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I know I'm no longer that much around here (which is due to university and my life in general these days, I cannot really focus on Photoshop anymore) but regardless, I thank you all for the continuous support, comments and favorites.

So to all of you, my supporters and everyone else, too, a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

Let's hope that 2012 will bring us all something bright and beautiful.

Also, if anyone is interested, I am currently updating my tumblr on a daily basis; I'll be posting some random cellphone quality photos from Helsinki (where I currently live due to my studies) as well as some graphics that I have been able to make every now and then. But you shall be warned: otherwise my tumblr behavior consists of reblogging other people's awesome entries.

But here's a link just in case someone would like to follow me:
Ef yeah!

I'm feeling so great atm that I need to update!
First of all - yes, I know, I need to update my gallery a bit some time. I work 8~9hours/day, though, so I'm always quite tired afterwards = no will to Photoshop. I really miss making textures tho and I want to make you guys a big set sooner or later again.. I feel so good now that I just might make some textures this weekend!

Anyway, the great thing is - I have got accepted into university! A university where I'd like to go! A major I'd love to study! I already got accepted into another university earlier this summer but I wasn't that excited about it (because it isn't a place where I would really like to go) - but now, after hearing that I got accepted into another university, I'm feeling SO GOOD! If I won't get accepted into any other university, I'll go here and my major will be International Business, which is something that I've wanted to study already for a while. I want my future studies to revolve around transcultural & international issues, so, that's why this major is like a dream for me. Plus, I'll be studying in English. PLUS there'll be a possibility to study abroad (South Korea *wink, wink*). Awesome.

Ahhh, I'm just so happy. Now I can go to sleep with a smile on my face!

And continuous thank yous to all of you supporting my deviantart, even at times when I am not so much around. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Take care!
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Hi all!

I know I've been offline for quite a while again; my entrance exams have started and I have tried to become well prepared for them.
We'll see what happens, hopefully I'll get accepted to some university so that I can continue studying in the coming autumn, I really miss studying.. ;_;
I also miss photoshopping and making textures!! They are really therapeutical things for me when experiencing stress but this stress, I cannot overcome it with photoshop but with studying and being well prepared.

Anyway, for the next 3 weeks I'll still remain quite offline but after that I am free as a bird! (except that I started working a week ago and will work for the whole summer.. ahhh, I'm busy.. but making money, hhehe).

I'm always grateful to receive your messages and comments so I'll try to keep answering to questions etc. if I am able to use the computer. (yeah, our PC has been broken for almost 2 weeks now)...

But hey, everyone, take care! Hope you guys have a great summer! I'll try to be back with new textures sooner or later, cannot really promise anything!

See you! :)
Hi y'all!
How's it going?

First and foremost, a new texture set consisting of big textures is on its way, I started making it last week. Hopefully I can finish the package soon.

Second of all, every fan of South Korean music, please visit: - the English version of Soribada (which I think means "Melody Ocean" in English) is kind of like Korean Itunes - the best thing is that they offer KPOP and KOREAN INDIE, exclusively! I joined the website a few days ago and almost used my 10-track FREE trial already! I'm going to pay 5.99$ for the next month so that I can download more and more awesome songs that come up. It feels great when you can actually contribute to the artists and not just download the albums for free (and illegally) from all of those blogs that share kpop / kindie. Besides, I'm extremely happy that the Korean indie selection in Soribada is really wide - some indie artists' music is hard to find elsewhere.

All you need is a Paypal and a Soribada account - and boom, you have a collection of amazing music, with nice cheap prices.
Unfortunately I wasn't paid for advertising Soribada, heh, I just felt like doing it because I love to spread the joys of Korean music!

I'll say something about my life, too, now that I'm updating my journal - I'm heavily depressed for multiple reasons, mainly because of the opposite sex. I didn't believe a few weeks ago that I'd have to go through these feelings so soon... but oh well, life gives and life takes. What can I do? I'll just try to accept how things have gone. The acceptance arrives very slowly, but I try to keep progressing my forgiveness. Maybe someday things will be better.

Until that day, I'll be looking for a good summer job! If I get a nice job for the summer and also get accepted to some university, I might be able to travel to South Korea this year! My parents are now against it (esp. because I want to travel there ALONE this time) but I hope I can prove them that I really want to succeed in the field of both, studies and work, first.

Well, take care everyone! Hopefully your things are going more smoothly than mine!
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Merry christmas everyone!
This year, there's no present from me, I'm sorry. I don't touch Photoshop a lot these days.
I hope you have a delightful and a warm christmas anyway
(although, in Finland atm, the weather is FAR from warm; about -25 celsius degrees every single day).

Maybe I should make something for you all for New Years?
It's 2011 soon! We should celebrate it somehow.
So hmm, I'll see what I can do.
Until then, take care!
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I'm so unhappy now!
These cute headphones with pink stars, one of the few more interesting things i bought in korea (the rest of the stuff being clothes and.. food.. xD) died/half-paralyzed today around 9.20pm. They cost me a whopping 9,900 won, making them one of my cheapest purchases in Korea. I will miss you dearly, my cutest and cheapest headphones ever.

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Oh yeah, FINALLY i decided to make textures again!
Sorry that it took such a long while but i haven't been inspired to photoshop lately.
Now i suddenly noticed that i really should make some textures, so.. Here i am again!

Check out the latest set here:…
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Hello everyone, i'm back from South Korea!
The three weeks i had there were amazing and i really really miss Korea already. I want to go back there ASAP.

I'm sorry that i was.. completely offline during the time i was in korea. I couldn't answer any comments or notes that i got during that time but i hope you understand. I'll try to reply to some messages when i have settled down better.

But woah, i am so bored to be back to Finland!! I love korean lifestyle xD

Anyhowww, i'll try to update my gallery asap. Until then!
I'll have a 3-week hiatus from this day on!
I'm travelling to Seoul, South Korea, with two friends of mine!
Hopefully everything will go well. I'm.. excited. more than that actually but anyways!

BYE BYE, take care!
Finally i got to know if i graduated from upper secondary school or not.
And yes i did! And i am very pleased with my grades.
Two grades dropped a bit whereas a few grades were quite surprisingly and awesomely great! Yay!

Next week i'll attend the university entrance exam - it will not go well because i haven't studied properly for it. But i'll go there nevertheless in order to get some experience. Hopefully i'll attend university in 2011! :)
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Such a shitty feeling right now.
I have said things that may hurt this one person that is very dear to me.
But if this person doesn't understand that i was only saying those things because i care...
Then i can do nothing about it. I just wish everything would end well.

It's hard to see your closest persons cry.

I have wished peace for years - i don't know if the happy ending is yet to come..
But there hasn't been a single happy moment for a while. Happiness only comes and goes.
Why can't it STAY at least for a while?

Life can be such a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Actually i have 1003 watchers right now but that's, of course, even better.
Thank you ALL for your constant support, whether you watched my account or not!
I'll try to keep the texture sets coming.
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Glad to be on Team Edward...... Hahah?
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After that i am free.
Gosh, it feels surreal.
I'll graduate this spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ah.. well.. only if i pass all my exams, of course.
but nevertheless. i must go to study now. do something useful.

i want it to be friday 26th already.
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The title of this entry is THE phrase every graduating high schooler will shout today in Finland. "Päiviä nolla, abin hyvä olla" could be translated into: "Zero days at school, abiturients are feeling good!" And abiturient is the student that will go through the matriculation exam and possibly graduate later this spring.

