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adult Azula - The Last Airbender

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"All characters depicted are 18 or older."
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She looks so hot! Literally.

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She's a monster. So...why am I suddenly attracted to her?

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It's Azula (and Wilson from "Cast Away") :greetings:

*clears throat* i think I've got something on my screen

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beautiful azula

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Impressive she really looks fine.πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

She just improves her muscles to catch Avatar^)

I hope you make Mai

U are gonna make Mei?
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It's not the same without the look of smug superiority.

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Its love at first sight. I really like this piece. Thank you for sharing your work.
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As smokin hot she is, its too bad she is bat-shit crazy lol

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damn. that's quite the evocative azula. i'd forget for a moment how dangerous she is

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This is so good! She's so hot

She's looking hot despite the fact that she's s firebender!

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She looks very gorgeous!
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Damn. She looks stunning :heart:

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