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(FNaSxContinued Nightmare) A Living Hell... by YuriHaru567 (FNaSxContinued Nightmare) A Living Hell... :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 8 3 (RC.exe: Power of Four) STAY AWAY! (read desc.) by YuriHaru567 (RC.exe: Power of Four) STAY AWAY! (read desc.) :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 11 2
Operation: JERKOP (Chapter 1)
(DISCLAIMER: This story takes place in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. It is in no way canon to the Nightmare Saga in any manner whatsoever.)
“Katharine! You’ve gotta see this!”
Katharine yawned and rubbed her eyes. It had been a long time since anything new happened with the Highests, and all she wanted was a break from the stress that happened.
She looked at a girl who was a little older than her with short, light-brown hair, and what looked like a burgundy-red sleeveless overcoat over her light yellow shirt. A teal-blue ribbon was tied in her hair.
“What is it, Lu?” Lulu was Katharine’s best friend/girlfriend, and she was a self-proclaimed Highest hunter (she once confided to her that she and her family almost killed one of the Higher One’s best soldiers).
“I found a forbidden dimension,” Lulu said, holding a stack of papers in her arms.
“A forbidden dimension?” Katharine asked, confused. “I thought we could go anywhere
:iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 1 8
Mature content
The Missing Trilogy (Part 1) :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 3 8
The Missing Trilogy (PROLOGUE)
They weren't all found..... No, they weren't all found... 
And time and again, people made all the wrong assumptions.
These victims were dead, all right. At least, to the masses of people that read the cover-up stories. They'd never understand that a demon had taken their souls.
So many of these names were lost to time, but there are three of these Lost Ones who's names and stories would never be forgotten.
Their names are Christopher Donovan, Juniper Matthews, and Danielle Foster.
Christopher was the first to fall. He was found in his room with several cuts on his body, like many other victims of the "X Killings" that swept across the country. He was the first high-profile case, being a person of somewhat fame as a gaming Youtuber. (the few victims before him had been ordinary people).
Next was Juniper, who was found in her room in the same condition as Christopher. She had "died" a few months after the most famous of the victims, Kyle Caxton and Tom Wilson. She was fairly young
:iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 3 1
Meet The Artist (READ DESCRIPTION) by YuriHaru567 Meet The Artist (READ DESCRIPTION) :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 23 42
Operation: JERKOP (prologue)
(A/N: The story takes place after an ending where Amy, Cream, and Sally are demonized in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare. Katharine and Lulu are also aged up to better suit the mature content in this story. Kostas’ canon will also play a part in this as well.)
(The following is a transcript from an audio transmission intercepted from Negagen’s base)
We are currently en route to Dimension CWC. I don’t know how much time we will be in here, so I am trusting you, as well as Eggman, to watch over the base for the time being. Make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens while the others and I are gone.
I’m counting on you.
Sonichu is copyright 3/2000-???? by Christian Weston Chandler. All rights reserved.
DISCLAIMER: *Any names, or persons, illustrated in any part of this Sonichu crossover fan-story, except that of Christian Weston Chandler, that may seem similar to anyone in real life, are purely coincidenta
:iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 5 11
Ashlyn the Teenage Witch (side-story)
My name is Wysteria Goodwyn. I am 10 years old, and I am a student at the Salem Academy of Witches.
Well, a fifth-year transfer student anyway. But that’s besides my point. I'm here to talk about something that happened while I was still new to Salem.
It all happened during my second month there. I was practicing my spells in the foyer while Ashlyn, my new friend at the time, was riding around on her broomstick in the courtyard. I was about to do a level-nine spell involving a Power Emerald when I saw a face that I absolutely positively did NOT want to see. At all.
"Madame Spellbody wants to see you, Little Witchling." It was Agatha Wormwood. Madame Spellbody's favorite student. Agatha was as mean and cold-hearted as her, all right. Just add a spoonful of ego. And here she was, in front of me, holding a pass.
"I see you're not in trouble, for once," she said and chuckled, dangling the sheet of paper in front of me.
I snatched the paper from her grasp. "Thank you, Agatha. Oh, and
:iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 5 7
(GIFT) Chibi Team Exetior by YuriHaru567 (GIFT) Chibi Team Exetior :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 12 1 (Sonic Renewed.exe) The Lost Souls by YuriHaru567 (Sonic Renewed.exe) The Lost Souls :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 21 5
Ashlyn the Teenage Witch: The Revenge of Kexetor
Chapter 2
"Over here, Spiky!"
A pink beam of light hit Kexetor right in the chest, and the demonization beam quickly dissipated. He stumbled for a while before finally falling unconscious.
I looked to my left. A young girl with pinkish-red hair and a pinkish-purple witchling's uniform was standing besides me. Her bright pink eyes, with the black scleras, were easily recognizable. There was only one witchling I knew in the Academy with eyes like those.
"Wysteria?" I said, surprised at how a witchling like her was able to come into a dimension like this.
"You saved me once. It's about time I returned the favor," Wysteria said and winked.
She then waved her wand and a puff of bright purple smoke enveloped me. All at once, I could feel the strength back in my legs, and I stood up. "Thanks."
Wysteria smiled. "Don't worry," she said. "I got it under control." She then hopped onto her broomstick. "Now, let's get out of here before the spell wears off on Spiky over here."
"How much longer unti
:iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 3 3
Safer color reference sheet by YuriHaru567 Safer color reference sheet :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 12 6 Yumi Color Reference sheet by YuriHaru567 Yumi Color Reference sheet :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 16 13
Ashlyn the Teenage Witch: The Revenge of Kexetor
Okay. If you told me last year I was gonna end up where I am right now, I could have told you that you were crazy.
To start things off, my name is Ashlyn Wallace. I am 15 years old, and I am a witch. No, not the ugly witches you've seen in the movies. I'm talking about NOBLE witches, those that use their magic for the greater good.
Most of my time is dedicated to training: honing my spells and being a better witch. But an event happened sometime ago that I would never forget, and would leave me with a scar that would never heal.
It all started when I was practicing flying on my broomstick. I did a few leaps and somersaults, when a large golden ring appeared in front of me. At first, I was skeptical about this, being my experience with these in the past. But curiosity got the best of me and I flew in.
When I got out of the ring, my entire surroundings were
:iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 3 6
Locria by YuriHaru567 Locria :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 9 0 Ionia (former outfit) by YuriHaru567 Ionia (former outfit) :iconyuriharu567:YuriHaru567 9 0




