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Size difference? Yes I agree very much Yay Dance Jhope 

Not much to explain, I'm just sappy and thirsty for these two Fool Emoji-16 (Pervy Yay) [V1] 

Have a nice week start you all! :D
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This is my absolute favorite fan art. It’s sensual, but also has a bit of innocent intimacy. And the little hearts 😭
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I don't think you could have better put the word "cuddle" into a single image. The flow of their hair with the full body hug of Catra's is pure gold. I especially love the little grumpy pout on her face that seems to say "You're mine, and you'd better not forget that," Beautiful work!

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Adora is so tall and muscly 😍 I love it she’s beautiful

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Oh that's so so hot. Great job drawing them both! How come nothing from this series is on Sakugabooru? Lots of western shows get to be on their, even Netflix's Castlevania but not She-Ra?
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I love the way you draw Adora, too beefy Heart 
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I needed this and I didn't know it.
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So sad and desperate that they will be a tragic romance at least in the series!!
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This is a thing of beauty, and incredibly tastefully executed, with more focus on emotions than cheesecake. Bravo!

I'm guessing this is Adora in She-Ra mode?
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Aww that's so cute
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It's not like I like you or anything X/3
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Me curaste la depresión 50 veces sólo con este fanart Explode la plz Explode la plz Explode la plz Explode la plz 
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The Internet has already created ABO-Storys about this Ship. 

This Picture warmed my Heart. Great Work.
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Watch the claws Catra. Wouldn't want to spoil that beauty of a back. ;p
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That Afterglow though.
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA flail plz The size difference is cute already, but then this pose on top of that is just too precious. 10/10 Good stuff.  
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I'm glad you liked the show so much that it brought on an explosion of terrific fan art!
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Sincerely I have no idea when I ended up so deep into this fandom hahahaha! Kao Emoji-27 (Laughing) [V2] But no regrets at all  :D also happy you enjoy this explosion ;P
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when you buff girl friend can lift and cuddle you at the same time 
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I love this! Please keep making more fanart! They are so adorable!!
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Keep the catgirl, I want that buff She-Ra carrying me to bed.
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