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Mature Content

In Good Hands by Ehryel

Mature Content

Princess and a Pirate by Ehryel

Mature Content

Heated by calicoJill
Goth Gal Pals by Ehryel
Anime and Manga Yuri
Umbreon and Espeon by LumiNaru
Sailor Moon - Happy Birthday Michiru! by TheKissingHand
Happy New Year Love Live! by MasNak30
Bring Revolution to the Appeal by laprasking
TV and Cartoon Yuri
Sunsetsparkle doodle~ by Mellorine91
Love is Magic~ by Mellorine91
RariJack doodle~ by Mellorine91
Misa Amane and Kiyomi Takada by KaiMacTrash
Video Game Yuri

Mature Content

Cammy's Egypyt Adventure (7) by perzianverzian

Mature Content

You finally made it Waifu by Ultamisia
Never stop fighting V. by Ultamisia
Genshin Impact-Beiguang- by K-Nashi
Movie and Musical Character Yuri

Mature Content

WonderWoman X SuperGirl by Huy137
Nicki Minaj Gwen Bondage Doll by perzianverzian
Kyss Mig (Kiss Me) Folder Icon 02 by MaxineChernikoff
Below Her Mouth Folder Icon by MaxineChernikoff
Comic Character Yuri
Ugly Sweaters by TheRealJerseyDevil

Mature Content

I love you Ives by Ultamisia
Our 'Us' time by MuffinMonstah
Dragon Attic by ErinPtah
Original Character Yuri
At Home- Beaten by AkameSetsuna
At the Skatepark- Beaten by AkameSetsuna

Mature Content

Bunny Valentine by Myore
Vespa and Bailey hugging- Beaten by AkameSetsuna
Cosplay Yuri
PMMM - I want you by my side by AidaOtaku
AppleJack x Rarity cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
AppleJack x Rarity cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
AppleJack x Rarity cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Candid Human Photo Yuri

Mature Content

Wrong Love by Kostassoid
DMp - private beach by LEGENDofLMPF
To The 2nd Power #2 by NookieCutter
Yuri in Comic Form

Mature Content

UAPE - page 9 by Digsaw
UAPE - page 10 by Digsaw
UAPE - page 11 by Digsaw
Uape - cover by Digsaw
Original Written Yuri Works

Mature Content

Yuri Fanfiction

Mature Content

Yuri Figures and Dolls
Mai-Otome plushies by oinkwarrior
Unique Fetish Yuri Art

Mature Content

Friends Paddling caress red by caligula97030
Furry and Non-Human Yuri
Starlight drone extra page  by LilacNightmare
Yuri Memes, Stamps, and Misc. Text Posts

Mature Content

Good way for Harley and Ivy to say thanks by Ultamisia
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:bulletpink: This is a group for yuri, femslash, shoujo-ai and all things lesbian-related. We don't accept art or favorites that do not contain the above-mentioned material.

:bulletpink: Single portraits of females are only acceptable if they are a canon character attracted to women in their respected series. Bisexual, pansexual, etc. women are included in this broad statement.  Example: You can submit an image with only Shizuma Hanazono from Strawberry Panic, as her sexuality is clearly leaning towards women in her series.  You cannot submit a single image of only Mikasa from Attack on Titan as her sexuality is not canon; to submit her, she must be paired with another woman in the image. Same with OCs: unless your OC character image has two women involved and/or I cannot verify from the description that they are a canon lesbian/bi/pan/etc. character in your story, then your art will be rejected.

:bulletpink: This group contains adult material, including sexual and fetish content.  Mark your submissions accordingly. Please note that there is an essential difference between "warning" and "strict;" the latter requires you to be 18 years of age or older to view.

:bulletpink: This group contains SPOILERS for popular series. I will not screen spoilers so be warned!

:bulletpink: We do accept furry and unique fetish art. Unique fetishes include pregnancy, bloating, inflation, diapers, tickles, painful and/or bloody bondage, tentacles, slime, etc.  Unique fetishes DO NOT include lolicon and/or images of pedophilia; images of that nature will be rejected 100% of the time.  Furries DO NOT include girls with cat ears and tails but an otherwise human appearance; please place those in the appropriate, non-furry, folder.

:bulletpink: You may submit 3 deviations per week. This is to avoid overflow and backlog.

:bulletpink: If your art has more than three panels (with or without text), please submit to "Yuri in Comic Form" regardless of what series or medium from which your characters originate. Text on an image does not simply make it a comic.  Please count your panels!

:bulletpink: "Anime and Manga Yuri" is for yuri from Japanese animation series only. If you draw American comic book characters in an anime style, that needs to go in the "Comic Character Yuri" folder; characters count, not art style!

:bulletpink: Homestuck goes in the "Comic Character Yuri" folder.

:bulletpink: Non-humanized My Little Ponies go in the "Furry Yuri" folder.

:bulletpink: Monster girls go in the "Unique Fetish Yuri Art."

:bulletpink: Artwork submitted to our gallery has to be made by you. If you use bases or upload media that belongs to someone other than yourself, please give credit to the original creator.  Artwork where only parts of it have been made by you (i.e. stamps featuring an existing image) are to be placed in the "Yuri Memes, Stamps, and Misc. Text Posts" folder. Deviations such as graphics, GIF animations, sprites, and etc. are also to be placed here.

:bulletpink: You may only submit finished artwork. Works in progress (WIPs), rough lineart or sketches, and scraps will not be accepted. Please only submit clean, quality works that have been given adequate time and effort.  Similarly, please try to submit your deviation in a highest quality as possible. Please avoid using your camera to take photos of your drawings. If you do not have a scanner, please try to make your photo as clear as possible.

:bulletpink: Please try to use your best grammar in literary submissions. Literature that contains too many errors in grammar and spelling might be difficult and frustrating to read.

:bulletpink:If your deviation was declined, please submit it only one more time in a different folder.  If it was denied without comment, it was more than likely axed because you attempted to put it in the wrong folder.  If you feel you have been unjustly declined, please feel free to reply to the decision with questions.  If you do not reply to the deviation, I cannot adequately give you feedback.

:star: Update Folders
:star: New Featured Artwork
:star: Initial Art Re-Categorize
:star: Initial Fiction and Fanfiction Re-Categorize
:star: Update Rules and FAQ
:star: Get more Affiliates
:star: Encourage Submission by upping weekly content limit
:star: Where my [current] Contributors at?
:star: Manually Request Submissions

CONCERNING RE-CATEGORIZATION: I have completed my first round of re-categorization but I'm almost 100% certain I've missed some things.  If you see anything in the wrong category, let me know so I may correct it!

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Don't hesitate to ask questions~Now go out there and have fun! :heart:
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