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Ch.1pg.2 Cult's Secret

Hell Horror Formula

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The Golden Wolf

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Ch.1 Fish

Domain of Planes Ch.1 There's a place far away. A place that things go too. This place that humans can not touch or see and can only travel there in dreams. There are certain humans who can stay longer than some and walk among the folk there. This place is called many things but no one truly know its name. This place takes a mind away from its problems or can present more, either way it's a place of secrets, wonders, and beauty. One such creature walks the place as both human and being. Her life in the real world is anything but easy but in the other world she walks and breathes like normal. Her form to some that live there is a humanoid-f

Domain of Planes

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Ashen Thief ch.1

Ashen Thief By: Jessica Campbell Ch.1 Taste of Gun Powder A teenage boy that’s half cat half human emerged from his house. The paper lay at his feet on the doorstep. The town was beginning to awaken from its slumber and begin the new day. His sister was up and cooking breakfast for them. Closing the door with the paper in his hand he read the head line: The Northern Tribe and Devil’s Clash! Maku- The war has begun… Tsuka- Really? Already? Maku- This is bad. All fishing ships are being high jacked and sunken. Tsuka- Father! Maku- I wonder if Zayne has read this… The teenage boy was up and out the door before his s

Devious Folder

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Zar Ch.1

Zar Prologue: The Beginning King Nikias and Rinn had a son. King Celio was heirless and with the death of his Queen his kingdom crumbles. Knowing the truth of King Nikias's son, the half blooded heir,he decides to turn the table on the royal blood of the Aleton clan leader, a clan that is noteably feared. King Nikias decides to have a wedding that would change the lands he ruled for the good. With the outreach and protection of the high priests of the noble church,Rinn is allowed to marry for the good of the church and its people. The wedding is interrupted by a war. Some of the priests and brothers of the church had been switched with th


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(FGC) Fire's Ghostly Chains pg.8

FGC Fire's Ghostly Plans

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PP pg.1

Project Psycho

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