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Mash's birthday drink (non vore, yuri, drunk girl)
"Happy birthday Mash!" the room cheered as Mash entered the cafeteria. Mash's heart fluttered as she gazed around the room. "Sorry we didn't really get a chance to celebrate it any time sooner, there was always something crazy going on," Gudako threw her arms around Mash lovingly. ", and with you turning twenty-two, it's time I take you out for a drink tonight. But for now, you're the woman of the day, anything you want let me know. Master," Gudako cooed playfully, she could see Mash's mind explode from being called master, the purple-haired girl trembling excitedly."" Mash stuttered. She watched as her beloved master leaned in close, her orange twin tails fluttering as she moved."Anything," she whispered, her voice sending a shiver up Mash's spine. She looked her senpai up and down excitedly. With panting breath, Mash leaned in close to her master and whispered to her."Wear a maid costume." Mash rasped, Gudako only giggled at the request."All right! It seems like the birthday babe has her first decree, Medea, I'll need costume B." the mage smiled. Medea carried the mage away in a blur when the two returned just as Mash had desired, her beautiful master was wearing a seductive low-cut maid outfit. The dress barely reached Gudako's thighs, the apron had Mash's face as part of the design, the sleeves flowed loosely with every step giving a kimono look to the dress, and a window was cut into the chest to give a view of the mage's cleavage, the black making its wearer pop. The room erupted into cheers and moans at the sight. With a playful smile, Gudako pranced up to Mash, the shielder watched as her lover curtsied cutely."Is there anything else you'd like, Master?"Mash struggled to even form a coherent word at the sight of her dreams. Her heart fluttered as Gudako took her arm, escorting her through the cafeteria to a table prepared for her. On the table was more food than most people could even imagine. Five different cakes each three feet tall, platters of meats and cheeses, at least four hams as large as a car, and a cauldron of miso soup. Whole roast chickens each one far larger than any that existed naturally. Even roast dragon steaming beside a massive dragon skull loaded with deserts, the buffet of foods went on leaving her jaw dropped."So much food," Mash stuttered in awe. "Master had us pull out every stop, she had most of Chaldea hunting non-stop. Demon boars, dragons, tentacle demons, demon chickens, giant crabs. I think she even suggested using one of the demon gods for calamari, though that was too cruel." Emyia laughed, much to Mash's surprise he wasn't wearing his normal red coat and black skin-tight attire, but rather a simple white shirt with blue sleeves and jeans."You had all this made for me?" she turned to Gudako in shock."Of course I did. You deserve it. We've never given you a proper birthday in the years we've been together. There was always something that came up, but this time, this time it's all for you Mash. The most amazing person I've ever met. The things you've done are amazing and even if you don't believe it, none of us would be here without you. I know I wouldn't." Gudako threw her arms around her kohai lovingly. Mash gasped excitedly as the soft arms wrapped around her, Gudako's soft breasts squishing against her shoulders. Her senpai towered over her by an entire foot."Senpai, someone would have been there to protect you I'm sure."Gudako sighed weakly, lowering her gaze to her now confused kohai, Mash watched as her senpai brought her hand up to Mash's nose."Not! What! I! Meant!" Gudako's fingers flicked forward into Mash's nose. "I mean I wouldn't have had the will or desire to save the world. It was all to see you smile and let you see the world you dreamed of." Gudako turned to face a woman in a gold and red dress with a blue cape and short brown hair."Da Vinci! Do you think you would have been able to run Chaldea as well or create the things you did if it weren't for the inspiration of Mash here?""Are you kidding? If it weren't for her I'd probably have forgotten to eat or try and get mana, and lord helps me, I'd still be struggling with some of my early projects. I mean it took me years to do anything in life. Without Mash's encouragement and smile, there's no way I could do half the stuff I have." the renaissance inventor laughed. "And you Medea, do you think you could have ever been as extroverted as you are and able to be around Arthuria so much if it weren't for the birthday girl?" Gudako pointed at a woman in a purple jacket and black dress with a long purple ponytail and pointed ears."No way in hades. Your girlfriend there practically dragged me to meet everyone as soon as I summoned and made sure to try and introduce me to everyone. Thanks to her, Saber is only slightly uncomfortable around me now." the witch of Greece smiled."Serenity!" Gudako spun the two around to find