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Update On What's Going On

So as of this time, I have a bit less than 2 months before I head off for the US Navy basic training. I am gonna be doing active duty for 4 years and in-active for another 4 years. Currently unsure what my job will actually be because of three job qualifications I got. With the time that I have left, I'm currently trying to get back into animating a lot more and having to create some more juicy realistic animations revolving around guns and military stuff.

At the very moment, I'm making another gun animation test since I feel a bit uncomfortable with how I am at the moment. Will take a little time to make a proper test. So here's a little screenie for ya up there. Also, this does not mean that Yun vs. Umbrella will be on halt. I'll still be working on it even during active duty; just not very consistent. Hopefully I'll be livestreaming a lot more often, but with how my current internet stability is like at home, it's unlikely.

So in the end, do not worry! I'm still active and trying to get shit done before I ship for duty. Hope to bring some quality content for you guys and I hope you guys have a great day! o7

- Lucas D Yun
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Wow, I had a friend go off to the navy not too long ago.
I wish you luck man!
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:surprised:  I wish you all the best in the years to come. I hope you feel better soon! and thank you for staying active :iconsmallheartplz: