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Just received this comment today and kinda have mixed feelings about this.

Untitled-1 by Yuni

I'm already almost not posting anything on DA, I rather share my art with the trusted friends on Telegram and Discord than let random people say whatever comes on their mind when they see a commentbox in front of their face. Everybody still can see all my art on my website "" so it's not like I'm hiding anything, I'm rather just hiding myself from the idiotic feedback from people who need to grow up immediately.

I've already pretty much removed all the pictures depicting penor a.k.a. male genitalia from my gallery just because DA is really unstable about that subject matter and I don't want my 15+ years old account to be destroyed by some DA staff guy in 15 minutes like they did to my friend before. Again, if you want to see more of my art please just visit my website :3

But how much more can they censor me? Should I remove every character who looks "underage" according to a whatever random woman... and what's the criteria? Because I simply draw human figures whose anatomy fits the contortion theme or other subjects I want to draw. I have no idea what ages I'm drawing or how is is possible to 100% tell an age from a heavily stylized drawing that doesn't even follow the academic approach to anatomy...

Am I supposed to control the proportions somehow in a specific way to make them not look "underage" to every random SJW? I think it can only be achieved by making a super safe gap and drawing people who definitely look 30+ but that's just stupid... To me, the skinny, slender, youthful bodies are the most appealing for drawing my favorite subject, contortion. I understand that people who like drawing warriors and bodybuilders, they choose completely different proportions, in the end their characters have no problem with "looking underage", but a 30+ year old contortionist... God why?

Then, most people here despise contortion in the first place and maybe "little boys" is merely an excuse to pull it down legally. Like when the govs want to make someone a bad guy, they either say he's a terrorist or a pedophile or a sex offender, and then most people don't even care if something you read is actually truth or not...

Anyway, this is the picture that caused the trouble with the above mentioned viewer:

If you ask me, I don't even see what's wrong with this picture. I mean there are young people on Instagram and Facebook who do this kind of stuff. There are tons of pictures of LITTLE girls (like 10 years old or something) wearing a bikini on the beach while doing contortion! There are monthly yoga competitions where little boys twist their bodies in every way while wearing yoga pants or whatever. There are videos on youtube of very little Indian boys wearing small thongs while being trained for their "Gotipua" dances. None of that stuff is taken down! And I don't see WHY it would be taken down.

Some people are just moralist to the point of mental illness. But I believe the (N)Ice Age is coming soon for all of those moral dinosaurs. No shit is ever forever...

"Every empire
Every nation
Every tribe
Thought it would end
In a bit more decent way..."
House of the Fox

This is a gift for Aldric-Cheylan I made 3 years ago but for some reason it was exclusive on Facebook the whole time! Now it's finally here too and I also improved it a bit because I really like how the pose "turned out", if you don't mind the pun XD

By the way, this fox boy's name is Lou Cheylan! He is the youngest brother in the Cheylan family and the most limber one, but loves becoming even more and more limber as he grows up. I think all foxes are pretty elastic by design but Lou always wants to do so much more with his body!!

He very much loves to look at the new contortion pictures on his phone to distract himself during this or that extreme stretch. But these days such stretches are almost easy for him and he mostly does them to keep his muscles and ligaments in a very supple condition to keep being able to amaze his family and friends with the flexible poses he can do. And of course enjoy it by himself all day! :3 (and night!)

Yes he has a pet dog because foxes and dogs are both canines, so it makes sense? XD

Lou Cheylan belongs to Aldric-Cheylan ©
Yes he belongs to his older brother, haha XDD I hope after these 3 years Aldric still enjoys this gift and will enjoy this new improved version! :3


Hallo Weenie
Happy Halloween, please give Sweet Punking Sam a candy XD

"I sucked on my own candy so long that I sucked it off o////O"

"...But then I grew another one in a few hours XD"
Jason and the Golden One-Piece

Jason, the prince of Iolcus, suffers incredible injustice when his
uncle takes the throne by cheating with fake contortions.

Furthermore, the evil uncle plans to get Jason into an accident
to make him unable to practice contortion ever again...

Luckily, Jason's mom saves him just in time and takes him to the
wise centaur Chiron, the inventor of chiropractics:

"Please fold my son to your liking!"
"Butt of horse!" Chiron replies with his southern accent.

Trained to sheer perfection by the centaur, the teen Jason
becomes the most flexible boy of all the Greeks and goes back
to reclaim his throne but the evil uncle keeps winning the
stretch tests with his damned fake legs!

Jason can't understand how his uncle can be so ungodly flexible
and agrees he must be indeed a better ruler for the people of
Iolcus who appreciate flexibility over anythin else, what comes
to the politics...

However, suddenly Jason learns about the Golden One-Piece,
a legendary item that boosts flexibility to god-level! Rumors are
the leotard was once worn by the god Apollo himself, but was
stolen by a sorceress during one of his fabulous striptease

To make everything and everyone harder, the sorceress
enchanted the artifact to be invisible in the presence of dressed
people, and so Jason has to leave all his worldly possessions
behind, save for a pair of sandals and a long hard spear to
protect his ass.

But he is worried for nothing: his physical perfection attracts a
whole bunch of dudes willing to do anything for him and each
other. Each of them is far from ugly himself and so they
collectively become famous as the Argoknots.

The Argoknots develop into legendary contortionists who are
still famous to our days. Thanks to his extensive contortion
training with Chiron, Jason is able to outbend the sorceress's
daughter Medea, also known as the 'snake girl', rightfully
winning the precious high-cut artifact.

Finally Jason becomes the king of Iolcus as well as a famous
fitness instructor for the telly.

The end XD

Hope you liked ^_^ Finally getting back to ancient Greece,
the land of brave men and graceful boys XP
Gods of Folds
Suddenly they decided to make a sexy play about Norse gods XD

🍅 Loki - this spineless prankster is just asking to be spanked,
he's also notorious for loving to play with balls and tight ropes...
er I mean walking on tightropes XD

Thor - mom wanted him to be a ballet dancer but it only
lasted til he discovered Heavy Metal; loves everything heavy
and runs a smithy in the city. "Damn it's hot..." -- "Then lose
the... umm nevermind!"

🌲 Baldr - fond of hard wood and Thor's exes... I mean... axes
XD "Wanna check out my favorite jogging track? I'm just in the
mood for some wood... kapish?" :D

🌊 Freya - washes and folds the clothes and herself at the
same time XD "Oh look what you did, now I'm all wet again!"

Here's the original pictures of the same characters in the same order :7

Untitled by Yuni Time flies, gosh . . . by Yuni Matthew a.k.a. keg boy by Yuni

In Search of the Indian Rubber by Yuni

Hope you like ^-^



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Kikookarlin333 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
What do you mean by " Until the mainstream takes us... " ?

I discovered your profil today,  and I m between 2 chairs
Yuni Featured By Owner 3 days ago

Because every artist starts drawing what he likes himself but then shows his work to other people and then changes what he likes because the people tell him to do this or that, go here or there and so on. What will be left of what he originally liked? That's what I mean by the mainstream, total dishonesty and slavery to popular stuff. Bending to other people's will instead of bending their minds.

Kikookarlin333 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Well.. I totally agree with you. I see your point.
Me too I'm not into the mainstream, it's quite a negative word, which deals with very popular things which appear boring or stupid to some people. Most of the times because these content can be easy to make or sensless, with no intention to be original or deliver something spécial ( even if personnaly I think mainstream doesn't mean all the time bad, because sometimes you can find some beauties. For example  we can supposed that pop music is mainstream, I think there A LOT of unintersting songs, some of them have a lot of succes and that's lame, but sometimes you fan find a cool song, a song, when you listen to it, you are like " hmmm, not bad ! " )

But back on topic.

So i guess you are the opposition of mainstream, because your love for the fetichism of contorsion is the heart of your work, and we don't see this kind of stuff everyday at TV for example.
To be honest I'm not into contorsion at all, but i must say you made some great drawings and you have a beautiful graphic style, and from someone who show a fetich that I'm not into,  that's impressive !

But as I said I 'm between two chairs, because I like your work buuuuut you also did some pieces which seems really disturbing. I didn't see all your illustrations ( especially all those with mature filter), but what's bother me it's when you do fanarts.
Well no I don't think it's necessary a bad thing  to see characters from other universes doing some excercices, but because most of the time they are not at all familiar with contorsion it can be weird ( + as I'm not into this fetish it don't help the things,  and I hope you didn't use it to turn these fanart into porn, here that would be disgusting and quite disrespectful I think ).

So you see, I don't really know what to think about your art, because you don't seems to use your fetish do show degrading stuff or characters but because I saw some drawings which remind me horrible things I'm not sure.
I believe you are more into a desire to show a more sensual aspect of your fetichism, and that's good, but as I said, I didn't saw all your artworks, maybe I'm wrong, feel free to explain me your work.

I don't know if you more near to those deviant pages full of... disgusting stuff ( you know what I talk about if you know a little Deviantart ) or near to the deviant page with a real envy to show his personnal passion in a good way.
I really would like to know if you consider your work as " pervert  " or if you don't want to be assimilate to some people on this web site because you are more into an artistic way. With all what we can find on Deviantart I'm quite mistrustful.

( by the way : do you consider your affection for contorsion as a " fetichism " ? It's a strong word maybe you don't like it I could understand ).
Yuni Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I wouldn't analyze all this so much because if we get into analysis, it will only trigger the psychologist roleplay that people love doing way too much on the internet, pretending to see through each other's intentions. In fact they're just "playing a doctor" like little girls.
I've been following you for idk how many years now. You actually inspired me to get into contortion! It makes me happy when I check every few years and still see you creating amazing pieces. I hope one day I can be as flexible (or at least as humanly possible) as your beautiful artworks!
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