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(FNaSxContinued Nightmare) A Living Hell...
Remember this?…

Well, consider this an updated version of that drawing. Yes, this is also a part of my AU crossover between FNaS and Continued Nightmare.

I don't really have a clear story for it, but here's a brief explanation (I apologize in advance if it doesn't make sense. But then again, most of the Nightmare Saga doesn't make sense at a glance): This is a universe where Amy's spirit never passes on after FNaS 4. Somehow, after becoming a Phantom, she acquires knowledge that the world she lives in (aka the FNaS universe) is just one dimension in an entire multiverse. She also gains the ability to traverse through dimensions and talk to others in their dreams. In this, she encounters Sark Amy in her subconscious. Sark Amy was reluctant to talk with her, but after a while, she opened up and told Phantom Amy her story. "It's useless keeping these secrets now..." She tearfully told Phantom Amy.

Also, before you complain, I can't draw the backside of both Amys properly without adding a tail strap to the backs of their dresses. Every time I draw them normally, it looks off.

Other than that, hope you guys enjoy, I guess.
(RC.exe: Power of Four) STAY AWAY! (read desc.)
Yep. This is a thing, apparently.

"What if FNaS (which is the series that RockClones is from) was a dimension in Sally.exe Continued Nightmare?"

I always thought of this concept since day one, but never really managed how to get it down on paper until now.

Inspired by… by :iconzertyarttv:

which was inspired by Sally.exe CN: Exe Line by Jaizkoys himself:…

I'm one of those people who are in LOVE with alternate universes (and multiverses). This doesn't just go for Undertale, but for any franchise in general. Most of the time, I love to see what the fans make, especially these fanmade timelines and headcanons. Some of them fit very well into the franchise's canon, while the majority of them deviate strongly from the game (which is a main reason why Alternate Universes exist)

But here's one thing I don't like: it's when the creator of said game disapproves of an AU. Don't get me wrong, I entirely respect their opinion on it. But when they go so far as to (rudely) stop others for doing what they want to do (which was why Mario in Animatronic Horror was cancelled. By the way, don't ask Bonniefan3000 for Chapter 4 anymore.)… That just sickens me. 

