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Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
My Bio
CM: Xxyunia-ninjatigerXx

(pixal image of sonic oc for bio made by xHimikox credit goes to her for it)

hi my name is Elizabeth Huang but u can call me lizy for short and u can call me yunai here. i like anime and video games and my favorite movie types and I'm a drawer too but I'm still working hard getting the hang of digital style art/drawing, i use bases sometimes when I cant think a good pose to draw or refance when comes to base editing type style thats only if i can't think of good poses to work on and I have drawn my own anime style drawings ever since I met once frist friend at "highschool"(whose kinda exfriend of main now what happened that got her being a exfriend will be privet) and I will say ever since me and her became friends with ever since at our highschool days when we hanged out before we graduated from our high school and before she moved away, this was before i lost conntact with her when we stoped talking with her overtime chat-sites after us going separate ways but I really like to draw detailed like anime/manga drawing style like her style so yeah she imspired me in away to try draw anime/manga style in my own style when delevoping my own anime like art style but it'll take lot practice to get to the detailed anime/manga style like her style but I know ill just have to keep drawing and looking at anime art style drawing style books to get good at it .,my dream job is be a game designer cuz that's the career i like get to someday but who knows i know it'll be lot work to get there im also Chinese American

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Allowed to ship whatever

and :3 i met some other kool peeps i met here and i see as good friends BloodStainedDagger BrittBailey SKTachi Zer0finix Yoitefriend peachylovee MissEdelia Yuuki9403 xHimikox ashurikuron BeybladeGirl1234 Taylorthedog1 XSreiki772

my bf artistio Masterstevo XxtheMasterStevo31x is drawer too here on deviantar

so yeah he is my bf we stick together no matter what the odds r we help each other on ideas for art we make and our fan characters stories and agine care for each other and care about our friends too if there feeling down they can talk it out with one of us were there for them and so yeah u can say I'm already taken and with artistio like together forever

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this is me
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Favourite Visual Artist
anime artist
Favourite Movies
rise of the guardians,hotel transylevania, tekken bloodrevange final fantasy advent children and other i seen before or can't remember
Favourite TV Shows
naruto,blackbutler and vampire knight,samurai jack,teen taiten and many more but can fit few for now and others i can't remember the names
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
anna blue and damien dawne , cascada others and anime music
Favourite Books
manga and others i like to try read
Favourite Writers
dont have any fav writers
Favourite Games
kingdom hearts and sly cooper,tekken and kameo element of power,sonic,resident evil even hadn't played the other games but played the frist 2 ones for the 3ds and others i wish i can play but don't have any of the game consuls to play them
Favourite Gaming Platform
ps2 and ds and now 3ds and maybe xbox360
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
martial arts and japanese culture
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well this just question but ever since Butch Hartman going is "down under" with stuff and gotten drama with fans or people who like with his shows when they grew up with like fairy oddperents and danny phantom iv Been thinking like questions or possibility fans could obviously do this is me saying this i I feel Danny phantom needs clean slate and a fresh start and thought someone could make a unofficial danny phantom remake/reboot story either as a comic series or they can make there animation series with there skills cuz they can make own the version of the show have ideas what danny phantom could have to make far better then his if only butchs sayings about people who are part spectrum ruined there cherished show of there childhood hey if people can make there version of rwby and or make rewrite scenarios from current volumes people can do the same for danny phantom to rewrite key parts of the show they can still keep same characters but they just have change there designs little or
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Do to the drama of butch I decided to remove all my Danny phantom Ocs from Dp world and it’s fandom for personal reasons because of his comments On people who are part autistic spectrum I saw vids discussing of the issue at hand with him first he
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i made this for you. =D


your welcome. =D

Thank you so much for faving one of my latest Silvaze fanarts! :3

:3 your welcome love your works style for them

Thank you for thinking so, I hope you'll have a nice day! ^^

Hi hi, Thank you for flying through ruins with Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine! they were strong Hope you have an amazing weekend! -F 2 U- Sweet Cookies