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  • Listening to: Eminem
  • Reading: Stuff
  • Watching: Thangs
  • Playing: Life is Strange: Before The Storm
  • Eating: Flesh...
  • Drinking: Blood...
Thought it was time to change the journal... the old one was haging here too fuckin long already....

These past like.... 3 days.... I was playing Life is Strange: Before The Storm.... I've read on Wikipedia of that that it was somewhat "mixed" received with the reviews and shit... that it had some continuity errors and shit like that. That may be so... but now... FUCK... I'm a lot more into Chloe and Rachel than I ever was into Chloe and Max...And I'm thinking FUCK .... I should have never gotten to play this shit because I knew how it had to end....The original LiS was emotional, yeah... but this was a lot worse for me emotionally...
I still have that "Farewell" episode to go but somehow I don't really feel like getting into it... not right now anyway...
I don't even know what I'm trying to say here... I'm drunk.... :rofl: Just saying what I was up to lately and wanted to get rid of the old journal....shit like that I guess....Yeah well... that's all. Nothing much more to say here....:shrug:


Czech Republic


(actually... any yuri pairing... but these are most favorite)
-Saya x Diva (Blood+)
-Elsa x Anna (Frozen)
-Nana x Hachi (Nana)
-Ginger x Brigitte (Ginger Snaps)
-Ahsoka x Barriss (SW: Clone Wars)
-Lightning x Serah (Final Fantasy)
-Fang x Vanille (Final Fantasy)
-Shizuru x Natsuki (Mai HiME/Otome)
-Hana x Rain (Fear Effect)
-Nariko x Kai (Heavenly Sword)
-Soi Fon x Yoruichi (Bleach)
-(F)Shepard x Liara,Tali (Mass Effect)
-(F)Hawke x Bethany (Dragon Age II)
-(F)Warden x Leliana (Dragon Age: Origins)
-Lara x Amanda (Tomb Raider)
-Lara x Sam (new Tomb Raider)
-DSF/LSF Revan x Bastila (SW:KotOR)
-DSF/LSF Exile x Visas (SW:KotOR2)
-Chikane x Himeko (Kannazuki no Miko)
-Jill x Rebecca (Resident Evil)
-Ada x Ashley (Resident Evil)
-Claire x Sherry (Resident Evil)
-Kanade x Yukino (Candy Boy)
-Tsunade x Shizune (Naruto)
-Yomi x Kagura (Ga Rei)
-Nagisa x Shizuma (Strawberry Panic)
-Miria x Tabitha (Claymore)
-Kirika x Mireille (Noir)
-Madlax x Vanessa (Madlax)

(not so much indeed... plus these I neither like,nor dislike...It's just that I rather see sexy girls hanging out with other sexy girls than guys...-_- especially since I AM one of such girls XD)
-The Prince x Farah (Prince of Persia)
-Geralt x Yennefer;Shani (The Witcher)
-Leon x Claire;Ashley (Resident Evil)
-Sasuke x Karin (Naruto)
-Light x Misa (Death Note)

-none! -_-

HATED PAIRINGS! :chainsaw: :

-none... ^_^

-Saya x Haji,Solomon,Karl,Kai (Blood+)
-Diva x Solomon,Amshel,Haji,Riku,Karl,Kai,James (Blood+)
-Hachi x any guy (Nana) Deal with it
-Nana x any guy (Nana) Deal with it
-Ahsoka x Lux, Anakin (SW: Clone Wars)
-(M)Shepard x Anyone possible (Mass Effect)
-Soi Fon x Hisagi (Bleach)
-Yoruichi x Urahara (Bleach)
-Geralt x Triss (The Witcher)
-DSF/LSF Revan x Carth (SW:KotOR)
-DSM/LSM Revan x Bastila (SW:KotOR)
-DSF/LSF Exile x Atton,Mical (SW:KotOR 2)
-DSM/LSM Exile x Visas (SW:KotOR 2)
-Jill x Chris , Wesker (Resident Evil)
-Rebecca x Coen , Chris , Wesker (Resident Evil)
-Sherry x Jake, Leon (Resident Evil)
-Tsunade x Jiraiya (Naruto)
-Shizune x Kakashi,Genma (Naruto)
-Kagura x Noriyuki,Kensuke (Ga Rei)
-Yomi x Noriyuki (Ga Rei)
-Himeko x Souma (Kannazuki no Miko)
-Clare x Raki (Claymore)


Current Residence: The Milky Way; Serpent Nebula; Citadel; Presidium
Favourite genre of music: ROCK,Metal,Punk, J-Rock,J-Pop,anime and movies OSTs,classical music
Favourite photographer: My sister... xD (only person I let to take photos of me xD)
Favourite style of art: anime FAs
Operating System: MyBrain v1.0
MP3 player of choice: Umm...some... one.... :D
Shell of choice: Shelly shell...^^
Wallpaper of choice: Yuri or Sasuke contain...:D
Favourite cartoon character: Uchiha Sasuke,Saya,Diva,Chikane,Himeko,Nagisa,Shizuma, Tsunade,Shizune
Personal Quote: POWAAAH!!! U N - L I - M I - T E D POWAAAAAAH!!!!


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Thanks. :D To you too... :D
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Don't know if you know but you can romance Jease now in SWTOR :) ... and thee is a bug for the warrior at the moment ... you can get both versions of Jaesa ... and romance them both! :D
judgmentfist Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018   Digital Artist
hey there - i’m setting up a group for inclusive and lgbt-friendly mortal kombat art ( ) and you have some really good stuff in your gallery; i can only add 10 deviations per day myself, but i’d love to have your work over there, so could you submit it, please? it would help a lot (and let me know if there are any folders missing)
Yuri-World-Ruler Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018
I would.... but ... I guess you'll have to do it yourself...I'm way too busy lately.... I don'T even have time to make new stuff lately.... I get here only every now and then.....
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that's all right! i'll take care of it, then
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