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Hana Song | Overwatch by YunaAnn Hana Song | Overwatch by YunaAnn
Somehow I really love drawing, it's fun  :3
I'm going to draw more Overwatch characters soon ~

...I'm looking at my previous drawing style changed a bit again .__.

You can find WIPs on my instagram.


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Graphicker: YunaAnn
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underxenon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017
Hmm… that’s interesting. I can’t really relate to the opinion of’s eyes looking dead inside (in your last drawing of her) …honestly I feel like the opposite is true. To me your previous and Mercy drawings almost look like they are posing for a photo, and the way they’re barely smiling always made it seem like they were happy, but trying to look professional – as if the photo was for something official, if that makes sense.

This drawing of seems more candid… it just seemed like she was happier, and felt more comfortable showing that she was happy.

In general I think the characters in your drawings have always had a lot of emotion in their facial expressions (I guess the emotion is usually sadness though... like your drawing of Kate, or the “Forget Me Not” girl – looking at either of those always makes me feel sort of sad). All I meant was that this drawing of had stronger emotions than your last drawing of her… I certainly don’t think your art style makes characters look like dolls though.

Yea… I don’t play much anymore either. That time you sacrificed your life to kill all those bots was great though, it’s my favorite memory of Overwatch (: I guess now they changed how works, so she can’t kill herself with her ultimate. Anyway, I’m just glad you like drawing her, even if you don’t necessarily understand why you like it (:  
YunaAnn Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I see :)
Yeah....I'm definetely the best at commiting suicide in that game....looool ^^"
underxenon Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017
Haha :D I just remember being a little confused, thinking something like: "I wonder where she's going", as you disappeared behind a corner. Then your ultimate went off and every single enemy died. It basically felt like the most heroic thing I'd ever seen, and for some reason that made it way too funny (: 
underxenon Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017
I really love her facial expression. It feels like she's staring at something that means a lot to her, it's lovely.

Her outfit looks stunning, just like in your last drawing of her, it seems you're just really amazing at drawing it. I guess I can see what you mean about your style changing a bit, but I don't think that's a bad thing at all... I guess there's more emotion in this drawing (than in your last drawing). The change is pretty subtle though -- all of my favorite things about your art style are still there.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoy drawing, your drawings of her are so wonderful. Honestly, anytime you draw something traditional I feel like a kid on Christmas (: 
YunaAnn Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :) Hmm...I guess that you're right about that there's more emotions - with my previous and Mercy drawings a lot of people really liked them but also there are opinions that for example that it's great but's eyes look dead inside, or that my style makes characters look almost doll like.
I don't play Overwatch much somehow but...somehow I like drawing her, I don't know why xD
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August 20, 2017
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