Seriously. If they don't want someone to do something, then they have to be civil about it; they don't need be brutal to others. I get that there are things that they don't want to be made, but hey. Nothing you can do about it

Take Sonic.exe for instance. Currently, the canon (according to JC himself) surrounding Sonic.exe is that he is a demonic entity who has taken the form on Sonic himself. But the majority of the fanbase (including myself) believes nearly the exact opposite: that Sonic.exe is Sonic, but a demon has possessed his body (mainly because it makes more sense).  But I am aware of people who believe the canon story, and I'm fine with it. I wholeheartedly respect that. But there is ONE person in particular that believes JC's canon who REALLY gets on my nerves (I won't say who, but they know who they are). They have a pretty decent Sonic.exe story, don't get me wrong. But when it comes to people making fan stories about their project... they start to get pissy with others and myself. Seriously. They can be a total prick sometimes all because I believe something different than them. They're the reason why I am about to cancel my Trilogy (not to mention I am THIS close to walking out on their project). It's all because they keep on saying stuff I don't want to do.

I'm sorry if it got off-topic so quickly. I can't even read my own thoughts right now, cuz that just pisses me off to no end.
(DISCLAIMER: This story takes place in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. It is in no way canon to the Nightmare Saga in any manner whatsoever.)

“Katharine! You’ve gotta see this!”

Katharine yawned and rubbed her eyes. It had been a long time since anything new happened with the Highests, and all she wanted was a break from the stress that happened.

She looked at a girl who was a little older than her with short, light-brown hair, and what looked like a burgundy-red sleeveless overcoat over her light yellow shirt. A teal-blue ribbon was tied in her hair.

“What is it, Lu?” Lulu was Katharine’s best friend/girlfriend, and she was a self-proclaimed Highest hunter (she once confided to her that she and her family almost killed one of the Higher One’s best soldiers).

“I found a forbidden dimension,” Lulu said, holding a stack of papers in her arms.

“A forbidden dimension?” Katharine asked, confused. “I thought we could go anywhere we wanted.”

“Almost anywhere. Apparently, there are some dimensions that the Highests are absolutely forbidden from entering.” She headed towards the giant screen in the room and fed the paper into an opening below it.

“OPENING DIMENSION FILES,” the text on the screen flickered. After a few minutes, some more text appeared. “Please enter your authorization code.”

Lulu entered in the alphanumeric passcode she remembered by heart, and the screen quickly changed to reveal over 1,000 files related to a dimension titled...

“Dimension CWC?” Katharine read the screen.

“It’s the most known of the Forbidden Dimensions, and is commonly referred to as the ‘Sonichu Dimension’. My mom made me promise not to tell anyone about them when I was young, but she allowed me to research them as much as I want to. Now that I’m older, I can tell nearly anybody about this, and perhaps even do a little exploring.” Lulu tapped the first file on-screen, and it took them to a brief description of the dimension.

In Dimension CWC, there is a small town called CWCville. Christian Weston Chandler, the city’s namesake, is the mayor. After he inherited the office from his father, Robert Chandler, he made himself supreme ruler of the city, which defeats the whole purpose of a mayor in general. The loopholes he devised in the so-called Anchuent Prophecy gave himself complete control over his citizens’ lives from their finances and entertainment, to their religion and sexual orientation, and even what they eat and drink. Women aren’t even allowed to vote.

But his most infamous creation yet are the Electric Hedgehog Pokemon more commonly known as Sonichus (or Rosechus, if female). In their so-called pre-evolutions, they are known as Sonees (or Roseys, if female). They were just a mere curiosity of Chandler that quickly became an obsession. Being a parasitic species by nature, they slowly drove out the human residents of the town and lived happily and tax-free, of course.

The currency system in CWC-ville is normally outrageous at best, consisting of C-quarters and W-quarters (10 C-quarters equal one W-quarter). But even then, the fines are levied in U.S. dollars, which makes even less sense. The taxes that Chandler proposed to his human residents were all to fund his obsession with the Sonichu species (last time Lulu checked, about ninety percent of the city’s taxpayer dollars went to Electric Hedgehog Pokemon-related events).

