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Doors 4 : Clouds

EDIT : Uploaded on Reddit!? Holy crap, I'm seriously surprised. ;///////;

This is a homage to My Little Pony, featuring Rainbow Dash.

I've decided to start posting my Doors 4 parts now since, well, holy shit it's gonna be a while until the full collab is released. BUT, I will only post the two pony parts since they're mainly the only ones that none of my stick figure animation friends really care about. So here, have Rainbow Dash save Doors man from his imminent death.

I spent about 17 hours straight on this, so woo.
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wow.. so awesome!
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AAHHH....YEAH!!! *thumbs up*
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Nice save RD. I amazing animation work. 
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this is awesome!! Yay for Dashie <3
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Nicely done dude. Looking forward to doors4.
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Very nicely done!
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This is amazing! Clap 
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og this is really amazing! this sort of reminds me of champion spotlight.
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This is as awesome as Rainbow Dash!
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Ahh, good old stick figures, reminds me of Xiao Xiao. :) But the best part of stick figures is always the fighting. :)
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I miss the popularity of sticks.
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Well, I'll be making more stick figure stuff. It'll take time though.
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Pure awesome...
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Awesome work.

Great sounds
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This is amazing, nice job dude!
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The screaming... >u< jajajaja hilarious!
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17h? dam...! and i cant even fave it - sad face 

still funny - still dash 
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Nice! I'll have to keep an eye out for the full collab.
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