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  • Listening to: construction site noices...
  • Reading: the Temerarie series (Dragons!!!)
  • Watching: death note (and hating every second of it)
  • Playing: GTA
  • Eating: chickentica misala
  • Drinking: lots of water. CURSE YOU, SUN

All commissions are done on white 81/2 x 11 in. vellum finished paper, unless otherwise specified. These prices DO NOT include shipping.

I ~MIGHT~ do HENTAI or YIFFIE stuff. contact me and we'll talk.

Colored Pencil.......$35……
CG Color.............$30……
Prices are for 1 character only.
All additional characters are and extra $5.
  • Listening to: "good will hunting" and a drip in my kit
  • Reading: comics? I need a good book.
  • Watching: heroes.
  • Playing: kingdom hearts (the first one, for the first time)
  • Eating: one thousand chicken fajitas
  • Drinking: cranberry icetea
one more week.
not that long, right?

one more LONG ass week, and she will be mine.

In one week, I'll drop :iconnek0: off at her car, and go stand on line with a billion nerds waiting for the new nintendo Wii.

I feel like Cartman.

just one more week though. one more week...
I Sure took my sweet time, but I finally got around to playing, and beating SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS, and I'm seriously thinking of drawing some fanart for it... not so much for Wander (the guy) as for Agro (the guy's horse)... but knowing how lazy I am, we all know this will never happen. oh well.

If you don't know what SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS IS then don't ever tell people you're a gamer, unless you follow it with "just kidding".
Happy thanksgiving, dudes and dudettes.

this post is mostly to remove my old journal entry. I couldn't care less about turkey this year...

Jigga whaaa?

Fri Apr 22, 2005, 2:49 PM
WHO DID IT?!?!?!

I am a DA subscriber??? who did this? show yourself!

Hey, know any good Tablet tricks tutorial sites?

'pretiate it
Rekindling my long lost love for robots here comes "I-Robot". I thought I was gonna hate it cause the robots in it have a human face, but actually the face just makes the NS-5 very aesthetically pleasing, altho I also enjoyed the earlier version, NS-4.

I could go on for hours, but I won't. If you like robot flicks, you should go see this one.

Bots I've loved:
robocop (only the one in the first movie)
All the failled robocop models (I would rewind those scenes over and over)
Cain (robocop2)
T-800 (Arnold)
T-x (The chick)
Almost any anime robot excluding Gundamm
The iron giant

Robot's I've never liked:
Anything Gundamm
Anithing from AI (cept for Jude Law, he was a pimp)
   I shoulda typed this yesterday, because I was more vividly pissed and amused. It's a bit long, but it's something I think you should read.
   I showed my sketch book to someguy at work yesterday. he went thru it while he talked to someone else, which means he wasnt really looking at the drawings. then he suddenly stopped at my adrian drawing… and proceded to argue with me over how this wasn't my character. He said this was Glenn from chrono trigger… and… , but no matter what I said he kept saying that Adrian was glenn and that was that.
   Now, I'll be the first to admit that Chronno trigger is one of my all time favorite games, and that Adrian was partially modelled after Glenn. but I came up with Adrian in highschool, and I like him to much to just UNDO him, so i've tried my best to make sure he looks, acts, and sounds nothing like Glenn; but there's only so many ways you can draw frog men. And ignorant people will always say "man's body, frogs head... I know this character!!!"
   So we left it at that, and he kept looking... once again, flipping thru the pages while he payed attention to something else. then he stopped again to tell me that the "asian alien" I drew was al wrong. By asian alien he meant this drawing of Caoryn… . at this point, a little girl in the back of my brain started gigling. He said that the feet were all wrong if he was chinese (LMAO in my head). I told him that was not an asian person, or an alien, but an ELF. he then told me that the drawing was still wrong because he likes looking at womens feet. he likes to observe and pay attention to them and all the elves he has seen have feet like chinese women (0.o). "asian women have a big toe that goes longer than the other toes".
   At this point I gave up on disagreeing with him. the little girl in my head turned into a bunch of drunk sailors laughing at this retard, and the levels of ignorant racism and ignorant criticism were so high I was giddy just thinking of ways to tell someone this story.
   Before he left, one of my supervisors walked in, said soemthing or other to me and walked away. soon as she was out of ear shot he said "when I see her I think of fucking. Maybe because she looks nice, but you and I know she's a dirty slut". . .  

   people like this guy make me feel hate for my own race and gender.
I dunno why this didn't go to my gallery... I uploaded it yesterday.…
For almost two months now I haven't felt like drawing at all. I mean I've drawn, but I haven't had the craving for drawing I usually have....

I kinda miss it.
i just peeled the skin off my middle and index finger, so don't expect a lot of art from me...

God, it hurts so much!
It's the re-mix to ignition
hot 'N fresh out the kitchen
momma rollin' that body
got ev'ry man in here wishing
sipping on coke and rum
I'm like "so what, I'm drunk"
it's the fricking weekend, baby
I'm about to ha'me some fun...
hey guys, i just got me a guitar (Thanks Dani). I'm trying to teach myself to play it, so i could really use any pointers. maybe a good site, or a book or something... thanks
hey guys, I put up that squirrel girl up for auction, so if you like her, you can now own the original line art. click here… to see her.

Thank you
"an action movie that doesn't copy the matrix?

I better go see it then"
I'll be the first one to deny it if i'm ever confronted about it, but i'll admit it here, once and for all... I'm way too sensitive when it comes to my drawings and to negative criticism on it.
Most of the time, even if i get annoyed that someone found something wrong in it (don't get all huffy, i know my art is far from perfect), I'll later on admit to myself that they were right and i'll try to do better next time, and those times criticism helps.
But there are times when there's a really good finished and inked drawing and someone will point out "the head is too big"... and this comment I HATE. Thing is, you don't have a ruler to measure a drawing, and even when you do the pencil sketch for it it looks ok, but then in the finished version, you decide to change the smile, or eyes, or ears, and then you're screwed. Big head figures happen to every one who ever tried to draw; they never happen on purpose and by the time you see them, it's too late cause you inked the whole deal.

Pointing out a big head, when you know the artist is usually good with keeping things the right size does nothing more than make the artist feel like even more of a jack ass; because believe me he knew that head was huge before he showed ya the friggin' trigun fanart. So if you have some constructive criticism, not for me but for anyone else who draws, it better be about how they press too hard with the pencil, or how the muscles on the arm are WAY off.
hey guys... remember the sexy furry chicks i uploaded? you can buy them both!!! here…;, and here…

Go there to check them out in full color! and if you like them so much, why not bid on them?
ok guys, i just put up my first piece on furbid... please drop by and check it out…
I'm thinking of ways to sell my art... The most resent idea i had to sell out was to open a furbid account and get to drawing some furry pr0n... let's see how it works out.