And all that is nothing compared to the caste system. Chandler himself is at the top of the chain, of course. Below him are the first Sonichu and Rosechu for obvious reasons. Below them is the Chaotic Combo: a group of five electric hedgehog pokemon that acted as Chandler’s advisory council. The group consisted of Magi-Chan Sonichu: the telepath, Wild Sonichu: the survivalist and former leader, Angelica Rosechu: the devout Christian, Punchy Sonichu: the token minority, and Bubbles Rosechu: the dumb one. Below the Chaotic Combo were the Electric Hedgehog Police Force (EHPF). Below the EHPF was a whole army of Loyalists: human mercenaries that supported Chandler and his causes. And below all these were the homeless people in the Soup Hotels scattered around the city.

Punishments in CWCville are usually unproportional to the crimes commited. One of those “crimes” included the use of tobacco and alcohol (nicknamed “tobacky” and “reeb” respectfully by Chandler, it usually lands the offender with a fine of up to USD$200,000 and a 20-year prison sentence). But that is barely scratching the surface. Protesters end up being electrocuted by the EHPF. Dozens of men and women were sent to “straight camps” for the “crime” of being LGBTQ (the number of people in the camps and Chandler’s anti-gay efforts had since almost tripled because of Magi-Chan’s mind-reading ability). Angelica Rosechu had her own way of dealing with the many “sinners” who went against her reform for CWC-ville’s state religion. Public executions were not uncommon, whether they be carried by the Chaotic Combo, or one of the Loyalists. But there is more to it than the “law”. Whole families were starving because of feral Electric Hedgehog Pokemon infestations.

Because of this and other atrocities, an underground resistance group has been known to exist known only as the-

Exetior came into the room and saw what they were researching. His eyes widened. “Oh, dear god...” he muttered.

Lulu was astonished. “Exetior... you know about this?”

“Yes. I know more about this than what your research can contain.” He facepalmed and shook his head. “If you truly value your sanity, Lulu, do not go there.”

Lulu begged, “I’ve never seen a forbidden dimension before with my own eyes.”

“And I think it’s best if you didn’t.” He warned her.

“Come on, please? We’ll be in disguise.” Lulu said and tied her hair up in a small ponytail. She then rolled down her socks and took off her clip-on earrings. Exetior finally sighed and nodded. ‘You can go,’ his expression told her.

“You really think that’s gonna work, Lulu?” Katharine said.

“Please, call me Spencer,” Lulu said, in a raspy, somewhat deep voice.

“Huh. Neat disguise!” Katharine said, and proceeded to transform herself as well. When the light faded, she looked completely different. Her hair was now shorter and a lighter shade of brown. Her demonized eyes were replaced by those that were dark brown. Her rosette hairclip was now a red heart hairclip. She wore a purple top over a pink, sleeveless dress, blue denim knee-high leggings, and white mary-janes. The only parts that remained unchanged were her choker and bracelets.

“Just call me Katya,” Katharine said, in an accent that sounded like either Russian or Greek.

Lulu’s jaw dropped. “Katharine, how were you able to- who the hell taught you that! That’s so freakin’ awesome!”

Katharine shrugged her shoulders, but looked slightly at Exetior and Kexetor, who had just come in the room, and winked at them.

Word quickly leaked out of Dimension CWC, and before long, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Sally jumped on the bandwagon. Hypnotexer and Pervision seemed interested as well, and Thalia, Kexetor’s apprentice, conviced her sister Makaria and their friend Ionia to come with her.

“You’ve gotta be joking, Thalia. The Sonichu Dimension? Seriously?” Ionia said and rolled her eyes.

“Ionia’s right, sis,” Makaria added. “It’s one of the forbidden dimensions! You could get us all killed!”

“Oh, nonsense,” Thalia scoffed. “That ‘forbidden’ shit? That’s for the Highests. Plus, even if they were to scan it, which I know they won’t, we’ll be in disguise.”

Thalia snapped her fingers, and a blinding light flashed around all three girls. When the sparks faded, the girls looked at each other and at themselves with astonishment. They still kept their hairstyles and general color scheme, but each girl was different in one way or another.

Makaria herself had on a warm grey headband decorated with silver stars and crescents, as well as a blue, sleeveless dress that matched her eyes. Around her waist, there was a gray belt sewn into the dress, along with grat accents. She wore a blue pendant surrounded by a band of almost pure silver. On her feet were blue sandals with silver and blue straps. On her wrists were glittering silver bracelets that shone in the light.

Ionia’s outfit reflected her hardened demeanor with a dark purple jacket over a bright red crop top and dark-red shorts. Around the belt loop was a fiery-orange belt with a golden-yellow buckle. On her legs were knee-high leggings the same color as her jacket, along with orange and gold combat boots. She also sported dark-orange fingerless gloves.

