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Spongebob and Patrick

Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants pulled a Pinocchio and turned into real boys ^_^;

I guessed Spongebobs real name might be... minus the sponge and square parts...umm, Robert Pants? XD

Anyways, drawn just for fun ^-^
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Beelzemon-Mex's avatar
Completly GAY!!! :trollface:
Krabyplankton's avatar
Spongebob is a guy
zigaudrey's avatar
He is a guy with Eyeslash! ;P
TashaelaGrayLovesArt's avatar
Awww, I've always wondered how Patrick & SpongeBob would look if they were human...This is so good! I love how you added a spatula in his hand to symbolize his love/admiration for his job at the Krusty Krab. Now, I wonder how Sandy would look as a woman. Patrick might actually make an effort to rebuild his house using real equipment (i.e, carpet, appliances, an actual bed & not make (Carve them out of sand). Maybe he'd be taken a lot more seriously as a human instead of a Starfish, lol. Nicely drawn :-) I'm adding this to my Faves right away!!! :-)
BvBAngel7897's avatar
they didn't hit puberty, they beat the crap out of it.

like what happened
AngelTheBootyful's avatar
young-shadow24's avatar
This is the best picture
Pedrogato's avatar
Patrick is so beautiful, amazing work!!
Ddmnemonic's avatar
...this is fairly accurate. :/
NemoAves's avatar
really great, but this does kinda look like the cover of a very scenario. lol
Will-of-the-spurr's avatar
...why does Patrick have his hand down his trousers!?
twinknight's avatar
spongebob look kinda like a girl
Beelzemon-Mex's avatar
Because really, He is a Girl!
twinknight's avatar
Guineavere's avatar
Like how you did them!
EvilMinionKevin41's avatar
OH DAHM!!! *nosebleed* :iconpervplz: I'd tap THAT!!!
Welll hayy there Pat
Dogfreak1233's avatar
Wooooow.... Patrick... You're lookin good ^.^
lassiterchibi's avatar
Nu offence but he looks like miley cyrus before she became  *ahem* twerker 101 ;3;
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