterwards must go up by increments of 10. Please only reply to the auction in the threads I make for each auction, otherwise your bid will be ignored. Please also reply to the newest bid made so that someone can see when they've been outbid. Auctions will last until Friday.

Hope that's cool for everyone? yoy.
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Little question, morph pokemon can still evolve right?