a girl only an inch taller than Mash with similar hair, dark skin, a skull mask on her head but a deceptively innocent face. "How many people here can touch you without getting sick or dying?""Not many," the assassin replied quietly, "but Mash can and even though it makes her sick when she does, she's always very kind to me. She pats my head when I do well, I know my poisons still make her sick, but she always treats me like I'm a normal person. Just like you do Master.""See. those are just a few. Not to even touch on how much your father tries to be a better person because of you. Or how much Romani was inspired to move heaven and earth for you. So have fun today, Mash. This is all for you. No chaotic events this time, no time loop bullcrap, no planet of the pigs, no looming threat to save the world from. Just your day. The day that the world was made a better place because you were born, even if you were made for vile reasons. So happy birthday Mash." Gudako kissed her beloved Mash's cheek tenderly, Mash's face lit up an adorable shade of scarlet at the kiss and praise.Gudako led Mash to her seat, a spot that let her look across the room at everyone."Senpai, I want to make another request," Mash spoke suddenly, Gudako turned to face her with a loving smile. "Yes, Master?""Can I sit on your lap?" she cooed softly.Without a word, Gudako sat herself on the chair, and she gently patted her lap. Mash shot down onto her senpai's lap, the soft thighs under her legs, Gudako wrapped her arms around her kohai's waist."There, nice and comfy right?" Gudako cooed into Mash's ear. She could feel Mash vibrating and hear a muffled shriek as Mash tried and failed to hold back a cute scream of glee. The room was filled with cheer, feasting and a warm embrace from Gudako that made sure Mash struggled to focus on much else.Everyone feasted on the mountains of food, Mash being given slices of cake each one as large as her head, each bite creamy and sweet regardless of flavour, one was a chocolate layer cake with each layer being a different kind of chocolate. One was a red velvet cake, another a carrot cake, the fourth a lemon sponge cake that elicited puckering out of everyone's first bite with how strong the lemon was, and the last was a by comparison thin opera coffee cake. The meats were prepared in a variety of ways, the dragon meat popping with flavour the most with a natural smokey flavour mixed with a saltiness and cooked to the point the meat melted in her mouth. An array of fruit and vegetables were prepared in even more varying ways, from steamed, made into a vegetarian curry, chopped up and raw, fried. Mountains of rice twice as tall as a normal person were picked at by the crowd. As amazing as the food was Mash lost track of what she was eating as she tried to eat at least one thing from each of the many chefs lest she end up insulting them, despite Gudako's assurance that no one would be wounded if she didn't. With enough food to feed multiple armies consumed everyone moved to give Mash her gifts. Several of the servants gave her books ranging from classics she read in the computer archives to modern books even including more than a few mangas. Cu Chulainn caster and proto both gave her weapons, caster a large druid staff similar to his own, while the younger lancer gave her a two-pronged spear."In case you ever want to try learning magic. I might not be the best teacher but I know most of the casters here all agree you could make an amazing mage. So if you ever want to show those bastards, just let us know and we'll have you making that clock tower look like rookies by the end of the month." the caster laughed with a slap on her back."....hard to follow that, but I know you say you want to be more useable in a fight, so I want to teach you the art of stabbing stuff until it stops being a problem. Maybe with some tinkering, we can make you a lancer next summer." the younger hero of Ireland chuckled nervously as he handed her the two-pronged golden spear. Mash simply nodded as she took it, he was far less persuasive than his older self.CLANG-CLANGMash jumped at the sudden metallic clangs, turning to face the sound she found her fathers, or at least the fathers of the heroic spirit who had been part of her own soul for most of her life, it was hard to not see them as her own fathers as a result. The legendary knight of the round table Sir Lancelot, both his younger more noble saber self and an older insane berserker version who had become the black knight, both kneeled before her. Behind them knelt the other knights of the round even Merlin and the many versions of King arthuria, even the rebel knight Mordred knelt with no look of distaste or plan. All of them bowed their heads to her as if she were a royal. On the table were a set of gleaming white and purple armour, a slender short sword, a large purple furred cloak and a matching white cloak."Mash Kyrielight! You stand as the greatest knight of the round, no deed any