Hoh, so this was my LAST OFFICIAL DAY in senior high school! We had so much fun today!!
Our theme in the party at school was "Wild West", so, most of us were either cowboys or indians. We messed the whole school and shout out loud, it was so flyy! Haha~ And we also performed a play where we made fun of our teachers. I don't know if they liked the play but we hope they didn't get too offended because every single teacher has been nice to us. Except for one teacher, but it's okay, she's great too.

Later today we will go cruising with a huge ship~ There'll be lots of abiturients from all over the finland there, so, it will be like a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge party. I'm not so sure why exactly i'm going there, i'm so tired! But i'll try to have fun nevertheless.

Well anyway, i better leave now because i have to go back to school again soon. Our train will be leaving in an hour!
So, i was actually bored enough to create my very own Facebook page - currently there's only 1 fan and that is ME, lol. How selfish of me!

Stupid, right? But i think that it would be a cool way to update everyone about my latest textures, stock photos or whatever, since many people use Facebook. This is a way of also informing if i am about to come up with a new texture set :) I tried this in Twitter at first but i just didn't like tweeting.. (although it seems like Lady Gaga became my follower there, so, i think i should've just continued tweeting, haha!)

So if you are interested, just search for "yunyunsarang" in Facebook and you should find the page called "yunyunsarang - texture resource". I couldn't come up with a good name... I'm not good at that!

And by the way, thanks again to those who voted for my school in that hoodie design contest!! We have gained lots of votes and are currently in the third place (: It means a lot to us that our small school can fight against those big badass schools, so, thank you!
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First of all, hello everyone!
And second of all, ha ha haaa, i know this request is weird but..

Okay, so, i am about to graduate soon. So, since it's the last year of our class, we decided to come up with hoodies that have a logo that represents our school + it has our graduation year on it as well. Ahem, i don't want to advertise but i "designed" the logo - lol, basically i just slapped a few brushes together & used a nice font.

So, now it has appeared that our school's design is in this poll - and the winner school of this poll will get t-shirts for free! Yawhee! We're doing quite poorly now (currently at the 6th place) but since there seems to be not so many voters, we may get higher if we get some voters!

So, if you want to help my school a little (it takes a little while only) - please vote over here:…

Since the page is in finnish, here are the instructions how to vote:

1. Out of all hoodie designs, please choose "Kälviän lukio" - that's our design. The hoodie is black and it has a white text that sais "Abi 2010" and the name of our school and some stupid swirl brushes around it.
2. Go to the bottom of the page and write your email address to the white box (on the left of it there's a text saying "Sähköpostisi:")
3. Then there's a choose-out-of-these-alternatives box (on the left of it there's a text saying "Olen:") - Out of these options, choose "Muu".
4. Last but not least, please click the button that says "Lähetä".
5. You're done! Thank you if you were patient enough to go this far!

In case you're not interested, skip this one and just wish our school a good luck. Haha!
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I'm going bananas right now!!!

After almost 5 years of anticipation, my dream is about to become reality. My friend just booked tickets to South Korea for us three (me + two friends) and i'm literally going insane here!!! I could go outside and shout like a crazy obsessed girl. Seoul is my soul. I can't wait to see it in real life. And i really want to see the Korean countryside. Korean people. I want to hear the beautiful and bubbly Korean language everyday i wake up. FOR THREE AWESOME WEEKS I CAN PACK MY LIFE INTO A SUIT CASE AND LEAVE THIS FRIGGIN COUNTRY THAT I AM IN RIGHT NOW. Boy that is one hell of a relief!

Too bad that i'll still have to wait for 5 months. But it is a lot less than 5 years, duh!
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Ho-ho-ho and a merry christmas to you all!
Now, i noticed that i have just received over 60,000 pageviews, so, i'd like to thank you all for that!
Also, thank you for the constant comments and favorites you give - it makes me wanna make new resources & graphics a lot more.
As my christmas gift to you, i will post new texture sets very soon, probably today or tomorrow.

TO KPOP FANS: I'd also like to advertise again my new korean music community:… - i hope you'll visit it some time!(:
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