Thalia herself looked stunning, to herself at least. She had the same headband as Makaria, though it was bright yellow and shone. She also had a similar necklace, but the gem was amethyst surrounded with yellow gold. She wore a dark indigo denim jacket, a bright purple dress with golden accents, gray shorts, and a brown leather belt aound her waist. On her feet were purple and yellow running shoes.

All three girls lost their demon-like eyes, instead opting for a nornal look: whhite sclera, colored iris, black pupils.

“All set, girls?” Thalia said, stretching her arms.

“Yeah,” Makaria said while Ionia shifted her weight from foot to foot. “But what about Kexetor and Hypno-“

“Don’t worry about it,” Thalia chuckled and pulled out two pairs of sunglasses from her pockets. “I got them covered.”

Soon, nearly everyone showed up that were willing to embark on the journey. All of them were in disguise; most had changed their appearance and voice at will (including Pervision’s dog-thing, Boddys, which had miraculously shrunk down to the size of a Rottweiler with his appearance matching), but as for the rest of them, including Amy, Cream, Sally, Kexetor, and Hypnotexer, they were wearing special sunglasses that they could see out of, but others couldn’t see their eyes behind the glasses. For Thalia, Makaria, and Ionia, they took it one step further and changed their names to go along with their disguise.

Exetior shifted uneasily after seeing exactly how many people were going to the trip. “I hope you know what you’re doing, Lulu...” He said as he mounted a hidden microphone and camera into her shirt.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Lulu reassured him as he did the same to Katharine. Boddys also had his own mic and camera fitted around his neck.

She motioned for the others to follow her into a room. This led to Eggman’s lab, Fatal Iron. She stood in front of the computer and spoke into the mic, “Activate warp ring to Dimension CWC. Authorization code: Knightley-echo-charlie-six-zero-one.”

There was a flash of golden light as a warp ring came into view.

“Access granted: Welcome, Lulu Ashley Knightley.” The automated voice replied as the warp ring finally materialized.

Lulu was the first to jump in. Soon, everyone apart from Exetior had jumped in.

He sighed and shook his head. “Forgive me, Negagen...” he said as he finally entered the ring.

Operation: JERKOP (Chapter 1)
Welp, here's the cringe that most of you were waiting for....

Okay, I’m just gonna put this out here for those of you who aren’t in the Pyro’s Art World server in Discord.

Y’know what’s one thing I absolutely hate when discussing FNaS with someone who isn’t familiar with the series?

Said person bitching about Yoshi and Taingle/Toy Tails’ gender.

I mean, come on. I know that Yoshi and Tails are male in their respective universes (though Yoshi is technically genderless according to Miyamoto himself). And in the days of FNaS 1-3, Yoshi was originally male before the release of FNaS 4, where her gender was changed to be female in past and future games.

But Yoshi and Taingle are the opposite gender in the FNaS series, and for a very good reason. TheCyVap, the creator of FNaS, stated that if Yoshi and Taingle were male throughout the series, then there would be little to no female characters and too many male characters in the series.

Another thing to note: FNaS isn’t canon to either the Sonic universe or the Mario universe. Which means that the characters in said game can go against the canon universes in which they came from.

tl;dr: Yoshi and Taingle are female in FNaS. Deal with it.


YuriHaru567's Profile Picture
Yuriko Harukaze
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Name: Yuri/Yuriko (Preferred)

Age: 15

Gender: Female (she/her/they)



Maritial status: Taken

Hello, everyone! Yes, I am the same YuriHaru567 who voiced Tails in Sonic.exe: Spirits of Hell. This account is mainly to show the cringe I call my art.

My loving boyfriend (insult him and I will hurt you): :iconunsafermirror2:

My dA sisters: :iconleviwalker13::iconashlynwallace5409: :iconcianablue: :iconaria-art-page:

My dA brothers: :iconhyperbrandonprower: :iconxlh210: :iconsfg1235deviantart:

A person who's been with me through thick and thin (You are the BEST): :iconjaizkoys:

Friends and inspirations: :iconnickolas4ready: :iconrrapidgamer: :iconthecyvap: :iconklunsgod: :iconcrazymegaartist: :icondiamondblingbling: among MANY others


Art trades: I don't do them.

Add me on Discord! (Fastest way to contact me):



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