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Der Uberjunge

By Yurasagi
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Prepare for Efficient German Justice! The Bavarian Disciplinarian came form Berlin, and He Came to win! The Efficient German Hero makes short work of evildoers while protecting the noble German people from those who would besiege them, and all in time to make it home for bratwurst! Using his Superspeed and Metahuman Strength, Uberboy dispatches villains with calculated efficiency. A master tactician; he is able to lead large teams of diverse Legionaires to victory against even the most stringent odds. If you need the job done right the first time, and you don't have any time to spare, call der Uberjunge!

Made in Hero Machine 3 Alpha [link] For the Legionaire Contest.
Heromachine Courtesy of UGO & Jeff Hebert.
Pose by Sean David Ross.
Costume and Character Design by Yurasagi.
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Although the seems are pretty obvious here, it's pretty easy to forgive that because the pose is so impressive.

Dynamic posing in HeroMachine is something I've really struggled with in the past and this is worlds beyond anything I've ever been able to achieve.

Excellent work.
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Bleah. Seams, not seems.