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  • Playing: Detroit: Become Human
  • Drinking: anything....waaaaaaater.....
Finally I can draw c: It'll only take some time to upload something here because I practice my digital and my drawings will be much more detailed than my last fast marker drawings done on A5 paper (but still maybe I'll make some like them least I should finish my SM fanarts) so....

see ya around :3 :heart:

Only I hope I won't die because all week temperature's been like 30 degrees Celsius or more.... @.@ send help..... <wasted> x.x .....Nevermind....just when it's too hot remember to drink a lot of water :3
and you still suck at drawing xDDD ... chlip chlip :c
...but still it's time for celebrate c: CURSE YOU! CELEBRATE 

8 years...I feel old somehow....and I guess back then everything was much easier...sometimes I wish I could go back.
I got too busy with....everything. 2-3 weeks and I should be finally active. I guess my skill got even worse, I don't have time for drawing, which is depressing...but at least I can come back here soon I hope.

cya, hope you are all well :3

And most important....
....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL SUPPORT :heart: YOU'RE THE BEST :3 My "art" is how it is, but your words mean a lot to me, it's always nice to talk and even if I'm rarely active here nowadays, dA is a place where I've got a very nice memories and I think that is the most important thing :heart:
Telltale is gone. I'm so depressed after watching the trailer of episode two, it really looks epic, especially when it also makes me think about season 1...We'll never know how Clementine's story's just my luck with favorite franchises, I guess. There's also the Wolf Among Us and many more....maybe last games of Telltale weren't as good as TWD season 1 or TWAU but still all of these games are fun just to spend evening with and even if choices aren't so meaningful as they wanted us to think I just love these stories.

I never write journals like that but....I'm really sad...such a pity.

No żal dupę ściska...smuteg ._. aż musiałam się uzewnętrznić.
Hi! I created a new account on instagram, I'll post my drawings there and WIPs as well :3 It would be so nice if you could follow me there :heart: ->
I don't have much spare time nowadays so using instagram is much easier to me and I'm much more active there.

So ending that announcement, thank you so much for all the watches, faves and comments! You're the best! :heart:

PS. I also have my photography account (my second dA account is dead I guess ^^") which you can check out here if you like nature photography ->
I got my Engineer Degree so finally I can rest a bit. My next stop is Master's yeah I'll continue my studies. Last two months were really tough to me, way too many problems....I'm so sorry for disappearance.

I guess I'll be more active from now on and I'm so sorry for not replying - 
I'll catch up real soon.

See you around!