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Gods of Folds
Suddenly they decided to make a sexy play about Norse gods XD

🍅 Loki - this spineless prankster is just asking to be spanked,
he's also notorious for loving to play with balls and tight ropes...
er I mean walking on tightropes XD

Thor - mom wanted him to be a ballet dancer but it only
lasted til he discovered Heavy Metal; loves everything heavy
and runs a smithy in the city. "Damn it's hot..." -- "Then lose
the... umm nevermind!"

🌲 Baldr - fond of hard wood and Thor's exes... I mean... axes
XD "Wanna check out my favorite jogging track? I'm just in the
mood for some wood... kapish?" :D

🌊 Freya - washes and folds the clothes and herself at the
same time XD "Oh look what you did, now I'm all wet again!"

Here's the original pictures of the same characters in the same order :7

Untitled by Yuni Time flies, gosh . . . by Yuni Matthew a.k.a. keg boy by Yuni

In Search of the Indian Rubber by Yuni

Hope you like ^-^

Desert Spirit
"Can't you see it? Just squint your eyes! And now let's make it dance a bit
too!" XD

Samedi learned to do the splits sooner than she learned to walk and since
been a contortion prodigy of the Benduti tribe!

"They call me WORM since the day I was born!"

As required by the priestess's profession, Samedi is able to summon the
spirits using nothing but the silhouette of her own body and the unlimited
motion range of her limbs. The otherworldly magical creatures pop up
from thin air and one only needs to squint their eyes to see them!

Bearing the impossible strain in her joints and muscles, Samedi goes into
a trance, allowing the summoned spirit to possess her body entirely and
communicate with the tribe through the language of the crazy flexible
dance where her limbs are crooked and bones twisted to the rhythm of
the drums!

But the prodigious young lady is enjoying every bit of the physically
demanding job, having the two lovely boys, Lundi and Mardi, as
boyfriends and assistants. The tribe's always been extremely short on
females, so many boys are raised to assume the role of women but true
girls are treasured and kept in the most healthy conditions possible. But
since the Benduti believe that health is measured by how flexible you
are.... 9.9

An awesome idea from Angarei, hope it looks good ^^

Hope you like ^^

Nude version on my tumblr yunius :3
Ugly Jewel
"So much for the golden future
I can't even start..."

And now for something completely different... a boy with two necks! :D

But jokes aside we decided to move #JackKnuffel to the future along with
all the androids, the golden era of body mods where expensive body
modding became the next big trend. Imagine for instance this talk
between a mother and her two growing twins...

"Yo momma so stiff she got stuck going down a water slide..."

Whoops, sorry wrong one XD Here goes:

(Six years ago...)
"Hey you'll both be twelve soon, you know what that means? Kyle did you
think of any nice body mods you want yet?"
"Yes mom, can I have big boobies please?"
"Sure, they will look beautiful on you dear!"
"Umm and also horns and glowing eyes, I wanna be a subbucus when I
grow up! :3"
"It's succubus, but yes you will look adorable as one. And what about you
"I umm... can I have horns and glowing eyes too?"
"Of course, just like your brother's? You and him will make two lovely
demon girls!"
"Uhh... in fact..."
"Yes Helen?"
"I wanted to be like the boy from Star Freak 7 if that's ok?"
"Oh yes that space cutie! Ok so the objective is muscles and a very thin
waist. Mission confirmed?"
"Yup! Thanks mom, your the best!!"

Don't let your kids be trapped in their biological bodies!

Thanks TK for helping with the momma joke and picking names ^^

Hope you like ^-^

p.s. "Kyle uhh, do you really have to... uhh, walk around topless?"
"But I'm an exhibitionist? And I thought you said this was an exhibition?"
"I'm sure those two have different meanings..."


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MilanoBoyCool Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Wow, I'm loving all the flexible boys in leotards! :O

Do you like wearing them yourself?
amazon211 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018
Out of curiosity, do you draw commissions too?
dabasss Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018
Please more Erika and more indepth story about her journey to become flexible!
Aerodactyl04 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2018
Your art is amazing !  I don't know what else to say... It's sensual, sweet, sometimes a bit weird, but always interesting, full of personality and instantly recognizable   :)   One of the best galleries on DA   ;)  
Yuni Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018
Thank you so much! I'm really happy you enjoy it ^^ Hope I'll be able to keep it coming :)
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