of us performed in life or in death could compare to the things you have done. While it may not be possible to engrave your name in the legends of Camelot, we will never forget you or the things you've done. You are not Sir Galahad, but you shouldn't live in his shadow. You have long since surpassed him. You have surpassed us all. We would be honoured to have you dine with us in Camelot. You and Master both." Arthuria declared, she swung Excaliber up, the other knights and her other selves following suit. "Sir Mash huh? Or maybe Dame Mash? Dame is cuter, but Sir is more awesome." Gudako teased as she plucked the large white cloak off the table, carefully draping it over Mash's shoulders. The birthday girl could only stare in awe at the kind words of the knights she adored, she struggled to hold back tears at such heartfelt words.The rest of the gifts were all wonderful but none compared to that of the round table. She was given more than a few extravagant outfits she never would have even imagined wearing before. "Here, I think you'll like mine, Mash." her adoptive mother Da Vinci beamed as she handed Mash a long box taller than either of them. Mash squeed at what lay inside."Since Master is gone for so long so often, injured or just busy with her harem, I thought this would be perfect for you." the genius beamed, even Gudako raised an eyebrow at what could be inside. Everyone watched as Mash pulled from the box a giant six-foot body pillow of their shared master, her uniform opened to reveal her cleavage, a charming smile and passionate eyes that seemed to gleam with life and even a warmth that was so similar to the person the pillow was modelled on, Mash could even smell the woman's scent on the pillow as she hugged it tightly."I love it." Mash squeaked. The room erupted into cries of jealousy and envy."MOM VINCI!" Gudako cried.Mash reached into the box to find a large plush as large as her arm, just like the pillow it was of Gudako."She's so cute," Mash rasped excitedly, hugging the two tight to her body.Mash sat surrounded by gifts of all kinds, her new armour and weapons, her body pillow, plush and many figurines of Gudako, books, artwork, clothing, jewelry, new glasses and contacts. Musical instruments, elegant pens and journals even, magic items, plushes of some of the servants' monsters or animals, an entire statue of herself that crackled with magic, and even a pet cosmo sphinx. But for all the gifts she'd gotten, there was one person who hadn't given her a present, the person who meant the most to her. Gudako."Senpai?" she asked timidly, it seemed strange that for everything her lover had planned that she would forget a gift, but it was possible she had been too busy. Mash could understand that. But the smug smirk she wore told the shielder that there was something planned."Come on, did you really think I'd forget to get you a gift? Or that I'd go with something as simple as a bauble?" Gudako leaned in to Mash's ear to whisper, "No. Nothing so simple. Tonight, you and I are doing something special." her breathy teasing sent shivers up Mash's body, she could hear her heart pounding in her ears. To further tease her cute girlfriend Gudako nibbled Mash's ear in front of everyone. The crowd watched as Mash's body spasmed, her legs twitching, and her face turned red as she sunk into her lover's arms."" Mash struggled out as Gudako placed her back in her seat.Mash fidgeted nervously, her eyes scanned around the foreign city of Shinjuku as she fidgeted with her dress. she didn't wear her normal white hoodie, short black dress and black leggings, but rather a long purple dress that hugged her body tightly with an elbow-length mantle cape that wrapped around everything other than her chest. The dress reached her calves and had a slit that reached her left thigh."I hope Senpai likes this," she mumbled to herself, the dress had been one of the many gifts today, though she couldn't fully recall who had given it to her. Cleopatra perhaps? Or maybe Iresviel? Wait, was it Astolfo?"You look beautiful." Mash snapped back to reality, spinning around to find her beloved Gudako in her royal brand suit, a sleek black three-piece suit with a gray undershirt. Mash's heart fluttered at the sight, she'd seen it before, but it was never a mystic code her master wore often as she never found the spells it gave her useful, though it certainly made her look more adult and cool to Mash. Then again it was hard to think the two were in their twenties. Five years had flown by since she had first met Gudako, and her whole world had changed. Or rather ended. Yet the end of the world was the day she began to live, to grow from a man-made doll who only knew stats and operations with little to no understanding of emotion or what she desired, to a woman who had battled gods and won. Who had stared death in the face on more occasions, who had helped save the world, who had died and come back. And none of it would have been possible without the woman standing before her. "You're thinking something dumb, aren't you, Mash?" Gudako sighed."No. I was just thinking how much I've grown because of you. How amazing you were through it all." Mash smiled. Gudako's hand shot up to flick Mash's nose again, an act that was as close as Gudako ever got to being mad at her."No. You're the amazing one Mash. I wasn't joking when I said I never would have been able to do anything I did without you. Sure almost any servant could have filled your role as a fighter, a few even as a shielder. But, none could be you. No one could have such a beautiful smile, such a lust and love for life, such a kind heart. If it weren't for you, I probably would have given up back in France. But you wanted to see this world, and the more I was with you, the more I wanted to show you this world. Humanity owes you its saving, not me." for once Gudako's vibrant cheerful golden eyes were dim and sad. "I owe you my life, Mash. You saved me in ways you can't understand. I wish I could show you how I see you." Gudako pulled Mash into a tender embrace, an embrace that lacked the warmth and cheer that she knew from the mage."Senpai,""Ah, look at me, trying to bring down the mood on your special day." Gudako rubbed at her eyes, Mash could see tears being wiped away in the act. Before she could try to bring them up, the mage already seemed in better spirits."Now, you never got to come here with me before, and every time since it's just been fight, fight, fight. Never a chance to walk around and experience the city. But this time, I had some of the servants run through and deal with any potential problems before we came. Good thing too, Eresh found a building full of angry ghosts, Gorgon found some wannabe alchemists trying to make a hydra chimera, and the Emyias found a ton of stuff from gangs to a demon trying to start a cult. But we shouldn't run into anything now, and anything we do is just normal human stuff which even I can handle. Now then," Gudako swept her arm forward with a playful bow followed by bringing her arm up mid-way, "Lady Mash, my dear cute waifu of a kohai. May I show you around the town of Shinjuku?"Mash looped her arm around her beloved master. The two set off to explore the city. Mash was in awe of the beautiful city, admiring the towering buildings she'd only really seen a few times but had never truly gotten to take in. For the first time, she could really take in the towering skyscrapers, the night sky illuminated by the many billboards and screens, and the bustling crowds of people. "So, where too first?" Gudako cooed lovingly."I want to see a movie with you. I've never been to a cinema, so I want to see what it's like, and with you, it'll be a real date." Mash beamed, her excited smile warming Gudako's heart. "Sure thing, babe. Though I don't know what movies they might be playing. Ah well, I'm sure it won't be a big deal.""Hold me, Senpai," Mash stammered out, her grip on her lover's arm so tight that Gudako feared she might just break her arm."I am Mash, I am." the mage rasped through the pain. Mash clung to her tightly, her body trembling, she could even see the shielder's eyes darting around as if she were expecting a monster to leap out at any moment."I'm sorry, I didn't know it was a horror movie. Though I guess I'm more surprised it scared you. I mean the effects were awful, the acting wasn't that good and it was pretty goofy. It was kind of funny." Gudako chuckled. Mash simply shook her head violently, her sad scared eyes looking up at her girlfriend pleadingly. The two had accidentally ended up watching some old horror movie from the seventies. Mash had mentioned that she didn't handle horror movies well, but Gudako had never expected it to be this bad. "Come on, you've seen worse and scarier stuff like that in real life." Her words did nothing to settle Mash's shattered nerves. "Well, let's go somewhere nice." Gudako smiled nervously, leading mash into a nearby store. She didn't know how long the two spent bouncing around the large mall, Mash stared in awe at the shops even if they held nothing that interested her. But Mash enjoyed herself, seeing things she never had, things normal people wouldn't think twice about, mannequins, arcades, electronic stores and more. From there the two adventured across the city, seeing the natural beauty of the Gyoen national park and its three different garden types, the Edo-era mansion, the beautiful looming cedars, cypresses and cherry blossoms. The fire museum, the two seeing the many ornate fans to blow the fire around in the past before easy water hoses. The many other tools of the trade, from old spears to demolish buildings to stop the spread of fire to modern hoses, the many vehicles over the centuries from horse-drawn carriages to ride into the fires to more modern red helicopters. "Having fun?" Gudako teased lovingly."Yeah, I am. Thank you, Senpai. Despite the movie, this has been amazing." Mash laid her head on her lover's shoulder with a contented sigh."Well, next time we can go somewhere even better. Da Vinci is finding the louvre since Jalter took us there, she thinks we should be able to recreate it. Same with Hawaii, we can go there without that stupid time loop or idiot robot ruining everything. Or there's Romania, it's not exactly modern but close too, and I've always wanted to see it so we can do that together. Maybe New york thanks to that time Gilgamesh threw his contest there or even oni land. Anywhere we've been to in one way or another. But this time, no monsters, hopefully. No servants trying to bend reality, no fighting to save the world. Just you and me, seeing the sights, going on rides and experiencing everything together." she could see Mash's eyes light up as she listed the places they could go, the idea of seeing even one or two of these without some big battle for their lives was amazing, but that many? "You're the best, Senpai." Mash smiled lovingly."Funny, I don't think my name is Mash Kyrielight. So I can't be the best." Gudako teased. She playfully spun Mash around into a kiss."But before we go home, there is one last thing. Something you could have done a few years ago but didn't because the age rules vary. But I don't think any country would call you too young now. So, let's finally go get that drink you asked about all those years ago when we were younger."Mash looked around the bar, she'd always wondered what it would be like inside one. This one was a quaint little bar with only a few people. Mash's jaw dropped seeing Gudako heading back to the table with a tray of drinks. Small china cups, larger clear glasses willed with different drinks, several cans, and two wine glasses of red wine."....that's a lot of drinks," Mash gasped nervously."Maybe, I don't think we'll be drinking most of them, but this way, we have plenty to try. I've also got some soft drinks to wash them down." the orange-haired woman placed the many drinks and cups on the table."Now, what would you like to start with? We have simple beer, red wine, sake hot, cold and room temperature, vodka, and butterscotch schnapps." Gudako explained as she laid out the many drinks before Mash. She looked over the many drinks unsure which to try."Have you ever tried any of them?" she asked as Gudako took her seat with a smile."I have. When I turned twenty-one, I was practically force-fed more alcohol than I could process. Funny too, given where I lived before coming to Chaldea the drinking age was only nineteen." the mage chuckled. "I've tried beer, vodka and the schnapps.""So you've never tried sake? Then let's try that." Mash plucked up two of the small china cups, the two room-temperature glasses of sake. "I wonder what it's like. I've always wanted to try sake from your homeland, Senpai."Gudako sighed weakly. "You and Da Vinci have read my file how many times, and yet I have to remind you that I'm not actually Japanese. I was born in Canada." she could see Mash pale at her words."I'M SORRY!" Mash sobbed, practically throwing herself at her lover, almost knocking her out of her chair."It's fine, for some reason, everyone thinks I'm Japanese. But screw it, sake time." she brought the glass up, "KANPAI!""Kanpai?" Mash asked as she clinked her cup against Gudako's."It's like cheers. Seems fitting for this drink rather than saying it in English."Mash nodded excitedly, she clacked her cup again, "Kanpai!"The two brought the cups up to their lips to taste the drink. Both winced at the taste.""Nooo" Mash whined weakly."That's awful," Gudako shook her head in disgust, "I was expecting it to be a lot more flavourful and smooth. But it''s..." Gudako tried to find a way to describe the strange taste."Angry water!" Mash whined, cracking open one of the cans of soda which she slammed back, Gudako followed suit."Maybe the cold is better? I've heard sake tastes different depending on its temperature." Mash spoke, still chapping her mouth to try and get rid of the taste. The two took the chilled cups and clacked them together.The two sipped the sake. Both chapped their lips for a moment."That's actually not b......." Mash's face shrunk into itself."That aftertaste is awful," Gudako groaned, she could only place the tiny cup down with disgust. Mash pulled the cup to her lips again, the result was the same as her face again burst into a disgusted cringe."Apparently, chilled it tastes almost chemical. Note to self never have it chilled." Gudako coughed in between swigs of the soft drink, Mash simply nodded as she chugged more of the sugary soft drink.The two looked at the final pair of cups, a nervous glance at each other before reluctantly picking them up."We who are about to die salute you." Gudako joked, the two struck their cups for the third time. The couple reluctantly sipped the final cups. Mash and Gudako's eyes darted nervously, both expected an aftertaste like the second but none came. The taste was almost slightly sweet."That one was kind of good," Mash smiled