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Yunners Texture Bundle

By Yunners
This file contains the following for the Daz unimesh to be used as a second skin:
Rogue's Uniform: Trans map, texture, bump map and specular maps. Example: [link]
She-Hulk's singlet: Trans map, texture, bump map and specular maps. Example: [link]
Partially covered symbiote: transparancy map and displacement. Example: [link]

Daz Morphing fantasy dress texture:
Bloodrayne's dress as seen in bloodrayne 2: Trans map, reflection and specular maps. Example: [link]

Thanks to Peter Cotton who provided me with the excellent base for the wrinkled bump map.

All these textures must be applied manually to their respective texture aspects.

Costume designs by Marvel and Majesco.

If you have any problems feel free to comment here or note me.
And please DO NOT FAVE unless you have downloaded and used these files, thanks. :)

Edit: Because people were still ignoring my pleas to not fave this for the picture, I changed it for text.
© 2008 - 2021 Yunners
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<font><font class="">Thanks very much for texture!</font></font>
I am glad for the textures, it is very useful
Thank You
Yunners's avatar
You're welcome :)
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I think I've been using some of your textures I got from Thanks for making these. I'm looking for more. Do you know if Peter Cotton has a account or how I could contact him?
Yunners's avatar
I'm pretty sure he still does! ~petercotton

And cheers for your support of my textures, there's a few more available in the recourses section of my gallery. Shoot me a link of the pics you used my textures in and I'll include you in my features blog post. :)
SpaceMonkey1977's avatar
Thanks! And thanks for Peter Cotton's contact info. I got all your and his textures on the same day from so they all ended up in the same folder. I have trouble telling them apart. Here are images where I know I've used either yours or his.
[link] Rogue texture modified
[link] Rogue texture modified
[link] Canary texture
[link] Rogue and Power Girl textures both modified.
...didn't know I was so partial to the Rogue textures.
Yunners's avatar
Of the four, I think only the last one uses any of my textures. :lol:
SpaceMonkey1977's avatar
...yeah, I always modify them too and in the process lose all the tag info on the textures. I think in some upcoming renders I am hybrid-ing together a few of your with some other peoples.
Hi Yunners,
Great work! I'm trying to use your She-Hulk textures but it doesn't seem to be working. Are the textures made for V3 with morphs on her body? Or is it for the V3 Ultra Catsuit?

Could you help me with this?
SydneyPrimal's avatar
Faved because I'll be using it with my new modelling software. Thanks!
vaia's avatar
TravisBickle4WilyKit's avatar
Faved because you are Yunners, the alpha and omega of textureing!
Yunners's avatar
I didn't realize I was that well known for texturing. :lol: Thank you!
hotrod5's avatar
The textures you provided are great! I just posted an image of Rogue and I'm currently working with the partially covered symbiote texture for another image that will be posted soon.
zananeichan's avatar
The symbiot skin tex looks interesting... :-)will be using it in my big art thing...
Yunners's avatar
I look forward to the results. I've yet to see anybody else using it. >_>
zananeichan's avatar
I have used it including your sith skin ;-) ((^_^)) still ggot 1/4 left ;-)
Yunners's avatar
Looking forward to it :D
zananeichan's avatar
Thanks ((^_^)) (((hugs)))
hmm can DAZ 2 render poser 5 hair?
SilkaLiveDoll's avatar
Glad to see that the Unimesh ladies haven't been completely abandoned. :D
Yunners's avatar
Nope! I'm delaying the move to V4 for as long as I can. :D
Chup-at-Cabra's avatar
Thanks for another great set of textures :)

Still not entirely sure how to use the first set from Heromorph, but most of it is pretty simple to figure out.
Yunners's avatar
I can't remember which set is the first set. But most if not all of the textures have a txt, bmp, or trans label on them. So just assign each one to the texture, bump and opacity values of the matierial settings. :)
Faltain's avatar
And then god said, "Let ye who shareth a bounty of textures be blessed above all else, for ye be of pure awesomeness and rock-hardedness" ... or something. :p

Hopefully that Timewyrm guy takes the She-Venom themed stuff and runs with it, imo. :D
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