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"There's no way we can lose in the Olympic games," such was the order from
the Soviet Union's Gymnastics Committee.

"But what can I do, comrade?" Marina shook her head dramatically. "My pupils
skip my lessons way too often and pretend to be 'sick' just to take days off from

The short man with a box-like balding head rose on his tiny legs and crushed
his small fists against the desk in front of him: "Then invent a method to make
them come daily, comrade Marina!"

"I..." Marina looked down nervously, pressing her index fingers together. "I was
actually thinking of something..."

"We're listening," the whole committee nodded their heads differently shaped

"Mmm. Can I order three types of girl's leotards? All of them must have a big
word 'dunce' on them, but first is low rise, second is high cut and the third type
is cut almost to the armpits."

The committee members looked at each other in the search for understanding
of what was just said.

"Oh and of course the leotards would be red."

The committee members started whispering to each other, nodding their heads.
The word 'red' worked like a charm.

"But what would be the use for girl's leotards to the coach of the boys team?"
A cylinder-headed woman with oversized thick glasses asked.

"Mm. Well," Marina looked further into her wild imagination. "That's the thing
actually. Let's say boys who skip one lesson will have to replace their training
shirt with the first type of these leotards, but can still keep their training shorts.
It would be embarrassing enough if they have to squeeze into such a girly piece
of wear and they sure will get enough jokes from their classmates to keep from
ever skipping my lessons again."

"This sounds interesting," the cylinder-headed woman adjusted her glasses and
seemingly got carried away by her own thoughts.

"What do you require the high cut leotard variation for?" A pyramid-headed man
suddenly asked.

"Umm," Marina's face stretched into a wicked smile. "Let's say someone doesn't
learn the lesson to not skip my lesson. This time he'd have to wear the high cut,
extra tight one and would lose the shorts, plus he'd get an extra intense
stretching session from me in front of all the classmates."

"And if that still doesn't teach a lesson?" The pyramid head inquired in a metallic

"Next time..." Marina almost grew little demonic horns on her head, "He'd have
to wear the third type and... mmmm, he'd have to do a flexibility demonstration
for the whole class. But let's just hope it won't have to come to this."

The pyramid-headed man blushed hard without moving a single muscle on his
communist face.

"This sounds perfectly fair, comrade Marina!" The man with a box-like head
brought everybody back on earth after a three second pause. "If your methods
help us to win the Olympic games, you will be personally rewarded by the
members of the Communist party and your method will be recommended for
use in all schools of the Soviet Union!"
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Excellent logic 🎀
MilanoBoyCool's avatar
The best kind of logic. :D I want to join this gymnastics class.
Mmm...I think deep down she really 'wants' to see the male team in the third high cut leotards! So she can see their bulges stretch the tight spandex of the suit.

My imagination is getting carried away too now...the image above could also act as a 'first sexual contact' scenario. The trainer's right hand moves slowly down onto his right thigh and closer to where they meet, brushing the bulge which protrudes there lightly with the backs of her fingers. There is nothing he can do as he is stretched to the limit, but the bulge would grow with anticipation and a dull ache would be felt in his groin as you would see his sex lengthen and thicken. Maybe he is very well endowed and his 'shape and size' would reach up over his tummy and disappear under his forearm?

Would the trainer trace his length and get her womanly pleasure from that...?
perfectsplits's avatar
actualy.this pose is quite common in rythmic gymnastics training.
and a high cut leotard makes you stretch out further.
NeoGenki's avatar
 I missed this too... but you've been on my watch for like a year... why, internet??
(haha it's probably just because I don't go on da as often anymore lol)
zkfanart's avatar
Comrade marina really deserved lenin medal for the idea.... and is sad that communism ended before they enforced her ideas to all schools XDDDDDDD
Woa, this is really a hunmorous idea! I love when artists like you mix so well a dose of humour with cute sexy boys in leotards X3
This one is so delicious to see and lovely too ^^ The intense flexiblity as well his unhappy expression make an interesting combination, while Marina looks quite satisfyied , and thee way you show her holding the boy´s face is SO realistic - the ay she presses his soft face skin is someting like a real life foto ^^ Oh yes.... and the bulge is nicely donee, heehe X3 :hug:
Yuni's avatar
Hahaha, what if I told you... *morpheus face*... in this alternate universe communism never ends! :D

Hehe yeah I always appreciate humor in sexy art, it's like two of the best things put together ^^
I'm so very happy you like the scene so much!! :hug: :heart:
zkfanart's avatar
Ohhhhhh this is true amazing ;)
hehe, promote the party.... and make boys wear leotards! ;)
And really welcome! :hug::heart:;hug::heart:
JenSunBeam's avatar
Whatever party makes boys wear leotards is the party I want to join. :D
zkfanart's avatar
Yeahhh! :icondragonnod1: be sure, me too! =D
JenSunBeam's avatar
btw, how's my request coming? No pressure, just curious. ;)
zkfanart's avatar
No prob, I completed the inked lineeart, still have to take some time till color it. Wanna see a preview?
JenSunBeam's avatar
Oh yeah, definitely! That's awesome! Thanks so much! :D
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JenSunBeam's avatar
I'm wondering right now if he's grateful that his excitement isn't visible physically or if he's embarrassed that his reaction is too small to be noticed. ;P

Is that a leotard Marina's wearing underneath her warm-up tracksuit? :)
Yuni's avatar
I think it's just a shirt that coaches normally wear :)
JenSunBeam's avatar
I can dream, can't I? ;P And I suppose her student probably is as well. ;)
Yuni's avatar
Well, if you prefer you can imagine it's a leotard :D After all, she was practically wearing leotards non-stop when she herself was younger :)
JenSunBeam's avatar
I can only hope that her students will be wearing them non-stop as well :)

Mmmmmm, Maria and a cute student in leotards.......that might just be too sexy for words :D
That calls for follow-up images...
Brilliant idea.
Yuni's avatar
Thanks a lot! :) Hope there will be some follow-ups over time :)
HalitePale's avatar
I was wondering why the trainer had a kind of "I told you so" look on her face, and then I read the story X3 That was certainly a treat! And it would, indeed, be embarrassing for most boys to wear something like that. Though, I'm sure you have a few cute boy characters that would only be encouraged to skip class if it meant they could wear those :D

And once again, I admire your ability to draw such pretty faces, soft looking hair, and feet.
Yuni's avatar
Hahah, yeah I guess if her class consisted of my characters then most of them would be only looking forward to skipping every second lesson, but I was thinking more of just a regular class, so I bet it would be quite embarassing :D

I'm very happy that you like the way I draw faces and hair and thank you so much for the comment! ^.^
JenSunBeam's avatar
I'm wondering...................does Marina's class have any girl students or does she just teach the boys? Because if there are any would be doubly humiliating for the guys. ;)
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