cheerfully."Yeah, that was nice, I can see how pairing that with food would be really popular. It probably brings out the flavour a lot.""Are you ready to try some real alcohol? The sake is pretty light, and the cups were small. So the others should be interesting." Gudako grinned. She watched Mash look from drink to drink before plucking up the wine."Let's try this Senpai," Mash handed a wine glass to Gudako with a cheerful smile and a wobbling hand."You okay Mash? Your hand's shaking. Don't tell me you're drunk already." Gudako giggled."Mho," Mash's words slurred slightly, as she plucked the wine glass up. "I'm fine Swenpai,""If you say so."The two brought their glasses clanking together with a cheerful call "Kanpai!"Mash swished the wine around for a moment."This is pretty good," Mash lit up excitedly."Well, I'm glad you like it, can't say I'm a fan, but I'm glad you like it." Gudako winced at the flavour.""Vanpai!" Mash cried holding up the wine glass again, splashing wine across her arm. "Mash..., are you drunk?" "Chepai," Mash called again."Mash, how many fingers am I holding up?" Gudako sighed as she raised two fingers. She watched as Mash struggled to focus on her hand. Mash reached out slightly to physically count the digits before her."....Four!" Mash cried happily, proud of herself for her guess, unaware she was completely wrong."Mash, you're seeing doubles, you're drunk.""ROOOO! Erm rot dunk," Mash sobbed. "How did you get so drunk? You barely drank anything? Just a sip of wine and the sake. That should not have gotten you this drunk this fast."Mash wobbled with a goofy smile. "I think that's enough for tonight. Just water for now." Gudako chuckled.Mash sprung up from the table, her eyes so lit up they almost blinded her lover. "Swenpai! Look! Karaoke," she sprung forward pulling the taller woman out of her chair with a yelp. She watched as Mash fumbled with the machine, the drunken girl squinting at the screen as she tried to find a song."Whis zon," she slurred cheerfully, "Swenpai, you shud like whis" she waved to her dazed lover excitedly."Well, at least she's having fun. I wonder what song she chose. I've never really heard what kind of music Mash likes, then again, I'm not sure even she knows. She's only really heard classical. This is exciting." Gudako smirked as Mash plucked up the mic with a wobble. Several patrons gave her their undivided attention as she took a deep breath as the music began."Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Two stars spilled in the sky,"Gudako raised an eyebrow "You've got to be freaking kidding me! Who showed Mash Jojo's?!" the mage struggled to pay attention to Mash's offkey singing, her jaw dropped from how unexpected it was for Mash of all people to be singing that song. The tiny demi servant sucked in a deep breath as the song came to its end."SONA CHI NO SADAME! JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO!" Mash bellowed out the lyrics of the end. She bounced off the stage and ran over to Gudako throwing herself into a tender hug."Yow was my ringing Swenpai?" Mash looked up at her beloved senpai with big proud purple eyes. "It was amazing, babe." Gudako kissed the beaming drunk, Mash's warm skin against her lips. It was almost funny to see Mash go from slurring her words and struggling to stand up without falling to singing full pelt without issue, only to go back to slurring and wobbling the moment she finished. "Let's get you some water." Gudako smiled as she led Mash back to the table."An vhen Ere...Ere...Ere...""Ereshkigal?""Yeah! Her! She throws her spear and makes a cage to trap the dragon and then Abby made a tentacle monster rhat just kept bonking it until it gave us a bunch of stuvv." Mash rambled about some fight she and some of the other girls had gotten into recently. She had already heard the tale twice in the last hour, the first time it was a spriggin and Gorgon. "Hey, babe. Looking for some good company tonight." some brutish guy clasped his hand on Mash's shoulder. "I can show you a good time."Gudako glared at the oaf, daring to try and steal her girlfriend on their date. The bastard deserved to suffer for it. She was about to rise and threaten the man, but Mash turned her head to face the man with murderous rage in her eyes."How dare you!" she snarled, her hand shooting up and grabbing the man's hand with a sickening crunch."You dare flirt with me!?" Mash looked ready to kill the guy. "Senpai is right there and you chose me? Are you blind or stupid? She's beautiful and you flirt with me?!" Mash roared with another crunch of the guy's hand.The man screamed in pain, dropping to his knees as he tried and failed to pry Mash's hand off his."Gah! You had nicer tits!" he cried. Mash pulled her arm up with such speed it sent the guy into the air, sending the six-foot thug of a man flying through the air before crashing down through a table of well-dressed angry men."Hey! The hell do you think you're doing you stupid bitch!?" one of