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Thank you!
I just wanted to thank you all once again for supporting my drawings!! 😝 Jeez, I don't even want to be dramatic again, but I just have to be honest, it's way too difficult for me to pull myself together to post anything on the internet anymore... Like, seriously this time. I think I'm done, I have no energy for this. But because of your support, I still make this effort exclusively for DA! 😎 DA still has the best community I know. 😘
Now I know the date of my death
The other day I was asked an unexpected question that I really couldn’t answer: "Are you proud of anything you are doing or have done?" I thought about that all day, and the next day I still couldn't think of of anything. Anything could be made up for an answer, but deep inside I know that I've really done nothing. If you imagine my life as a Wikipedia article, it will be a blank page. In my life, nothing really happened. At this point, someone will say: "Pull yourself together, you can still do something that you will be proud of!" To have something done is not a problem. I have a lot of skills in drawing, programming, writing, eve
honto ni arigatou meaning
Today woke up after a weird dream where four of my friends no longer wanted to be friends with me and for some reason they made me incredibly sad, even if I never seen any of them before XD But after waking up I had such an elbow deep feeling of loneliness that I had to literally count the friends I still actively talk with... After counting more than four, I was relieved! I just... I just wanted to say I'm incredibly grateful to my watchers who still take me and my art seriously! Despite I let so many things out of hand... seeing how it's all withering and fading away... But I'm really super happy about each comment I get and I really app


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FracturedPerceptionHobbyist Traditional Artist
You have some an awesome style. I love these weird twisted stuff. It's so weird seeing some of these bodies contort beyond the limits set by our reality.
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BecarraHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for adding my works to your watch!
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Hey yuni have you ever watched or read demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba?  There's a character in it named Inosuke who i think you'd like.
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Looks great from google images, will have to check it out! He reminded me a bit of my barbarian rubberboy
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I kinda wanna see a competition between the two of them.
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What ever happened to Rubber Boogie? Or was the featureless person in a gimp suit push the censors off the edge too much?

They looked so strict and shiny. 😍
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Well, I kept looking at it and not liking how the girl turned out so I decided to delete it in the end ^^;