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Tarot Card-Damnation



I Entered this for the Seventh Sanctum [link] Tarot Card contest.
The generator gave me the result "Damnation", and I made my creation with paint.NET [link] and Daz3D's Bryce 5.5. [link] [link]

My interpretation of the card follows:

Description: This card is drawn from the point of view of a man dying of thirst in a barren desert. After days of stumbling around, he collapses. His vision blurred, he spots an oasis in front of him. He tries to stand up, but to no avail- he is out of strength, his legs too tired to stand. He awaits death...

Meaning: This card is a curious one: one would think from the name that it is a card of ill omen, but this is not necessarily the case. It represents the man in the desert’s certainty of death; likewise, it represents your own certainty. This card may show you that you already know your path, future or present.
Inverse meaning: Your vision, like the man in the desert’s vision, may be blurred. Nothing is certain. If you cannot achieve something, waste not your time thinking of what may have been, focus on the future.

with tarot cards, the inverse meaning is what it means when it is drawn upside down)
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I like the way the desert thingy is blurred, and you've got the other part not bluured, if u know what i mean! :-)
Good job!