them barked at Mash. The shielder shot a murderous glare at them as well."This idiot insulted my senpai! He deserves everything he got! He said my boobs were better than hers!" Mash grabbed Gudako hefting her out of her seat with ease, her hands squeezing her lover's boobs. "Look at her! Look at her amazing body, her boobs are amazing! So soft and supple! Big and perky! These are the boobs that surpass the gods!" Mash bellowed, jiggling the mounds with a proud smile. "Mash, all you're doing is making them stare at my tits."Gudako could hear the gears turning in Mash's head, her eyes darting from the soft chest she was groping to around the bar and all the patrons who were thanks to her were staring at her master's boobs."STOP STARING! SHE'S MINE!!" Mash threw her arms around Gudako tightly."She's not that hot," one of the mobsters snorted."How can you be so dumb! Look at her beautiful golden eyes! Her silky orange hair, her fair skin. Her muscles, her brains, her loving heart! There is no one more beautiful than her in the world! I don't care who you are! I don't give a heck! I'll frick you up!" Mash proclaimed as loud as she could as she tore a chair off the ground ready to use it as a weapon."Mash if you don't settle down we're going to get kicked out. Besides, I'm not even the most attractive in this room." Gudako grinned playfully."Vha? Rhan who?! Who's making you feel inf...inf...zho's making you feel bad!?" Mash's drunken slurring returned with a wobble, the chair clattering to the ground as she gave Gudako her full attention. "Jeeze, it's like you go from sober to drunk on a dime. As for your question, it's not that I feel inferior, but there's someone far more beautiful than me.""WHHHHO?""You." Gudako teased with a playful air kiss."Yu? Who's Yu? What makes her so special?""Not what I meant." Gudako sighed with a chuckle. Mash wobbled in her seat, both her hands struggling to hold her wine."Alright, I'll be back in a moment. Don't hurt anyone while I'm gone, okay?"Mash nodded cheerfully before watching Gudako make her way to the bar to order another drink, Mash watched the way her hips swayed, the elegant strides, the way her orange bobbed with each step. The mage plopped herself down."Senpai, I have to ask you something important!" Mash blurted suddenly."Sure, what do you want to ask?" Gudako tried to adjust herself from the suddenness of Mash's words."Do...Do you have a girlfriend?" she stared intently at her lover, evidently so drunk she'd forgotten the two had been dating for ages now. She looked at Gudako so earnestly like her very life hung on the answer."As a matter of fact, I do."Mash collapsed onto the table with a loud sobbing fit."WHAAAAAA!" Mash cried loudly. "I knew it! Who is it? Whos the one who got you first?" Mash sobbed into the table."Oh, just a cute kohai by the name of Mash Kyrielight. She's super cute." Gudako could hear Mash sob louder at her answer."Stupid Mash, I hate her. She gets all the best stuff and everybody loves her. She even stole you away." Mash grumbled angrily into the table."Mash...what's your name?" Gudako chuckled."Mash Kyrielight, why?" she replied weakly, her cute purple eyes now slightly red from her crying fit."So. Your name is Mash Kyrielight, and the person I love the most is also named Mash Kyrielight. Do you know what that means?" Gudako tried to hold back her laughter."That she's a stupid jerk and I hate her. You should date me instead Senpai.""I think letting you have more wine was a bad idea." Gudako tittered."Come on Mash, time to go home." Gudako hefted her drunken lover from her chair. She rested Mash's legs over one of her arms as the other held her back like a bride. Mash threw her arms around Gudako lovingly, nestling her face into her shoulders. She mumbled something too quiet for Gudako to hear. "Did you have fun my little Mashmallow?""Wu hu, breast day evea," Mash slurred in a mumble, though her happy smile was still a bit visible, that was enough to make Gudako smile."Are you still jealous of yourself?""Wittle wit," Mash groaned."Does being carried like a bride make it better?" Gudako chuckled."Wittle wit," Mash nestled her face deeper into Gudako, her head moving from the rough shoulder to the much softer chest."Best pillows," Mash mumbled with a yawn."Those are my boobs.""The breast pillows," Mash mumbled as she buried her face deeper."I'm not sure if that one was you being drunk or a pun. I'm kind of mad I don't know." Gudako sighed with a chuckle. Mash didn't reply, from the drunken birthday girl came faint snoring. Gudako laid Mash down in her bed, pulling the white sheets over her with a smile."Happy birthday my precious Mash. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, I'm sorry we didn't do this sooner. I promise to make next year even better. There was one more thing I wanted to do, but it seems wrong with you like this. I doubt you'd even remember it. Oh well, it can wait until tomorrow," Gudako brushed aside Mash's bang that covered her eye, placing a tender kiss on her head."Sw...pai..." Mash snored faintly. Gudako tried to stand only for one of Mash's powerful hands to burst up and grab her wrist, the sudden action eliciting a yelp of fear out of the experienced mage as she was dragged down to the bed. Mash's purple eyes struggled to stay open as she pulled her girlfriend closer."Wenpai...let's do that!" Mash panted, her eyes locking onto Gudako. All the while staring at her like a predator would an injured animal. Every breath she took a lustful pant, practically frothing at the mouth."That? What the heck does that mean? Wait...DOES SHE MEAN SEX?!" Gudako mentally screamed. Her mind raced, while the idea of sex was nothing new to Gudako and the idea of having sex with Mash would be an amazing thought. But with her so drunk she could barely stand? It felt wrong and in a way, scary. Her heart roared like a barrage of cannons. "I need to find a way to stop this now!""Mash help I'm being kidnapped over there!" she blurted out. The moment the words were in the air so was Mash, the demi-servant tore through the air, followed promptly by her landing flat on her face."Swenpi? are you okay?" she groaned into the floor, seemingly unfazed by the sudden meeting with the floor."Yep, you saved. How about you? that looked like it hurt," The mage sprung off the bed, carefully making her way to the door. The moment she was within reach of Mash the drunken shielder burst up, spinning to slam her hand into the wall pinning Gudako to the door before she could escape."So hot! So scary!" Gudako quivered weakly, her knees felt like they might buckle at any second."Wo I get a reward for raving you?" Mash struggled to stand, her short height meaning she had to stand on her toes to try and meet Gudako's eyes evenly and keep her hand up high enough. It would have been funny if it weren't so oddly intimidating."I...I...I," Gudako stuttered and stammered, her body boiling with heat, her face red as a beat. "Mash help, I tripped over your desk!" she blurted in another desperate attempt to escape. Mash again tried to save her master too drunk to realize that it was a lie. this time however before she could even take a step she tumbled to the floor with a weak snore."Thank the gods, she's asleep. Hopefully, she stays like that. Horny Mash is terrifying." Gudako hesitantly and carefully lifted Mash. She placed her in her bed for the second time, only for Mash's hand to shoot out again, this time struggling to hold Gudako."Sway," Mash whined weakly."What?""Wtay," she mumbled again. "Does she mean, stay? I can't do that, I don't trust either of us." Gudako pulled the blanket up over Mash's shoulders. "Sorry sweetie, but I can't do that. Da Vinci told me she needed to talk to me, and I have a lot of paperwork to fill. So, since I can't stay," Gudako pulled her arm away much to the chagrin of Mash. Mash's lover returned with the plush of herself, she brought it up to where Mash's blurry vision could see it. "Don't worry Mash, I'll be here to spend as much time with you as you want," she spoke with a slightly squeaky voice, making sure to move the stuffed toy's arms to make it more expressive."Srenpy" Mash mumbled as she pulled the plus Gudako into a hug, the moment it was in her arms Gudako could hear the heavy breathing of Mash sleeping."Good night, Mash. I love you." Gudako turned to leave but as she reached the door something caught her attention. A small box laying on the floor. It was too small to be anything other than a piece of jewelry. Mash would have assumed it to be one of the many presents Mash had gotten during the party, but the box was slightly beaten up, which meant it was older than today, plus none of the boxes looked like the one before her. "It must have fallen out of her pocket when she fell. But why does she have a jewelry box like this? Who gave it to her?" Gudako wondered as she carefully picked it off the ground, in doing so the lid flipped open, revealing an engagement ring. A golden band with lapis lazuli surrounding a diamond. Gudako knew the ring. "Gil, you son of a bitch. You knew all along, but didn't say anything." she chuckled, placing the ring box on Mash's nightstand with a warm smile."I had something important to ask you. But it can wait until tomorrow.""Don't tell Senpai," Mash Mumbled, her eyes barely open as she reached out sleepily. "Don't tell... I want her whe..." she trailed off with a tired snore."Don't worry, I won't tell her. I'll keep it our secret."She left the room with a chuckle. Once she was outside of the room the mage reached into her own pocket for a small box just like Mash's. flipping it open revealed a similar ring to the one she'd just seen."I was going to ask her tonight. Oh well, I can ask her tomorrow, or maybe she'll ask me. Wouldn't want to ruin her surprise." Gudako brought the lip clacking shut on the box and slipped it back into her pocket with a smile....
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