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Large Portal Movie Poster

This is my movie poster I made for school. I decided to do it for an imaginary Portal prequel.

In the interest of full disclosure, for some of these images I drew/painted over some screenshots and art from the game, so if they look familiar, that's why.

Geek bonus, the binary in the background is dialogue from one of Cave Johnson's speeches. Not the lemons one.

EDIT 7/2/2011 I've made a large version available for download, enjoy!

EDIT 7/19/2011: Fixed the spelling on Corporation.
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This works incredibly well. And excellent use of that quote too.
Also could have used: "We did what we must; because we could."
Frankenturret-Chan's avatar
I'm throwing money at my screen but nothing happens. ;-;
Yunyin's avatar
Sorry! All I have the power to do is help make things like the poster itself a reality.
Parodoxriom's avatar
Make this a thing valve MAKE THIS A THING!!!

great art work btw!
Yunyin's avatar
Thanks! Well, I can't make Valve make it a thing, but I can make the poster a thing! ^^
RoentgenDevice's avatar
Awesome idea and drawing. If I am ever a director, this would be the first movie I make :D
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Thanks! Hehe. ^^
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I would LOVE to see this movie.
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BuickRegalRacecar56's avatar
Holy crap, I'd make this if I could!
Yunyin's avatar
: > It would be cool to see! BTW, you might want to look at this…
BuickRegalRacecar56's avatar
I watched that, oh my god, i really wish there'd been a movie after that!  Terrific, just terrific!  
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Thank you so much!!
Tesla51's avatar
Not bad! I like.
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Is RatMan is there?
Yunyin's avatar
Yeah, he's with the other scientists in the bg.
KatWhisper's avatar
Oh wait, i think i see him , nvm.
AshesAndEmbers's avatar
FREAKING EPIC!!!!! There have to be combustible lemons! THERE JUST HAVE TO BE!!!
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