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612 votes
A Bored Shepherd
My Bendy Nurse
My Black Kitten
Alice in Wonderland
Indians vs Cowboys
Leprechaun's Magic
The Snake-Charmer
The Secrets of Yin-Yang
Dracula's Battle
The Swan Lake

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SOMEONE'S into leprechauns...
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Oh, you know... the Alice in Wonderland has a lot of good potential for the "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" items... and fitting into small spaces via flexibility...
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May I ask to include nekos? *blushing* Cheshire cats are sooo cattish ;)
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I like snake charmer if he has bendy slave 
boy that do sexy dance with the snake !
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Oh yes, a very cute, bendy slave boy added to any of your ideas would be a wonderful addition!  My second choice would be a Bored Shepard, not sure why.  LOL
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Wish this post would get more attention. ;-D
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My faves were Dracula, Snake and Kitten :meow:
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Ummm... Alice is wining. 
I'm OK with that, as it is my second option ;P
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voted by Alice, the blondie is amazing but my second choice was indians and cowboys.
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It needs more votes for swan lake-
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